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Chapter One: Revolutionary Ideas

Harry had never woken up with this feeling before. It was a month after his triumph over Tom Riddle, and he woke up smiling, turning over in his bed, in number 12 Grimuald place: his house. He felt as if contentment was seeping out of every pore. Harry sat up, put his glasses on and beamed at his surroundings. Ginny was sleeping calmly in the bed to his right, her pink sheets covering her petite frame neatly. He stepped quietly out of his bed and drifted over to Ginny. He bent over and kissed her forehead, and when she did not stir he continued towards the door that would take him to the rest of his house. On his way to the exit, he glanced at the empty bed against the west wall, and confusedly looked at the other bed in the room. He smirked easily when he saw both red and brown hair atop the pillow. Harry exited the room, stilling smirking at Hermione and Ron.

Ever since the day the locket Horcrux was destroyed, it became more and more obvious that his best friends belonged together, although Harry never told Hermione the details of their experience, he was sure she expected more than a simple "but Ron saved me…"

That day almost haunted Harry, for he couldn't imagine what it must have felt like for Ron; to remain friends with Harry, all the while thinking that he was less a man, less a wizard, and less desirable than he. But Ron had been incorrect, and for the past couple weeks, Harry had awoken to find Hermione migrated to Ron's bed by the time he had woken.

The lives that had been lost that month ago were now buried and respected, and although there was still great sadness circling the deaths of Fred, Remus and Tonks, it was understood that they had not died in vain, which seemed to take the bite out of everyone's misery; it even gave Mrs. Weasley a reason to smile every so often. Percy was also ever-present at the Burrow, making up for lost time, Harry supposed. He had never seen Percy so enthusiastic about anything, besides his work at the ministry. Although it seemed Percy was even more enthusiastic about being a good brother, son and friend; doing any small job his parents asked of him, and joining in the jokes and games with Hermione, Ron, Ginny and George.

George took Fred's death the worst of everybody, perhaps even worse than Mrs. Weasley. Harry did not know what losing a sibling must be like, let alone a twin; someone to be connected with from birth, besides your parents. George had lost his partner-in-crime. Although, it was sure he had not lost his sense of humor, as he joked that he could super-glue an extendable ear to his holey head.

Teddy Tonks, although parentless, was a very cheery baby and could change his appearance the same way his mother could. He was always visiting Harry's house, and Harry's ears would become red as Teddy was placed in his arms and Ginny cooed over him. It felt oddly right to him. He would always catch Mr. Weasley smirk at this scene, and Ron take hold of Hermione's hand in what seemed to be affection.

Harry stepped into his kitchen and heard a pop! as Kreacher appeared at his feet.

"Would master like me to bring him and his friends the usual breakfast?"

"Yes, that would be great, Kreacher."

Kreacher pop!ed and appeared shortly afterward with a tray of mugs, muffins and bacon.

"Will there be visitors today as well, Master?"

"Yes, the Weasley's are all coming over and I believe the Tonks's are coming as well. Why do you ask?" Harry asked with a yawn.

"Well Master," Kreacher said, then cleared his throat, "I noticed you and the Miss Weasley have barely had any alone time. I am surprised at all the company you keep having."

Harry burrowed his brows. "Oh…"

Kreacher snapped his fingers and a nicely warm mug of cider picked itself off the tray in front of Harry, who took a long sip, knowing that Kreacher was right… they had barely been able to touch each other.

"And it seems," Kreacher went on, in a quiet voice, "that the mud-Miss Hermione and young Mr. Weasley have had quite a bit of alone time."

Harry nearly choked on his cider. "Excuse me?"

Kreacher's eyes widened, now realizing that he may have said too much. "I know s-spying is b-bad Master. But I thought someone was hurt!"

Harry had absentmindedly put his mug down and was now looking at the elf with interest. "Hurt?" he said eagerly. "What do you mean Kreacher?"

Kreacher glanced at his master apprehensively. "Well Master, I was passing by the library upstairs, and I heard a sort of moaning-"

Harry's mouth hung open, having a great suspicion of where this was going.

"I opened the door to the library, and young Mr. Weasley was- uh – uhh-… and-and Miss Hermione wasn't fully- fully covered…"

"Thank you Kreacher!" Harry said abruptly, he really didn't need to hear the details of his best friends shagging.

"They nearly knocked over an entire shelf Master! I picked all the books up, but I don't think they saw me. They were rather busy-"

"Thank you!" Harry said more loudly than was needed. "You're sure they did not see you?" Harry asked after a moment.

