Hey guys. This is just a little author's note type thing.

1.) I went back and read my story again, and I found a lot of horrible grammar and spelling mistakes. I just wanted to apologize for those and to let you know that I corrected them…whether those corrections showed up in the posted version I have no idea. I hope they did because they were just awful.

2.) At the request of one of my reviewers, I'm going to give you a little background info just in case you haven't read the books or have forgotten some things. Now, I don't want to have to reread the book just to do this so I'm just going to give you some key points and hope that I'm remembering the story correctly.

The main character, Claidi, was a slave in this place called the House. The house was in the middle of this place called The Waste, which was a barren wasteland. One day, the guards of the house shot down a hot-air balloon with a guy named Nemian inside. Claidi rescues him from the dungeon and they both escaped into the Waste. He is a prince from a place called the City and is going to take Claidi back with him. On the way there, they run into some trouble with a tribe of people who want to sacrifice them. They are rescued by people whom they originally thought were bandits; in reality they're just a big group of families that travels around called the Hulta. The leader of the Hulta is a guy named Argul who falls in love with Claidi and wants her to stay with them. Claidi, however, has a crush on Nemian and wants to follow him to the city. She does have some feelings for Argul, but doesn't want to abandon Nemian because he told her that he needed her. So, Nemian and Claidi go to the City which is made up of four towers (ruling families). The Wolf Tower is the supreme leader of the City and is the family to which Nemian belongs. The Wolf Tower became the leader after a war between all the towers. To keep them from fighting again they created the Law. There were dice that were "rolled" four times a day (I think it was four times). Depending on how the dice landed, some person would have to do something that was written in two books. This fear of being randomly chosen to do something awful helped keep the city in check. Claidi was brought to the city as the person that had to interpret the dice and hand out the Law. Instead, she burned the books and the dice and fled the City with Argul, who had come to rescue her. That was the end of the first book. My story takes place shortly after the beginning of the second book.

In the second book, Claidi is preparing for her marriage to Argul, whom she loves dearly. However, she is captured by people we assume are from the Wolf Tower and put on a boat. Now, in Tanith Lee's version, she doesn't jump off the boat and is taken to a place called the Rise, where a Prince named Venn lives. I stayed pretty true to his character in that he hates human contact. In the end, he helps her escape from the Rise, but doesn't want her to go because he has fallen in love with her. In my version, Claidi jumps off the boat and never reaches the Rise. The ship that Venn rescues Claidi in is the same ship that Claidi uses to escape the Rise in Tanith Lee's book.

So, to answer the reviewer's questions

1.) Yes, Claidi has a crush on Argul because he is her fiancée.

2.) The Wolf Tower was the evil family controlling the City with its cruel, random Law.

3.) Claidi was captured on her and Argul's wedding day by people from the Wolf Tower.

4.) And as for Venn falling in love with Claidi…honestly…he falls in love with Claidi in Tanith Lee's book and I didn't want to change that. I just kind of chalk it up to "love at first sight." Plus, she's the first real person he's ever seen, aside from his mother who left him when he was two years old, so he just gets really attached to her.