A Small Request

By Kris

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any part of Square Enix.

Note: This isn't my usual oneshot and was hard for me to write Yuffie's name instead of my own, lol. More chapters coming soon. Please Review!

Vincent ran a hand through his hair, sighing audibly. He was always so calm when out in the field or in the mists of battle sighting down the barrel of his Cerberus at his opponent, so why was he so nervous now? His current mission was his own and was not life threatening in any way, save for a major shift in his living habits if he happened to come out of it successful. He wanted to accomplish this task more than any others that he had before, but he was deathly afraid to the point where he felt that he just may step out of his decision.

He was pacing his length of his bedroom and cursing himself. Why was he so incompetent in this area? Why was he so scared? Growling, he sat down on his bed and shoved his hands into his thick mane of hair. He closed his eyes and tried to relax. It did not help. He was still shaking. Taking a deep breath, he began to review the past events leading up to this point in his life.

Vincent was not quite sure as to when it happened, but he had fallen for the young ninja from Wutai. Yuffie seemed to get under his skin and stay there, leaving him confused. At points she was too active, too annoying, but then again she was sweet , caring, and was genuinely concerned for his welfare. He was oddly fascinated by her personality and found himself opening up to her before he himself knew what was happening. She knew more about him than anyone else and yet she still accepted him. Yuffie did not shy away or re-label him as a monster. She simply just smiled at him and kept up with her quest to find out more about his mysterious past.

In the end, Vincent fell hard for her. He was, however, awkward in relationships, thus he never expressed his feeling verbally to her. He did try to convey them through other means such as smiles and small touches, but the girl never got them. Apparently she was the kind of person that needed to have it thrust in her face. At this Vincent was unsure of how to go about. He was not the type of person just to come out and say it, but he knew he wanted the companionship.

He did not have to worry much about that, however, because before he had the chance to even go about revealing his feelings, she told him hers first.

His cell phone began vibrating next to him on his bed. He glanced down at it in disgust. Picking it up, he peered at the caller id. Cid. Vincent cursed the pilot's name before hitting 'ignore.' He did not want to deal with the potentially drunk Highwind at all right now and thus stood and stretched. Out of the corner of his eye he caught the sun just setting. How long had he sat in thought?

The dying rays of the sun caught the small box that was sitting on the nightstand near his bed. This little box was the source of all of Vincent's worries and frustrations. He glared at it, but only half heartedly. It was as if the tiny case was the legendary Pandora's Box, bringing all this trouble but awarding some small hope. He sighed and picked it up, flipping it open. A beautiful engagement band sat cushioned within, sparking even in the dim light.

Vincent wanted to marry Yuffie, his little angel, but was too nervous to ask. The ring was actually several weeks old. He couldn't understand why something as small as a ring could change a person's entire life.

Shaking his head, he picked up his cell phone and went through the contacts. Yuffie's number appeared on the small screen and Vincent's hand tightened around the box, shutting it once again. He wanted to be by her side more than ever, wanted to be there for her when she needed him as she had been for him. He wanted to make her happy.

Vincent was finally going to propose.

He already knew where he was going to take her, where he was going to ask her, for he had quite a while to plan it out. All he needed was to muster up the courage to ask her out. Taking in a deep breath, he cleared his mind of any horrible thoughts of rejection, then let it out slowly. He pressed 'send' and held it up to his ear.

Yuffie answered, a bit groggy. "Vinnie?"

It was now or never. "Yuffie? I have something to ask you. . ."