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Don't Mess With Sarah Lennox
By Shaela Dennis

"You are not putting that thing in me."

Sarah narrowed her eyes at the truck, her grip on the baby seat tightening. "If Annabelle is going anywhere in you for the next few years, it is in that seat. Open up. Now."

It had been three weeks since her husband had come home from the battle in Mission City, and she'd finally gotten used to the fact that a giant alien robot was now living in her driveway. For the first week or so after being introduced, she'd avoided him completely, giving him a wide berth. Will assured her that he wouldn't hurt a human, but she still didn't trust it…or him, the mech kept grumbling at her. Who knew machines could have genders?

Determined to get over her nervousness (he had helped save Earth, after all), she'd finally dared to ask him if she could take him to the grocery store. Ironhide had complained, but he gave in after she'd offered to stop at the car wash. Leaving Will behind with Annabelle, she and the Topkick had a nice, if not awkward chat on the way there.

She'd learned that he was grouchy, blunt, stubborn, and had a slight vanity streak, but he was a decent guy (mech, she kept reminding herself). Right now, his most prominent personality quirk was stubbornness.

Ironhide rumbled his engine, "I am not opening my doors until you put that seat away, woman. I've told you before, I'm safer than any Earth vehicle out there."

Sarah took a calming breath, counting to ten silently. "Yes, I know you are, but that doesn't mean I'm letting the baby ride in you without it. We're going to be late for her check-up, 'Hide. Open the damn doors." She took a step towards him.

He backed away from her quickly. Will came out of the house, holding Annabelle, "Come on, buddy. Just do what she says."

"No! Lennox, tell your female to back down!"

Said female stiffened noticeably. Her husband paled, "Uh oh. Wrong thing to say, 'Hide." He took a few steps back towards the house.

Slowly, Sarah set the baby seat down on the driveway. Ironhide kept still, wary of the human woman who at that moment, registered in his CPU as a force as dangerous as Megatron himself. She walked up to him, put her hands on top of his hood, and said in a voice so low his audio receptors almost didn't pick it up, "If you don't open those doors and let me put the seat in you, I will put a boot on all four of your wheels and pour raw eggs on your cab, bed and hood the next time you recharge. Compute?"

The mech did a quick internet search on boots pertaining to wheels and the effects of eggs on paint, and shuddered. Reluctantly, he popped open the passenger door, "…you're evil, woman."

Will stifled a laugh at that comment, earning a glare from his wife and an ominous rumble from Ironhide's engine. He quickly composed himself.

Sarah strapped in the baby seat, being a little more rough than was needed. The Topkick groused about how the other Autobots would never let him live this down while she got Annabelle comfortable.

Lennox gave both of his girls a quick kiss and the truck a fond pat on the hood, and watched them pull out. Chuckling to himself, he grabbed his wallet and keys from in the house, drove Sarah's car to the store, and picked up a bottle of wax to cheer Ironhide up with when he returned.


Boots are used to keep a vehicle from moving, by not allowing the wheel to turn.

Raw egg eats paint badly.