Here is the start to the sequel of Sick. Enjoy! I don't own Bones, but reviews are my life.



"Oh BOOOOONNNNNNEEEEESSSSSSS!!!" Special Agent Seeley Booth yelled as he took the steps into the Jeffersonian Med-Co lab three at a time, case file in hand.

"BON-" he was cut off by a hand over his mouth.

"Will you shut up? I'm right here! You scared the heck out of Angel, and she barked, which scared Zach and he dropped the skull he was working on, which scared Angela so that she dropped her sketch book, which... Oh never mind!!! You get the idea. Now, what is so important that you have to --" The infuriated anthropologist trailed off at the sight of the folder in his hand. "A case!? But you just dropped me off two seconds ago!"

Booth was giving her a full blown charm smile. "Yes Bones, a case. I forgot about it after we got out of Cullen's. Now go pack your bags, were going to the Cape!"

"WHAT?? I cant leave! I am in the middle of identifyin--"

"A bunch of VERY old dead people, yes i know. Cullen's ordered me to. AND I have the authorization to DRAG your a$$ to Cape Cod if you refuse."

"Wait, Cape Cod? You mean all the way up to Massachusetts? That... how long? And don't threaten me! I can shoot you, you know."

"We might be there a little over a week. And you don't have a-" he trailed off as she waved the gun in his face. "Were the hell did you get that?"

"Cullen" she said smugly.

"Cul-... Wha- ... No. I'M the one with the gun. That's not-...NO!"

"Yesssss. Now. I am going to go work..."

"Nope! Go gossip wildly with Ange before I pick you up at 7. Pack a bathing suit!" he yelled over his shoulder, on his way out the door.




"BRENNAN!!!! Did Booth just come in here and tell you to bring a bathing suit? Where are you and the stud muffin going this time??"

Bones sighed again. She glanced at the time. (3:00) . This was going to be the longest 4 hours of her life.