"The Move"

by me! with help from my dear friend, Cheese

This is about random moments in history when celebrities perform "The Move." For those of you who don't know what "The Move" is, it is when a boy pretends to yawn/stretch and puts his arm around a girls shoulder…it is about the lamest thing a boy can do, but is a sure sign that he likes the girl.

1. Harry and Ginny were at the quidditch world cup when Harry performed "The Move!!" Dun, dun, dun! Ginny found it quite romantic. She smiled and leaned into Harry's shoulder.

2. Jesse McCartney and my dear friend, let's just call her Cheese, were at a movie premiere. The film was one in which they were both starring. It was in the middle of a romantic scene in which Jesse gave an enormous yawn, stretched his arm in the air, and rested it around Cheese's shoulder. She dumped her soda on his head, slapped him, and stormed out of the theatre in a rage.

3. Arthur the aardvark and Dora the explorer were at the Go, Diego, Go live show. Arthur performed…"The Move!!" Dora started cursing in Spanish very loudly and threw her arms up in disgust. Arthur has not been seen since.

4. Paris Hilton and Zac Efron were sitting on a couch watching the premiere of High School Musical 2. I think you know what happened next…yes, High School Musical 2 was a giant hit and they made tons of money.

5. Hannah Montana and Phil (of the future) were at a Jesse McCartney concert. Phil had already heard this song (in the future Jesse was mysteriously killed by an unknown source…let's just call it Cheese) and was bored…he yawned. Hannah, thinking he was performing "The Move" screamed and ran out of there.

6. Spongebob Squarepants and Ariel (the little mermaid) were sitting in a blue lagoon when Spongebob performed "The Move!!" It was seen only moments later by a fisherman: a yellow sponge flew out of the ocean screaming and landed right in his bucket of fish.

7. Draco Malfoy and Barbie were at a fashion show when Draco performed "The Move." Barbie stood up, called Draco a foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach, and walked away to sit next to Severus Snape.

8. Jack Sparrow was sleeping in his bed. Next to him was his Hello Kitty pillow…he performed "The Move." The pillow thought it was sweet and didn't move.

9. Johnny Depp was sleeping in his bed. Next to him was his Bunny from Build a' bear. See number eight for the rest of the story.

10. Bill Nye (the science guy) and Kendra (bunny of the month (my friend knew that)) were watching comedy central late at night when an infomercial came on that was…well it was wild. Bill Nye had only yesterday figured out the exact angle and velocity for the perfect move. He performed it! Kendra got excited…um I think I'll stop the story here.

If you know of any other stories of "The Move" please inform me through a comment! Thank you

A/N: And in case you haven't noticed, all of you readers out there, there's a PART TWO!