Some will be happy, some will be sad, some will be short and others will be long. A few might make you laugh, and others I will deliberately write to try to make you cry. Be Warned. All in all, these will just be a compilation of poetry about Twilight, New Moon, and the soon to come Eclipse. Review if you would like to, I'm not expecting it becuase I've noticed people just don't review poems.

I hope you enjoy.

This is a poem I wrote earlier that seems to fit Bella when she is coping with Edward being gone.


Just Smile

When you feel so down you might

Shatter, and people ask what's the matter

Just smile and feign

Surprise, meet their eyes

A fa├žade of innocence

Perform for them when they are

Doubtful, no sorrow hasn't stole

Your heart

Lying you're fine

Is so easy even if

The entire time you do it

You die a little

Falling from your lips are

Lies, even as you meet their eyes

Even as your words echo

Back to you from

The deserted corridor where you stand

Just smile all the while

Even as your heart

Is breaking