The Last Mazoku
By: Tellemicus Sundance
Chapter 13: Entering the Manor

Tarukane Gonzo's manor
8:00am, next morning

Everything was going more or less according to their true employer's plan. After that weakling Hiru's not-so-unexpected death, Tarukane grew angry that he'd somehow been jilted in his hiring of their gang. He demanded an example of their strength by killing a formidable genetically-engineered beast. Even if it wasn't part of the plan, Toguro would've done the act regardless; Tarukane had the nerve to question his strength?! And he wasn't as stupid as the hideous fat man seemed to think; the killing had most likely been to find an excuse to not pay them their full price, which was expensive even for the trillionaire.

After the poor beast's brutal death, Tarukane's insatiable greed was aroused at the thought of gambling a 'rigged' game against his black-market partners and associates. Toguro just quietly remarked against the idea while mentally questioning how the man had become so rich. It would seem their employer had yet again been correct in his gamble that Tarukane would assume he was the only one in the entire world of Ningenkai who had any inkling of Toguro's power.

Tarukane was now seated in his conference room with Sakashita pouring him some expensive wine and the demon brothers standing somewhat in the darkness at his side. In front of them, five video screens lit up as the meeting between the Black Book Club began.

"How're you doing, boys?" Tarukane asked absentmindedly as he sipped his wine. "Must admit that I'm surprised to see all five of you on such short notice."

Feeling unusually uninterested, Toguro just stood silently and let his mind block out the conversation going on between the gossiping and soon gambling billionaires. Instead, he allowed his mind to wander over what little he knew about his approaching opponents, a boy and a girl. In truth, not much was really known about them. Only that their skills in battle had allowed them to storm the Four Saint Beasts castle and kill the demons there within only two days time, leaving the castle mostly in ruins by the time that they had finished.

There was also some gossip among the youkai of the upper levels of Makai that they had even defeated the Human Hunter, Rando. Toguro had never met Rando, but he had heard that despite Rando's relatively weak power level, he knew the techniques of nearly one hundred psychics which could make him a formidable opponent for nearly any fighter, regardless of battle strength and raw power.

However, Toguro wasn't certain how much of that information was accurate. Being unable to journey to Makai himself, all the rumors he and his aniki heard were all fifth or sixth-generation from various members of his Apparition Gang who were still able to travel to Makai, thus not at all up to date. For all he knew, the Sankishu would kill these children before they even reached their likely objective: the Korime. Oh well, he'd just have to study their styles and keep an open mind. He was most curious about this female fighter, since a competent reiki-warrioress is quite rare in Ningenkai.

A sudden violent rise of reiki, followed the disappearance of several of his underlings' life forces snapped Toguro out of his contemplative state. Apparently, it was noticed by Tarukane, who'd just finished setting the stakes of the current round against his intruders.

"Very strange," Toguro said in a level voice. "Six of my fighter's youki have disappeared all at once." He ignored the ugly man's shocked exclamation as he brought his hand to his chin and glanced at the television that was now searching for the battle taking place. He couldn't help but feel a sense of relief washed over him.

Maybe these fighters would be worth his time after all.

The Last MazokuYu Yu HakushoThe Last Mazoku

Tarukane's manor

After purposely tripping the series of poorly-disguised landmines, Keiko and Kuwabara both walked at an unhurried pace through the flames and conflagration. Any normal person would've likely been badly burned or be suffering from the extreme heat that was swirling around them. But because they were both protected by a sphere of their reiki, neither Keiko nor Kuwabara felt any sort of discomfort.

Clearing the inferno that was raging around them and emerging at the trillionaire's front gate, they paused to stare up at the mansion. With the sphere of reiki still shining brightly around them, they made for an intimidating sight for most normal people due to the ease of which they left the flames. It was a show of power and theatrics that both of them privately enjoyed; teenagers loved showboating.

As they began approaching the mansion, Botan dropped out of the air and resumed walking at their sides. Not a word was spoken among them as they opened the doors and strode into the finely carpeted and designed hallway. It was as they were absently looking around for any security or traps of some kind that movement from the end of the hallway caught their attention.

A beautiful female demon stepped out from around the corner and walked towards them. There was a peculiar gleam in her eye as she surveyed the trio, her eyes landing on Kuwabara in a most unsettling way.

"Ohayo, intruders," the demoness purred. "I'm Sankishu no Miyuki, how'd you like to fight?"

