Employee of the Month

Drake had been an employee of Jaded for a few months now. He rather enjoying working in the trendy clothing store, not only because the atmosphere, but because of his rather friendly boss: Torrie Wilson.

It was almost closing time and most of the customers had already gone and Drake was already cleaning up when Torrie approached "Hey there Drake. Nice job with the store." "Oh thank you Miss Wilson." "Listen Drake, there is a matter we need to discuss. If you would come here before opening, we could talk in private." Drake was a little worried. Torrie had never needed to speak with him before. Still he had to do it.

The next morning, Drake came as he was told; hoping that this little talk didn't end with his termination. The place was empty, looking for Torrie. Drake found her in her office "You wanted to see me Miss Wilson." Torrie looked up from her desk "Yes I did. Sit down." Drake did as he asked "Now Drake, you have been an outstanding employee and have worked hard to get respect here. That is why I am making you employee of the month."

Drake was relieved; not only was he not getting fired, but was getting nice little picture of himself on the wall to let people know that he was a good worker. Torrie then got up and approached Drake "Since your work has been so exceptional, I feel that a bonus is in order". Torrie walked over and proceeded to unzip his pants "Miss Wilson, what are you doing!" Torrie looked up "First call me Torrie and second if I'm going to make you employee of the month, I have to see if your "up" to it."

Torrie pulled out Drake's cock and proceeded to suck on it. Drake couldn't believe this: From going to thinking he was getting fired to getting a blowjob from his attractive boss. Stuff like this didn't happen in real life.

Before he could process anything, Torrie stopped. Without saying a word, she stripped naked and pointed down. Drake knew what she wanted, kneeled down and began eating out her pussy. Torrie moaned as Drake grabbed her juicy, round ass while licking her pussy. Torrie then turned around and Drake began squeezing and kissing her butt. Torrie was moaning like crazy.

"Now, your next task is to make sure my pussy filled up and I am rating your performance". Drake did as he was told and pushed his dick into Torrie while hold her ass. Torrie loudly moaned at the process as Drake pumped her and fondled her breasts. Drake still couldn't believe this was happening, but wasn't complaining. He just hoped if he was indeed being rated, he was doing a good job.

Drake then pulled out, turned Torrie around and reinserted his cock into her. He also played with her big tits, both fondling and sucking on them. Torrie was going into a mode of almost mindlessness as she was being fucked. She couldn't take any more and loudly cam.

Both got dress and Drake cleaned up: He was the employee after all. The next day Drake got to the building and saw his picture in the employee of the month. Torrie passed him on the way to his work area "You know, its almost time for raises." Torrie walked away with a smile. Drake could only think of one thing "Damn, I love working here"