Yes, it is I, that thing again. You say you've had enough of my writing? Well, I don't care.
Anyway, this is something I've had in my mind for a little bit now. I may or may not draw a little comic to accompany it on my DeviantART account in the near-far future. I don't know, I do whatever I want.


"Hey, Phoenix."


As Larry approached, his eyes narrowed. The unusual rude tone in his voice could not help but confuse Phoenix.

"I don't want to play with you," Larry said next and Phoenix's eyes widened with distress as his nerves started to numb.

"W-why not?" he stammered.

"Because…" Larry snapped, taking a step closer and towering over the scared, black-haired boy. He then gave Phoenix a quick shove to the chest, spun on his heel, and made a dash across the playground.

"You're it!"

It took a couple of moments for Phoenix's brain to register exactly what had just happened. Before he knew what he was doing, he gave chase, vowing to 'get Larry good' for the nasty trick he pulled on him.

Unfortunately, Larry was a bit quicker than Phoenix had previously thought. He chased the blond boy onto and over a bench, around and under a slide, and, miraculously, in and out of the outdoor bathroom. There was no doubt about it, Larry Butz definitely had experience in running, which did not surprise Phoenix in the least when he thought about it.

However, being unable to keep up with the monkey-like Larry also caused Phoenix to slightly lose interest in the game, and he was just about to give up, when…

He remembered Miles. Yes, unsuspecting Miles Edgeworth, curled up against a nearby tree, shaded from the hot sun, studying something or other--Phoenix could not be sure what for he was convinced that Miles read anything and everything that ever existed. Nevertheless, he was an easy target, a sitting duck.

Miles was in the middle of turning one of his pages when he felt a tap on his arm. When he looked up, he saw Phoenix making a mad run for it. However, Phoenix was forced to stop when he glanced back and realized that Miles had not so much as budged from his place by the tree. Both confused gazes met and an unknown force made Phoenix return to Miles to check up on him and his hold-up.

"Miles…uh…you're it," Phoenix said, coming closer to the tree. Miles merely blinked and raised an eyebrow at him.


How shocking, surely the boy must have been joking?

"Yeah…you know…it. T-tag."


He was not joking, was he? How could one not know of one of the greatest games ever? Phoenix stepped closer to his friend, feeling slightly sorry for him. He had thought Miles knew everything.

"Tag. You know…'tag, you're it'…it's a game, Miles," he explained feebly and tapped the boy's arm again.

It took another couple of moments for Phoenix to figure out what happened next. All he saw was a devious grin appear on Miles's face for a split second before he tossed his book to the side and rolled in the opposite direction onto his feet. As he broke out into a rather swift run, he called behind him, "Ha ha, Phoenix tagged himself!"

Miles giggled and ran for the slide. Larry howled with laughter from atop an apparatus. Phoenix, with his newfound energy, broke out into a run, screaming.

"I'm going to get the both of you, you cheaters!!!"

Yes, that is the end. No, there will not be a second chapter. No, this was not in any way, shape, or form Wright/Edgeworth fluff. Just three friends doing what kids do best, particularly these kids.

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