"What?" Kuwabara demanded in a wonderfully flabbergasted voice. "Sorry, I don't fight girls. It's against my code."

"Oh really?" Keiko asked in a sugar-sweet voice as she glanced at him with a deadly gleam in her eyes.

"Y-You know what I mean, Yukimura!" Kuwabara managed to get through his stuttering. Turning back to Miyuki, he said in an extremely serious voice, "Come on, Keiko, let's just walk past her."

"Oh, a gentleman," Miyuki said in a voice that was as clearly threatening as it was calm. "A spawn of insecure males seeking to own their women."

"Th-That's not it!" Kuwabara countered, immediately on the defensive side. "Nothing like that. Guys just don't fight girls!"

"If you're gonna be difficult about it," Keiko said in an annoyed voice. Kami, she hated it when Kuwabara started one of his moral rants! "Just leave it to me."

"But Keiko—!" that was as far as Kuwabara managed to get before the blur that was Keiko launched itself towards the demoness. Miyuki just pouted slightly, clearly annoyed that she wouldn't be able to pound the big lug around.

Jumping backwards as she yanked out a strand of her hair, she used her youki to transform it into a long whip and sent it snapping forward at her attacker. Miyuki was rather surprised when the brown-haired girl slipped past the whip and delivered a gut-wrenching punch to her stomach, knocking her upwards and through the flimsy ceiling material. Keiko easily followed her up through the hole and watched dispassionately the she-demon tried to climb back to her feet after that punch.

Rather that get to her feet entirely, the horned demoness remained in a crouched position with her back to Keiko. The burst of youki that flared from the demoness was Keiko's only warning as the girl's blue hair suddenly stood on end. A mere second later, her youki-charged hair began shooting sprays of lance-long missiles in the general direction of the Reikai Tantei. After a moment of the barrage, Miyuki halted her attack and turned to survey her handiwork, panting slightly from the large amount of youki she'd used. What she saw wasn't the skewered corpse of the bitch, just a badly shredded ceiling and no body.

"Where is—?" was as far she got before a crashing sound behind her interrupted her question. Erupting through the ceiling tiles was the missing girl who had her hands clasped together over her head and brought them down with punishing force upon Miyuki's skull, ramming her savagely through the flimsy ceiling material and to the floor below. The force of impact was enough to create a small crater of broken wood and cracked stone tiles when Miyuki hit.

Landing lightly a short distance away from the downed demoness, Keiko stared coldly at her opponent. "You are a really weak and a despicable creature, you know that, right?"

"Wh-What's that—supposed to—mean?" Miyuki wheezed through her pain as she again struggled to stand up. Just how strong was this human bitch?! Two separate blows and she already almost down for the count!

"I could sense from the youki burst you just had that you're not nearing as feminine as you want us to believe," Keiko said, her powerful gaze not wavering in the least. "Even as demons go, you are one of the most disturbed I've yet had the misfortune of fighting against, bastard."

"Why you!" Miyuki growled, sounding every bit as insulted as she felt. She found the strength to rise and charge the bitch who'd managed to figure out his secret. He would end her existence and protect the truth about him in one final blow!

Sidestepping the maddened demon's attack, Keiko spun around in a fast kick that struck powerfully against her enemy's neck, snapping the bone and cartilage easily. The powerful heel kick sent Miyuki flying through the air and smashing through a nearby wall, a blow that would've killed him if he wasn't already dead.

"Yukimura! What's wrong with you?!" Kuwabara demanded, appalled by the violence his friend just dealt out. "How can you be so mean to a girl like that?!"

"Simple," Keiko answered offhandedly as she watched Kuwabara and Botan come running up to her. "Because she is a he."

That statement silenced any immediate retort of Kuwabara as the boy quickly turned to gaze down at the dead demon with a careful scrutiny. Botan, however, couldn't help but ask, "But…how do you know?"

"The feel of his youki," Keiko said simply. "The difference between male and female is that males tend to have a certain 'roughness' about them while females are a bit more 'serene.' That includes demons too."

As Kuwabara decided to search a bit more 'thoroughly' (and ended up being reprimanded brutally by Botan with her oar), Keiko noticed something interesting. A security camera was trained down upon them, no doubt having just witnessed the entire fight and conversation. Keiko just smirked up at it as Kuwabara suddenly noticed it and called smugly, "Two more and we're calling after you!"

