Messiah's Obsession

By Sakura (aka L-sama no miko)

Chapter 1

Kagetsuya stood on the roof of their apartment building for the umpteenth night in a row. Ever since the whole thing with Messiah, Chihaya just wasn't the same anymore. It was as if someone had replaced the smaller angel with a look a like.

He acted like Chihaya always did during the day, but whenever they got ready for bed, the black haired angel would continually refuse any contact with the blond. And what angered the blond even more was the fact that poor Chihaya would either have nightmares or call out for the artificial angel in his sleep.

Kagetsuya was p.o'd that he'd lost his partner to a dead homunculus. "Damn you Messiah," he muttered, "Even in death you still manage to have a hold on him."

Meanwhile, Chihaya tossed and turned, oblivious to the figure on their balcony. The lock on the sliding door unlocked itself and the door slid open. Pushing the drapes aside, a dark green haired man with black wings crept into the bedroom.

"Messiah," the slumbering angel murmured, startling the intruder. Had he somehow sensed him? Looking over at the boy on the bed, the artificial angel relaxed when Chihaya made no other sound or movement.

"My Chihaya," he whispered, smoothing the black locks from the paler face. He smirked at how easy it had been. The other blond angel, who he had come to hate with a passion, was nowhere in sight. Chihaya was finally going to be his and his alone.

Grabbing the clothes Chihaya had lain out for the next day, Messiah placed them on top of the slumbering angel then gingerly picked up the smaller one, drawing him close. The dark angel smirked again as he made his way to the balcony with his precious cargo. Once he made sure the sleeping angel wouldn't wake and he relocked the door, he spread his wings and took off into the night.

Chihaya groaned, his back hurting from the hard surface he was lying on. "Kagetsuya?" he called, shivering from the chilly air. Blinking sleepily, he looked around and saw he was no longer in their apartment.

He had been lying on the altar in the church where Messiah had first taken him. "H-How'd I get here? Did I sleepwalk again?"

"You must be cold," said a voice he thought he'd never hear again. Whipping his head toward the voice, he gasped, recognizing the green haired man before him.

"M-Messiah?! A-Am I dreaming?!"

The artificial angel chuckled, wrapping a stolen blanket around the smaller. "No dream, koi," he purred against one delicate ear. He frowned at the wince and sudden stiffening at his touch.

"P-Please d-don't hurt me," Chihaya pleaded, remembering how Messiah had viciously torn off his wing, leaving only a tiny stump of black covered bone and a scar whenever he sheathed it back into his body.

"Shh, little one. I could never hurt you," soothed Messiah, rubbing idle circles on the trembling angel's back.

"B-But, that time… a-at the S-Shop…"

The green haired homunculus stared at him confusedly. "What are you talking about Chihaya?"

"Y-You d-don't remember? Y-You tore off my wing and t-then y-you t-tried to d-destroy the Earth w-with a sat-satellite."

Messiah frowned. "The original did that to you?!"

"O-Original?!" Chihaya asked totally confused now.

The artificial angel nodded. "I am a clone the doctor had stashed away. It appears that I was to be a part of a line of super soldiers," he explained. "The Messiah you knew must have known what would happen so he uploaded a copy of his memories into me. I truly am sorry for what he did to you, my angel."

"Oh," replied Chihaya, somewhat relieved that this wasn't the insane homunculus that had been under the doctor's control, but he was still unsure of him. "I-I'm glad you're alright now, Messiah. I've missed you so much."

"As have I, Chihaya." He then prevented any further conversation by placing his lips on the smaller angel's. Chihaya tried to pull away, but Messiah turned out to be the stronger one and held onto him with a fierce grip. "My Chihaya," he growled before biting into the angel's neck just enough to leave a mark. "Mine!" The poor angel couldn't hold back the moan as his captor suckled on the bruised area, making the mark larger.

Messiah inwardly smirked at the noise. He placed his hand at the back of Chihaya's neck as he invaded the angel's mouth again, silently crowing at the muffled moans. One fingernail elongated and turned into a syringe type needle. The smaller angel flinched at the sudden sharp pain at his nape, but Messiah's wandering hand and skilled mouth prevented him from learning what it was.

The green haired angel removed the fingernail, satisfied when the angel in his arms slumped forward, unconscious. "Soon my little one. Soon," he crooned, stroking the velvety soft black hair. The nanites he had just injected would make sure Chihaya would forget all about a certain blond as well completely loyal to him and only him.

"I'm sorry, Chihaya," he whispered, "It's for the best, my love." He then gathered the sleeping angel into his arms and left the church in search of a better hiding place.

To say that Kagetsuya was angry was an understatement. The blond angel was beyond p.o.'d. Something had happened to Chihaya and he was beside himself with worry. True Chihaya had often taken to wandering the streets at night due to the nightmares, but he always somehow made it home safely within a few hours. This time the smaller one hadn't come back, at least that was what he thought, since he wasn't awake to see him return if he did.

It wasn't like the smaller angel to leave without telling him. He'd always leave some sort of note if he left the apartment before his blond lover woke up. There had been no note this time. No sign of any kind. And what worried him the most was that there was no sign of a struggle or break in. He just couldn't shake the ill feeling he had since last night.


Sakura: I originally had this ficcie on one of my older comps until the ruddy thing corrupted it.;;

So basically, this is a rewrite. I'm not sure if I'll continue this tho' so please tell me what you think. Should I go on or no?

Messiah: Go on!!!!

Sakura: Messiah!!! I'm asking the readers not you!

Messiah: … I still want you to go on with this one.

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