"Oh yes," he said, as cheerfully as Kreacher could sound, after realizing he was not in trouble. "They knew not I saw them."

Harry took another contemplative sip of his cider and let it warm his insides even more. He heard the sound of bare feet coming into the tile kitchen and heard a small pop! as Kreacher disappeared.

Harry turned around and saw Ginny, walking very stiffly towards him. He watched her intensely as she stretched and her shirt lifted a little bit, revealing skin he had barely seen of hers in a long while.

"Harry Potter," she said smirking at him, "are you checking me out?"

Harry did not try to hide his grin. "And what are you going to do about it?"

Harry was slightly taken aback as Ginny took a step towards him; his body nearly shook for her as her arms slid around his neck.

"Absolutely nothing."

Harry could have melted as Ginny took his lips in her own, and kissed him for what seemed to carry through a lifetime. Harry felt as though he was twirling on a tire-swing with his eyes closed. Blissfully unaware of the audience he and Ginny had as they twirled round and round and round.

"Hem hem…"

Ginny did not jump back, the way Harry expected her to, but gently pulled away and opened one eye to glare at her brother. "We're a little busy at the moment."

"Yes," said Ron, who's hair was a vicious victim of bed-head, "I can see that." He yawned and stretched.

Hermione was trotting briskly down the stairs, a pair of jeans and neat top now on her body. Her hair was loose and wavy, but she had clearly already put her make-up on. "Good morning everyone!"

Everybody else stared at her in astonishment. "You're already dressed?" Ginny said now leaning against Harry.

"Well, it's morning, and we have guests coming!" Hermione said excitedly, taking a mug of cider for herself.

Harry looked from Ron to Hermione and smirked to himself. "Sleep well, Hermione?" He said taking another sip.

Hermione put her mug down. "Yes, I suppose." She side-glanced at Ron and took a long sip to hide the smile pulling at her mouth. "How about you, Ron," she said trying to keep a grin hidden.

Ron washed his muffin down with some cider and shrugged his shoulders. "Mmm… slept alright I suppose. I was kinda hot though…"

"I bet," Harry blurted.

Ron raised and eye-brow and tilted his head. "You alright mate?"

"Well, I was just wondering," Harry said, wrapping his arms around Ginny. "How much time did you spend in the Hogwarts library when we were back in school?"

Ron scratched his head. "I dunno. I was only there when Hermione made us go…"

Hermione looked very confusedly from Harry to Ron, trying to figure out where this conversation was going . "Harry what-"

"Guess what Kreacher told me this morning?" Harry said, not really to one person in particular, seeming to change the subject randomly.

"I dunno," Ron said rolling his eyes at Harry's A.D.D., "he wants a pony for Christmas this year?"

"No, not quite."

"Then I give up…"

"Kreacher said that he saw you in the library. I was amazed at how much you have been reading lately. Find anything good up there?"

Ron grinned stupidly. "Yes, very good," he said. He did not seem embarrassed, but slightly relieved now that he knew what Harry was talking about. Hermione, on the other hand, seemed to be stuttering as the conversation was progressing.

"Well-well-I-I was showing Ron some excellent books I read back in fifth year-"

"I don't really recall taking anatomy in fifth year…" Harry said matter-of-factly.

Ginny, who seemed filled with confusion a moment ago, was suddenly bursting with realization, and rounded on Hermione. "Ew!! Have you been shagging my brother in Harry's house?!"

Hermione's mouth opened and closed like a fish. "I – well-we… that's totally beside the point!" Hermione said defiantly.

Ginny made a face of shock and horror, and looked at her brother. "In Harry's house?!" Ginny shuddered. "Wait," she said after a moment's pause, "you haven't like, done it when Harry and I were in the room, right?"

No answer.


"Well… we don't exactly plan it," Ron said clearly.

Ginny had the same expression and shuddered again. "Well, I think I'm just going to take a shower and get ready. I can't deal with this right now."

Hermione's face rested in her hands on the countertop and lifted her head only when she heard footsteps going back upstairs. She looked at Harry with a red face, "I'm really sorry Harry, and we didn't mean to disrespect your house or anything…"

"I'm not apologizing for nothing!" Ron said suddenly, looking shocked and defiant. "I've been quite pleased with the last few weeks," he winked at Hermione, "quite pleased! If you think the point of bringing this up was to get me to say I was sorry, then you were seriously mistaken."