The Last MazokuYu Yu HakushoThe Last Mazoku


The two of them entered the manor's backdoor as silently as shadows. It was pathetically easy for them to disarm and incapacitate the criminal trillionaire's security and other personnel as they came across. Unlike Keiko and her friends, Raizen and Hiei were being as discreet as possible as they worked their way through the giant mansion.

The place was an absolute maze to them and because they couldn't sense Yukina's youki, they effectively felt like blind hamsters in a lab maze. Wanting to cover as much ground as possible in order to get the girl out of harm's way as quickly as possible, the two had split up with Hiei searching the upper levels while Raizen went through the ground floor, carefully avoiding Keiko's team and the security cameras. All these little problems were quickly causing both of them to lose any patience that they may have had.

Coming upon yet another extravagantly-fashioned room that was lacking in their desired target, Raizen was growling loudly in a rage and vented his pent up wrath by knocking the next room's door clean off his hinges as he stormed through it. This room, though empty, contained something that quickly attracted his attention. Resting upon a beautiful royal-purple clothe were six jewels that seemed to shine faintly in the light of the room. Raizen instantly recognized these for what they were: Yukina's tears of grief and sorrow.

Something that many others, ningen and youkai alike, didn't about Korime was that there were many different types of Hirui stones that they could provide when they cried, all depending on their emotions. Though the most common of Hirui created were done so out of grief and pain, which resulted in white and yellow-tinted opaque coloring, there were at least two others that Raizen knew of.

There were the white and red-tinted stones cried from when a Korime was feeling a deep sadness when a dear friend had to leave them, usually in death. In fact, Raizen still kept the jewel that Yukina had cried for when they'd last seen one another, usually tucked under his gi while attached to a small necklace he wore. It was one of his most precious of possessions.

But there was also a white and blue Hirui stones that a Korime could create whenever they gave birth to children and these were considered the most beautiful and valuable of all. Entire nations (ningen and youkai alike) had been torn apart and destroyed in the distant past over the possession of just a single one of these jewels.

Thus when Raizen realized just what the stones on the table were, a deep rage sprang to life in his person. These could've only been created from under torture, whether emotional or actual. Though he'd known that they were most likely doing this, seeing the proof of the matter was still enough to send him into a maddening rage. Scooping the Hirui stones up, he deposited them within his traveler's bag over his shoulder. Thugs who forced someone as wonderful and kindly as Yukina didn't deserve these! He would make sure the bastard behind all this paid for this! With his life as a down payment for any forgiveness for what he'd done to her.

Something tickled against his awareness, it was so soft and gentle that he might've missed it. This sensation was one that he'd come to associate with only one person he'd ever known and it was something that he recognized quickly, despite the two year absence since he'd last felt it. It was Yukina! They were finally moving Yukina out of her cell.

Raizen turned and leapt towards where he now sensed her presence. She was moving a fairly quick pace towards what must've been some basement level. With no regard to the damage he inflicted, the demon-raised teenager launched himself through one barrier after another as he hurried towards Yukina. The annoying barriers blocking his path from his destination formerly being the manor's walls and floors.

Hang on, Yukina-chan, I'm coming.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE) I know, I know. It's taken forever for me to update, and even now it's still not up to where I wanted the chapter to be. But it's a special day for me and I wanted to post something, even if it wasn't fully written. But I guess this incomplete chapter could also be used as a build up to what we all know is coming in the next chapter eh? I hope you all enjoyed this ridiculously short piece.

As promised a long time ago, here's the power levels of everyone involved. Please note that although Keiko and Kuwabara's level change, they still aren't up to their full strength yet.

High E-class—100
Low D-Class—100 - - - - - High D-class—3,000
Low C-class—3,000 - - - - - High C-class—40,000
Low B-class—40,000 - - - - - High B-class—100,000
Low A-class—100,000 - - - - - High A-class—200,000
Low S-class—200,000 - - - - - High S-class—500,000 & beyond

Keiko, base power—4,000
Keiko, full attack power—8,000
Keiko, overall— C- class

Kuwabara, base power—6,000
Kuwabara, full attack power—11,000
Kuwabara, overall— C- class

Apparition Gang—700-1,000
Sankishu—(Miyuki) 4,000, (Inmaki) 3,000, (Gokumonki) 5,000