First off I would like to honor the best entry I got from 50bop: Carmen Sandiego and Waldo were in a (very dark) movie theatre, when Waldo preformed... (dramatic music) THE MOVE! He hasn't been seen since... even if you tried.


And now…part two

1. Harry Potter and Barbie were at Harry's birthday party, when Barbie played "The Move" on Harry. Well, Barbie was messing with the wrong girl, because, you see, Ginny was also at this birthday party. Let's just say it all ended with Ginny saying "YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE!" and a decapitated plastic head rolling through the door a few minutes later.

2. Brendan Urie and my dear friend, let's just call her Cheese, were at a Hush Sound concert (because The Hush Sound is the best band eva!). Brendan performed...dun, dundun, dunnnnnnnnnnnn..."THE MOVE." Cheese freaked out from excitement.

3.The Dairy Queen (which I'm not sure if that's the lips or a cow, but either way...)and the Burger King (Whose birthday is September 16th if you would like to celebrate it) were at a Wiggles live show. Well, The Burger King performed, yeah, you know what I'm going to say, "The Move." If the Dairy Queen is lips, then they eat him, because the king of burger's must taste good. If it's the cow, then she slaps him because he kills cows. Not a very happy ending.

4. Jamie Lynn Spears and Bill from Tokio Hotel, a band, were in rehab when Bill moved his shoulder and arm in a way that suggested "The Move" like qualities and Jamie Lynn Spears was all like "dude, I'm pregnant, don't you think I have a boyfriend?" and Bill was all like "wtf!" and Jamie was all like "Whatever" and that was all.

5. Tweety bird and Willy Wonka were watching this strange robotic puppet thing in front of the chocolate factory when Willy (heheh...Willy...that's a funny name) performed "The Move!" Yeah, well, Tweety flew away and never saw Willy again.

6. Buzz Lightyear and Leia were saving the planet when Buzz was all like "you're hot" and Leia was all like "I'm married, to Han Solo" and Buzz all like "Too bad" and performed "The Move" (yeah, didn't see that coming) and Han Solo was all like "Dud, that's my wife" and shot Buzz.

7. Ken (Barbie's ex-boyfriend) and Hermione Granger had been invited to Harry's birthday party. Well, Ron left early, so Ken moved in on Hermione and totally used "The Move." Hermione slapped him and sat down next to Draco Malfoy.

8. Davy Jones and his stuffed penguin were sleeping. Davy Jones performed...OMG..."The Move!" The penguin was all like "Go away, I'm trying to sleep" and Davy Jones cried the rest of the night.

9. Johnny Depp and his Build-a-Bear bunny were looking at a picture on DeviantArt (find it on my profile) and were saying how completely awesome it was when...see previous chapter.

10. Bill Nye broke up with Kendra and now was with Pete Wentz. Um...I don't know either, it was all my friend. Pete Wentz used "The Move" on Bill and Bill freaked out because he was a guy, so then he used a special, scientifical formula that took Pete's picture of his "Tralala" off his sidekick and Bill Nye posted them on the Internet (yeah...that's how it all happened). That was all Cheese's idea, so don't ask me.

Those are the stories, thanks for the comments!