You all have the right to throw crap at me!

-Deidara Gaara and Sakura throw crap at Kodomo-

I know I haven't updated in FOREVER and I thank those who have the patience

to wait for my updates(or they just preoccupy themselves with others stories)

These next few days I promise to update my stories and work on uploading my two new gaasakus

(If ya haven't noticed I LOVE GaaSaku P)

And guess what! I'm putting in summaried for the next chapters!:

Hell High(I really love this story):

Sakura goes to the dance with the others and soon her dad shows up with several hitmen(Dunno...)

They take control of the school and Sakura's father triggers Sakura's memories of her mothers death

sending Sakura into a far worse panic attack. The others find out everything about her and Gaara

tries to save her from the pain. Her father threatens to rape her but (heroic theme) The Akatsuki show

up and save the day! YAY! Gaara comforts her while the Akatsuki sets everything straight and kill her

father. Sakura now stays with Gaara, Tem, and Kankuro. They meet Sasuke when he says that he

wants Sakura for his little toy and soon gets into a fight with Itachi.

Next Chapter!

Locked Away Memories and Feelings!

(When I was typing that I was imagining it being animated on the show Naruto and ya know where

they always have the Title of the next chapter at the end of the show? yeah I'm rambling...)

The Blossom, Sun, and Child at Dawn(Haven't done much with this story):

NOTE: I have rewritten Kodomo's description if you haven't already read it again..

Kodomo spills the beans about what she does for a living and offers Sakura and Hinata the chance

of a lifetime: To become an Akatsuki! Sakura adn Hinata accept and they soon meet their new partners

Sakura-Deidara Hinata-Itachi and Kodomo-Tobi (Wonderful how that works out) Chaos soon ensues.

Next Chapter!

You're a WHAT!

New Stroies!!!!!!WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Blood Love(GaaxSaku): Sakura goes to Suna to be a medic and soon grows close with Gaara. After a series of

events she leaves and either Horror or Happiness comes out of it.

Part 1 will always be the same..

Part2? Several parts that I plan to make seperate as sequals.

What are they?:

End1: Sakura is kage of Life and has child/children

End2: Sakura is captured by monsters and child is killed/alive

End3: Sakura saves Gaara and others from monsters with child

Yup that's about it I need votes on which one to do first!

Livin La Vida Loca(SakuxGaa):

Gaara lives with his father and is forced to crossdress(Why? I don't know myself I just got

the idea from another story...)

Sakura is the child of VERY powerful people and has helped those who are living with her. She helps Gaara and

love blossoms from that point on. Sasuke intervines and he gets the crap beat out of him...

That is what's gunna happen! See ya soon!