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For one thing I was truly grateful -- Mike Newton couldn't be more oblivious. So thankfully he didn't notice when I turned away from his kissed or when I shied away from holding his hand. As long as he had the title of my 'boyfriend' I don't think it mattered to him either way. It seemed everyone who knew us was rooting for us as a couple. Everyone but me.
I guess you can say I was popular. Around Forks high school I was the 'Queen Bee'. And you know what sucks about royalty? You are born into it, and you don't get to chose whether you want to be the leader or not, and in my case I did not want to be. But yet I follow along. When Mike asked me to go steady I said yes without hesitation, when Jessica asked me to be President of Prom Committee I thanked her like it meant a lot, and I only talked to the people my 'friends' would approve of. Friends I scoffed at the word, I only had one true friend and she had given up on me. Angela Weber. We were friends since we were 4, but then high school struck a nasty cord, on me. Angela was still as sweet as ever; I envied her so much for being able to be who she is. I let my eyes shift down the table until I saw her. She was seating next to some boy named Ben. I had never actually talked to him but he seemed good enough for her. She was giggling at something he had said. Her eyes met mine, and a sad, almost disappointed smile pulled at her lips, I quickly shifted my gaze. "Bella!" I hadn't realized Jessica had been calling my name.

"Huh?" I replied absentmindly, still thinking about Angela's smile.

"What's up with you today Isabella? Anyway, I was talking about the new family that is coming to school tomorrow" I was about to protest to her calling me by my full name when she leaned in close and made her voice quiet. "I heard they are freaks. Not only freaks, but freaks that practice incest!" She said that last part in a disgusted tone. I knew it was extremely doubtful that what she said had any true meaning at all, but still I made a disgusted sound, it's all about the image right? Right I said to myself sadly. She went on about the new family that was coming to town. The Cullen's? I believed she said. Jessica's comment about being incestuous contradicted the one she made about them all being adopted and each one paring up with a partner of a different last name. All of them but one. Edward, she said his name was he was supposedly the only single one. But Jessica made their social rankings clear. "Bella they are like total weirdoes. I mean like total freaky weirdoes, just wait and see" Have you ever even met any of them? How would you know? Of course I wanted to say this but instead I just stayed silent and faked excitement for their arrival. Most likely they will wind up being better people then Jessica or I could ever dream to be. Angela's smile played again in my head.

Better people then we can ever dream to be I repeated in my head. I sighed and took a sip of my coke.

I turned out what Jessica was saying and before I knew it I heard the warning bell. I quickly got out of my seat before Mike could offer a helping hand and then not let go. Sure I didn't want to hold his hand, but he was my boyfriend, I should at least let him walk me to our next class.

"You were real quiet today at lunch Bella, are you okay?" He was polite by in the over bearing sort of way.

"Yeah I was fine, just thinking about the new family that's coming tomorrow" It was partly the truth, and he could make what he wanted from it.

"They sound like losers and really living in a house with your boyfriend and brother, it just doesn't seem right" Mike was perfect for Jessica.

"Hmm" I didn't want him to keep talking about them in that way when they weren't here to defend themselves. I didn't fail to notice how everyone made sure to stay out of the way of our path, I wondered why. I wasn't mean to anyone, maybe standoffish, but not mean. Although I couldn't say the same for Jessica and Lauren. I turned around to see them both on either side of me. Oh, so that was it.

The rest of the day went remotely quick. Biology was like it always was, boring. I hardly had to play gym with Mike there, which was one of the only things I liked about him. When I was out of the locker room Mike was there waiting for me.

"So I guess I'll see you tomorrow" His tone was sad for some reason.

"Like always" I tried to fake a smile, but it didn't seem to work.

"Is there something wrong Mike?"

"Well Bella, it just seems-" He paused, considering his words. "well that you don't even like me, I mean you hardly talk to me, and we don't do things normal boyfriend and girlfriends do, I hardly ever see you outside of school, am I doing something wrong?" His words were pained. I didn't have any idea he cared about me this much, I suddenly felt guilt take over me. This would have to end soon.

"Mike, I just don't think I'm ready for a boyfriend, please don't get me wrong, I really do like you" Lie. "But I just don't think that you becoming my boyfriend were the best idea. Would it sound really corny if I said 'It's me not you?' "He almost cracked a smile at that last part.

"Yeah I think that would sound a bit too corny, but I do understand. This whole boyfriend girlfriend thing is weird" Mike was another person I knew since about 5th grade, he was an okay friend, but I didn't even like him much in that department. "But Bella, when you do decide you're ready for a boyfriend-"

"-I have your number" I interrupted him with a smile, which he soon mirrored. When I saw his smile I saw that time in 6th grade when we went to the beach with my dad and Mike almost drowned and I tried to save him, but eventfully my dad was the one to save him, it wasn't a life threatening situation but a big deal at the time. "Mike" He looked up from the floor to signal he was listening. "I'm sure you've had too much corniness for a day but I really don't want to lose our friendship over something as stupid as a wrong situation. Still friends' right?"

His smile grew wider and he nodded. I decided to plant one small kiss on his check and then turn on my heel to go to my car. "See you tomorrow Newton!" I called without looking back; I could almost feel his smile grown even wider.

Well I suppose that takes care of that. But the student body will be heartbroken I thought in sarcastic hurt, I actually laughed. They did always seem to be more into mine and Mike's relationship then me or Mike. When I made it to my truck I was still smiling.

Don't you worry, Edward and the Cullen gang will be sure to make their grand entrance soon.

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