If walking in the rain was outlawed, then she would be arrested several times.

(Thank god it isn't illegal huh you fool?)

They've both done it far too much, far too long and really he was always been torn between hating it---not my mother, oh god no, not her---and loving it---come on idiot, if you don't move I swear---

(There are smiles in his life now, no rain so harsh the sting can be felt afterwards although maybe her kicks do that now)

If smiling gently, when she's upturning her face to his, and thinking please god don't take it away, is wrong, then he thinks that he loves her even more so then he thought he did and the thought scares his mind far more then it does his heart.

(Maybe his heart has already accepted it and maybe she doesn't notice.)

When the rain falls even faster and she walks, then runs away from them, she smiles at him and thinks to herself she loves him far too much to care.

(Please god don't let it be a lie---I can't bear it---)

But every little story has to end and he sees the sad closing reflected in her eyes

(Live a while longer Ichigo---)

He leans up and suddenly her face fades away to the grey abyss and he knows

something is terribly wrong.

(shitshitshit no---Rukia---)

She's gone.

(Fuck no Rukia---come back---)

She feels the deep darkness pressing at her heart and thinks that it's possible she has no heart right now, because really she feels the absence of it far more acutely then the actual pain.


Days, weeks later she almost thinks that she felt her heart skip a beat but that can't be right, its been too long and she's too tired and damn it you fool don't you dare come save me---

(Walk in the rain with me Ichigo and stop being such a pansy ass)

Doesn't belong to me. At all.