Harry looked at Ron and wasn't really sure what to say. He hadn't been angry with them, but he wished they had told him, rather than needing to bring it up at breakfast. "I don't want an apology, or even an explanation. Just try- try not to do it when I'm in the room, ok?"


"And if you… make a mess- just clean up after yourselves a little bit. I don't wanna send Kreacher to therapy."

Hermione blushed even more, "Ok, Harry."

Harry nodded conclusively and smiled at his two best friends. "Well, if you two don't mind, I'm going to join Ginny in the shower."\


Hermione had never felt anything like this in her entire life. She was living on her good instinct, logic taking a back seat to the heart that was now in the driver's seat. Every moment she spent alive she wanted to be by Ron's side, and when she couldn't be with him she was thinking about him. She would day-dream about how good it felt when he touched her, how he could make her laugh, how he listened to her and made good conversation with her parents.

Hermione smiled silently as she watched Ron inspect each muffin on the tray carefully. Her thoughts swam back to the past few weeks, all their good times; the new experiences she had only shared with him.

"Are you sure you're ready, 'Mione?"

"Ron- I will curse you into the next dimension if you ask me one more time."

Ron smirked at her, and then kissed her the way he always did, as if it was the last time. They had somehow ended up in a separate part of Grimauld Place. Hermione's naked body straddled Ron, and he quivered with delight as he could feel her wet juices dripping onto him. "Hermione…" he moaned. He wanted her more then he could put into words.

Hermione pulled her mouth away from his and felt and incredible jolt of electricity go up her spine. "Yes, Ron?"

She looked into his eyes, and instead of seeing his normally humorous eyes, she saw much more, realizing he was no longer the boy she had met on the Hogwarts Express those many years ago. He was now a man, and there was only one way to describe how Hermione felt about him…

"I love you, Hermione."

Hermione felt tears forming behind her eyes, threatening to break the dam. "I love you too." She had never said any sentence with such meaning and truth before.

Ron didn't try to hide his grin and pleasure as he placed his hand onto Hermione's soft cheek; she put her hand over his and wished that the moment would last forever. She had never thought Ron as a romantic being, but he was proving her wrong every day that passed.

"I've loved you for so long, I'm sorry it took this long."

Hermione kissed him long and hard, making sure the message sunk in. "Some things are just worth waiting for."

With that final note, Hermione gently lowered herself onto Ron, finding that it hurt as much as she expected it to. She let a small gasp of pain and kissed Ron, letting him know it was not his fault that she was feeling discomforted.

Hermione's mind returned to the present day as Ron came up from behind her and kissed her neck as he passed. "Well that wasn't an awkward or anything," he said, reflecting on their morning.

Hermione snorted. "Embarrassing, more like it."

Ron smirked at his love. "Embarrassed?" he came up from behind her again and placed his hands at her sides. "Embarrassed at how you beg for me at least twice a day?"

Hermione's mouth hung open. "You're out of your mind, you are!" She turned around in the stool she was sitting on and faced him. "Twice a day? You make me sound like I have my mind in the gutter…" Hemione trailed off as she finished her cider.

"HA!" Ron said in her face. "Like you don't lead me away from Ginny and Harry every chance you get?!"

Hermione smirked at Ron, "Why… you can't handle it?"

Ron looked somewhere between shocked and insulted. "I-I-what!?" He got his face inches from hers then said, in a very seductive voice, "You think you want to be handled now?"

Hermione almost giggled. "Now who has their mind in the gutter?"

"Me. But just this once. I can usually resist you. Even though you have an incredible arse," he kissed her neck, "and sexy legs," kiss on the other side of her neck, "perfect breasts," kiss on the collar bone, "and you love me, so clearly you're a genius." Ron smiled as Hermione laughed out loud.

"Not a genius. Just lucky." Hermione kissed Ron again. She wanted him, but deciding to prove him wrong, she got up from her stool and gave him a seductive look, before heading back upstairs.

"Hey wait!" Ron grabbed her hand as she started up the stairs. "Where are you going?"

"Well, Ginny and Harry should be done by now, I think I'm gong to take a shower."

"But you're already dressed!"

"Can never be too clean, though." Hermione jumped up a couple more steps.

"Well… do you want some company?" Ron said hopefully.

"Well I don't want to lead you away from anything important." Hermione said with mock concern.

