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Author's Note: This is a work of fiction and is pure fantasy.

Wasted Ticket

When Jake got his tickets to Smackdown it was one of the happiest moments he had had in a while. However, the recent crap direction the WWE had been going (Khali as champ, please) his joy was now shattered. It was to late to get a refund and selling them was out of the question, he decided to grin and bare it and go. Most of the night was boring, that was until they got to the divas match. It was another Torrie vs. Victoria match and it wasn't bad at all. Jake wondered why these two were on the brand without the title.

The match ended with Torrie scoring the win. Since the rest of the night was to a include a boring squash match, a pointless segment and something with Khali, Jake desided to take off. He ended up going through the wrong door and ended up in the back stage area. Just his luck the door could only be opened from the other side. He knew he had to get out before security hauled his ass out.

He walked along the hall, looking for the way out when he saw Torrie. She was wereing a two peace green outfit and watching a monitor, looking rather unhappy at what she was watching. Jake backed up, hoping to not get caught, when he knocked over a broom. This of course alerted Torrie to Jake's presents. "I'm sorry. I took a wrong turn and ended up here" Jake was in a panic, hoping Torrie wouldn't call security. " Don't worry. Look why don't you come with me quick. There is going to be a whole lot of people here in a second and I'm sure the last thing you want it to be dragged out of here kicking and screaming" Torrie took Jake's hand and lead him to what appeared to be a private dressing room. Torrie shut the door and looked back at Jake. "Uh thanks Miss Wilson"…. "Hey none of that Miss stuff, My name is Torrie, now would you be so kind as to tell me your name". "Uh its Jake". Torrie couldn't help but smile at how nervous Jake was.

Jake then remembered seeing Torrie up set before and asked why. "Oh, its pretty much how the show has been going. I'm on the brand with out the title for one thing. Another is the show in general, I mean look at who our champ is and how most of the company is going. Heck if it weren't for me getting a good rub from the ad department, I'd be going to TNA and convincing Victoria to join me. They might not have a belt yet, but at least for most part their heads aren't up their asses." Though Jake didn't watch TNA often, he knew she had a point and he was very sympathetic with Torrie. "I' sorry to hear that. You certainly deserve better." Why thank you." Torrie then walked over to the couch that Jake was sitting on and sat right next to Jake. Torrie could see that Jake got very tense "What's the matter? Never sat next to a beautiful woman before?" "No, of course not! It's just that I've never sat next to one that looks like you. Torrie once again smile and had a slight laugh as well "That was quite a corny line". "Maybe, but it was a honest one". "So tell me Jake, if your so dissatisfied with the product, why come down?" Jake explained how he ended up getting the ticket during a much more enjoyable period of Smackdown, but was unable to doing anything about it when the show sucked. Torrie felt sorry for Jake wasting his money. "That sucks. That's why I by at the stadium." "Good advice. The only enjoyable part was your match with Victoria and I'm not saying that to be corny again, it really was". "I'll make sure she knows." "Anyway, thank you for letting me hide hear. I'm sure the coast is clear."

Before Jake could leave, Torrie pulled him back down "You know what, you've been great company and it's a shame you wasted your money on a boring show and I can't believe I'm doing this" Torrie then proceeded to unzip her top "Wait what are you doing?!" "Like I said it was a shame for you to waste your money, so I'm going to remedy that" At this point Jake was in full panic mode "But.. You.. I" "Just relax and let me take care of everything". Torrie them finished removing her top and ,exposing her large breasts. She then did the same to her bottom and foot wear and now was completely nude. She then moved over and unzipped Jake's pants and pulled out his cock. "Not bad, not bad at all". Torrie then licking the tip slowly before taking it all in her mouth. Torrie's head bobbed up and down, slowly at first, but then increasing. Jake panic at this point was replaced by bliss "Holy shit! Oh man! I going to, going to"! Torrie knew what he was say and stop allow him climax.

Torrie got up "Its only fair that I get little in return". Jake didn't not need to be told twice. Taking off his close at near light speed, he placed his head between the legs of the now seated Torrie. He started lapping her nice wet pussy, digging his tongue deep into her, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" He kept up until she came. Jake then lifted his head up and looked at Torrie "You want to play with my tits?" Jake said nothing, instead crawled over and began to suck on her left breast while squeezing the right. He vigorously massaged her large tit with his mouth while Torrie stroked his head playfully. He then switched to the other breast and repeated. "Oh, you love my big tits, don't you. Their tasty, aren't they?" Jake then stopped and decided to go all out on Torrie's rack. He lustfully sucked, licked, and squeezed her large melons, before finally stopping.

Torrie then got up and went on all fours, launching her fine ass in the air. Jake then positioned and inserted his cock into Torrie's wet pussy. "Torrie, you have got one fine ass". "You like it, its all yours". On cue, Jake started to squeeze Torrie's lovely booty, all the while shoving his cock into her. After that, Jake decided that Torrie needed a few good spankings. Spank "Oh" spank "Oh yes" spank "Oh shit". It was time to finish. Jake increased his speed and force, until he finally cam inside Torrie "Oh fuck!"

Both then rested for a while before gathering their clothing "I guess I didn't waste a ticket after all.

Author's Notes: There you have it. I don't think it was bad for my first lemon. More stories to come. Feel free to comment.