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Edward and I sat with our back against the stone wall as we waited for Angela and her parents to come out. The hallway was cold and long, as it seemed last night, but it was so much less lonely with Edward around. I took and deep breathe and let it out, leaning my head against Edward's shoulder. The silence between us was comfortable. He rested his head on mine and we both sat like that for a few minutes.

"I wonder what they're talking about" I said aloud.

"You probably shouldn't, it will only make the anticipation worse." He smoothed his hand over my hair, as Mrs. Weber did, but it was different when he did it, it had a different feeling attached to it.

"What's your favorite band?" The out of the blue question seemed to surprise him for a second but he quickly caught himself.

"I don't really have one, there's too many good bands to choose one" He answer didn't surprise me; it seemed like something Edward would say. "What about yours?"

"Same basically. Do you have a favorite song?" As this sentence escaped m y mouth, a light seemed to glimmer in Edward's eyes. A slow smile spread across his face, less of a smile and more of a smirk actually.

"Well you know, there is this one. Would you like me to sing it?" He asked with a mischievous grin. I was afraid to answer.

"I'll take your silence as a yes." He whipped his head to the side and then flipped his hair and whipped his head back, the action was hilarity in itself, he cleared his throat and made a fist under his mouth to stimulate a microphone, and then a screechy, off-key, almost frightening voice ripped out from his mouth.

"OhhhHHhHH, Ms. Untouchable! How you mix my heart into the sea! I love yooOUuUo! You are so-"I interrupted him by punching him hard in the shoulder. "Bella, some girls would die to have a song written about them." His utter seriousness that laced his voice made me crack up.

"Some girls, maybe, but this girl, no" I said between my laughs . His seriousness façade finally broke and he smiled a heartbreaking smile. I melted, just like I did the very first time he graced me with his smile.

"Well, that is just another way you are not ordinary" I wasn't sure what he meant by this.

"Err…thanks?" I muttered. He blatantly laughed at my reaction.

"Bella I mean that in the nicest way possible. It is true, you aren't ordinary; you are most then that, at the risk of sounding extremely corny, you are extraordinary." This made me smile. For as long as I'd known Edward, admittedly, not too long, he'd known the right thing to say and the right time to say it, what he just said was the right thing, and sitting in the hallway of Forks Police station, was certainly the right time.

"Did you tell your family where you were?" I asked after a few minutes.

"Yes. Of course Carlisle offered whatever help he could, Alice wanted to come here but I suggested it'd be better if she waited, but god knows Alice is not the best waiter." He grimaced, imagining I suppose.

"I wish I hadn't wasting so much time, I wish I got to know you and your family sooner"

"Well better late than never, Alice liked you from the very first time she met you, I suppose she saw through you, not to hard honestly." He sniffed, brushed his shoulder, then chuckled a bit.

"Jeez, I guess not. Boy, you Cullen Clan come into a town and turn it upside down. Just like that!" I snapped my fingers.

He snapped his fingers with a smirk on his face as well. "Just like that."

He kissed my lightly on the lips.

Then, after a few minutes, just barley, out of the corner of his eyes I could see I slight smile on Edward's face. I studies him for a few seconds before he realized. Whatever it was about this smile made him seem s much younger, innocent . I hadn't seen him so vulnerable for what seemed like forever, I had almost forgotten he was only a sixteen year old boy, sure, he was more mature then the rest of them, but still, he was just sixteen, and so was I .

I couldn't even think of not being with Edward and I'd hope I never had to, but when all this was over, we would have gotten through it together and neither one of us could ever forget that.

When I came back to reality I realized Edward was now staring at me, the smile that graced his face was more prominent now. Less innocent.

"What are you staring at?"

"Oh nothing," I blushed "You're really quite handsome Edward" I said 'pish-posh' ly. Now it was his turn to blush.

The door we sat across from opened and Cori and the Webers walked out.