"Au contraire," Ron said in a serious voice. "I was going to take a shower in a minute anyway. We shouldn't waste water. It would be unethical."

Hermione nodded, "Yes, it would be for the environment."

"Oh yea… saving the Wizarding World from Lord Voldemort isn't enough. We should take it a step farther."

"Yes, it could be our new campaign, 'Don't waste water…shower with a friend'".

Ron paused at this and jumped up to the same step as Hermione. He looked at her and tilted his head with a sort of amusement, "I'd like to think we are more then friends at this point."

Hermione, who was now sharing a small stair with Ron, looked up at him and was for once in her life, at a loss for words. She couldn't decide whether standing there in silence would make her look more stupid than trying to speak, considering her mind had been wiped clean. "Oh…"

Yes, saying nothing would have sounded less idiotic than saying "oh".

Ron seemed to be trying to find words that wouldn't seem awkward or stupid as well, his gaze was searching Hermione's face, as if etching some kind of code onto her skin. "Well, I only mean that I think of us as… you know… a couple."

Hermione bit her bottom lip. "Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?"

Ron grinned. "Yeah… I think that would be a good idea. Will you be my girlfriend?"

Hemione smiled. "Are you sure you don't wanna give Lavender another chance."

"Oh you're really funny."

"That's what they keep telling me." Hermione continued up the stairs and into the bathroom, where Ron joined her, pretending they did not notice Harry and Ginny as they passed the bedroom.


"Can't we have some kind of…vacation?!"

"You can't take a vacation from life Ronald! You, Harry and Hermione have a duty to the Wizarding World."

"Well we have a duty to ourselves, too! We just buried three people who were important to us! We need to take a break before jumping back into-"

Harry was regretting having invited his company over. The Weasley's had brought an extensive to-do list for the trio, including many tasks that would probably take years to fully achieve. They were sitting in Harry's dining room, all the Weasley's present. Andromeda was also there with Teddy, who insisted being held by Harry the moment he saw him. They had all seated themselves at the large dining room table, Harry at one head, and Mr. Weasley at the other. Ron and Hermione were the two seats closest to him, sitting across from each other. Ginny had taken to sit beside her mother, who fussed over Ginny for quite some times when they had first arrived.

"There is no way we can re-build an entire government from the ground up!" Ron got out of his seat, frustrated at Percy, who kept trying to shove documents in his face. "The three of us didn't even graduate!"

"Well obviously you would be helped a great deal by the people who have remained loyal to the ministry all along, but every wizard in the world looks at you three as a sort of symbol. Especially you, Harry."

Harry now had a head ache and Teddy was becoming increasingly heavy in his arms. "Well I have no idea how to rebuild a- a country in essence. Won't everybody know I'm just the poster boy for all of this?"

"No! Not at all, Harry. The Order has been receiving many owls wondering when you will take office."

Harry let out a laugh. "They think I should be Minister of Magic? That's crazy; I'm not even 18 yet!"

"But many people have followed you, survived with you. They trust you. They know your good instincts." Mr. Weasley now let his voice dominate his son's. "And therefore," he continued, "I think you should publicly announce who the next Minister should be. Give them an idea of where this world is going. There is still hate, confusion, and prejudice in the world. Give those who seek a better life some hope, Harry."

Harry could not argue. No longer having the patience to hold the wriggling baby, he handed Teddy off to Hermione, who immediately started cooing at him.

"Well it should obviously be Kingsley. He could possibly become the best Minister we have ever had. He deserves it."

Everyone nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, I concur. You should address the Wizards of Britain yourself; explain to them that you will be there every step of the way in rebuilding communities that held strong before the war started."

"God this is going to be a lot of work."

Percy smiled at his youngest brother. "You have no idea." Percy walked over to the head of the table. "This announcement should take place within the next few days, I think. Purebloods are still on a rampage, and those who will be willing to end the prejudice will need to know that the ministry is going to hold firm and be virtually incorruptible."

"So you want the three of us to basically pick all new ministry officials, considering they are all either," Ron counted on his fingers, "imperioused, dead, corrupted or missing."

"Yes. That's the general idea."

"But we are only-"

"Ron," Mrs. Weasley had now taken a front, "you keep mentioning your age and how you seem to have not accomplished much. But without the three of you, Lord Voldemort would have gotten away with it all over again. You have all taken on a great deal before. It is time to start a new life. And the Wizarding World is counting on all of you to be leading this. To truly finish what you started: A revolution."


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