"Bella, Edward" Angela greeted. "We've come to an arrangement" A slight rush of fear ran down my spine, but I hid it, both Edward and I got to our feet. "Come inside, let me get you some chairs" Angela walked quickly down the hallway while all of us filed into the room.

"Oh Bella Sweetheart, how could you not tell us?" Mrs. Weber was already hugging my smoothing out my hair and leaning my head against her chest, nestling the top of my head under her chin.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Weber" I recited the line that I had for many year, whether it was for staying out after dark in the younger days, or breaking Angela's 9 o'clock curfew in our glory 7th grade summer days. She ignored me.

"Oh sweetie. You're safe now" What she didn't know is that I was safe the second I ran to her house and Angela took care of me, I was safe every minute I was with Edward, but she was right, I was safe now as well.

Cori spoke in her 'all-business' tone. "Bella we have worked out everything that could be worked out now, when Charlie court dates nears I will call you and we will work out the provisions of the restraining order, until then, relax, enjoy your life." For the first time I could actually see myself doing that.

"Thank you" I was thanking her then and there for more then she will ever know, but as I looked into her eyes, for a split second, I thought that maybe she did know, at least a little. She pulled me into a hug, and told me to stay safe, I told her I would and we all walked out the door. Once we were in the parking lot Angela's head perked up.

"Oh!" She said. "Mom, Dad, this is Edward Cullen, Bella's boyfriend" Mrs. Weber smiled and politely shook his hand while Mr. Weber quite Edward in a firm handshake, not breaking eye contact once, a lesser man would have been intimated but Edward never broke his stare, smiling, he was one for politeness.

"How did you kids get here?" Mr. Weber asked, just realizing that Angela and I didn't have a car.

"My Car, Sir" Edward answered.

"Oh," Mr. Weber replied. "well we didn't really have a chance to unpack before coming here so our car is kind of cramped, would you mind driving the girl back?"

"No, not at all" Edward smiled and starting leading us to his car.

When we got back to the house I couldn't stifle a gasp.

"What's all this?" I asked. There were balloons all around the house, randomly placed, floating gracefully in the wind.

"Well Bella, I know you are probably tired and worn but I wanted to show you that you are family, this is your home now, and when Alice Cullen called me and asked me if she could decorate your room, I suggested my idea to her and she loved it, so she and her family did all this, with the approval of Edward," I glanced at him in the rearview mirror, he was smirking.

"Angela you really shouldn't have, I've already been enough of a bother, really"

"Nonsense Bella, really." I glanced back at her house nervously. There was a collection of nice cars in the drive way, without a doubt the Cullens.

"Okay" I sighed reluctantly and Edward pulled into the driveway. I could only imagine what Alice had done to the guest room in the time we left for the police station. God. I had known Alice the amount of time I'd known Edward. Less, even. But I already had a picture of her busy body attitude, and credit card, and a blank room to decorate and it was…bad.

My fingers played with the door handle while I was comtemplating whether to bolt or not.

"Bella I'd be able to catch you if you ran" Edward muttered with a smirk, it was the sad truth. I sigh and nodded my head.

I opened the door and stepped out onto the familiar driveway, the urge to bolt becoming stronger.

"Bel-la" Edward said in a sing-song voice, he held his hand out to me; I could never refuse that hand. "Let's go" He smiled. Angela had run out of the car and to the door immediately when the car stopped.

Hand-in-hand Edward and I walked up the path and through the door.

"Welcome Home Bella!" Angela, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, looking bored, Rosealie, looking annoyed, and Mr. and Mrs. Weber screamed as I walked through the door.

'Home' I thought. Edward squeezed my ahdn once before Alice and Angela rushed to hug me.

And this, ladies and gentelmen, is how I embarked on my new life. My new life with a home, a family, friends who I can not only stand but enjoy their company, and the world's most amazing boyfriend. After Edward Cullen my life would never again be the same, he, in fact, brought out the best in me.