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Four hours later and I was in my own hospital room with my new baby girl in my arms. All she had on was a long sleeved dark pink shirt and a tiny diaper. I had kept her wrapped up in the cotton blanket that the hospital had supplied. Her pink knit had was on her head as well. The tears had streamed down my face an hour ago when I had actually given birth to her. She weighed in at exactly six pounds and twenty inches.

Randy had wanted to name her Bergen Rose Orton but I had convinced him to name her Raegan Kynnedy Orton, her initials being the same as his. I looked down at her as she slept in my arms, her left tiny hand up by her cheek as she did so. I looked up at Randy, who was smiling down affectionately at me. He had been so pale when we arrived at the hospital and I think just the nerves of being a first time father to a newborn child had gotten to him.

"You want to hold your daughter before everybody else gets here?" I asked him, my eyes looking into his eyes.

I carefully handed Raegan to him after he nodded his head. I then motioned for Kaidyn to come over to me. He had stayed in the waiting room with my father while I was in the delivery room. I lifted him up carefully into my lap. I kissed his forehead before hugging the little boy closer to me.

"Guess who's gonna come see your new baby sister?" I asked as I leaned back against the mattress of the hospital bed.

"Who?" he asked, his attention turning to me now.

"Your daddy is gonna come see Raegan and so is Ken, Rebecca, Cameron, Cheyenne, Jeff, and Randy's parents, Bob and Elaine," I told him, my eyes now on Randy as he was holding our daughter.

"Daddy's comin?!'" Kaidyn said excitedly and I nodded my head then watched him get down and run over to my dad. "Papa! My daddy's gonna come!"

"I heard that bud," Shawn laughed as he lifted Kaidyn onto his lap.

I felt Randy sit down next to me and I turned my attention back to him. I leaned forward a little and kissed Raegan's cheek softly before looking into Randy's eyes once again.

"I love you, Randy," I told him softly before I leaned in and pressed my lips against his, kissing him softly just as the door opened.

I quickly pulled away and looked at the door. I smiled when I saw Ken Kennedy and his girlfriend, Jess, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, and Bob and Elaine Orton walk in. It seemed like a whole bunch of them had arrived around the same time. I smiled as I saw Kaidyn run to John.

"Kaidyn, careful, remember, your daddy's hurt," I reminded the soon-to-be preschooler.

"It's all right, Kaley; he's just excited to see me is all," John smiled before lifting Kaidyn up with his good arm.

"So what's the baby's name?" Jeff asked as he saw Randy holding the new baby.

"Raegan Kynnedy Orton," I told everybody, a proud smile on my face. "And no, Ken, I did not give her that middle name because of you."

Ken laughed before walking over to me and handing me a small pink gift bag and then smiled at me. I looked at him with a look on my face.

"You didn't need to get me anything," I told him.

"It's not for you, it's for Raegan. Jeez, ego-maniac," Ken joked around before smiling at me again. "But congratulations anyways, Kaley."

"Thanks, Ken," I said before pulling the tissue paper out of the sack and then reaching in and pulling out a cute long sleeved white one-z with pink lettering on it saying, Princess. "This is cute, Ken; she loves it."

Ken just smiled before taking a seat on one of the couches in the room, pulling Jess onto his lap. I smiled as Jeff walked over and handed me a gift bag to.

"It's for the baby and there's a little somethin' in there for you, too," he said, his southern drawl thick in his voice.

I smiled before pulling the contents out of the bag. I looked at the cute fuzzy pink and white striped jammies and then a picture frame. I looked up at Jeff and smiled before pulling him down for a hug.

"Thanks, I like them both and the pajamas are just adorable," I gushed before releasing him from the hug. "Randy, look."

Randy handed Raegan off to his mom before walking over to the bed and sitting down beside me. He picked up the pajamas then looked at Jeff.

"You bought something pink?" he said, teasing Jeff about the pink pajamas he had bought.

"Randy, Raegan's car seat is pink and it's in your car," I told him, with a smirk of my own before resting my head against his shoulder.

"She precious, Randy; a precious little girl," Elaine gushed as she held her first grandchild. "You better send me pictures every week, Randy."

"Yes, mom," Randy said rolling his eyes before giving me a look.

"I'll make sure you get the pictures, Mrs. Orton," I told her while smacking Randy's leg playfully.

I hadn't ever been properly introduced to Randy's parents and he had only told them about me when I had first moved in with him. They weren't happy with the situation that he had found himself in at first but soon realized that Randy didn't want me anywhere else but there with him.

"Oh dear, call me Elaine, you're family now," Elaine said with a smile that only a mother could have.

"And you better not be going around calling me Mr. Orton either; you'll be making me feel old," Randy's father said and a blush rose across my cheeks.

I nodded my head in understanding before leaning back against the bed again. I watched as they all took turns holding Raegan. After Raegan got handed back to me about forty minutes later, I realized that John still was holding Kaidyn and didn't get a chance to hold Raegan.

"John, put Kaidyn down and hold Raegan," I said, looking at him.

He put Kaidyn down before walking over to the bed, his right arm in a sling from his pectoral injury. I placed Raegan in his good arm for him and then watched as he looked down at her. I looked over at Randy who seemed to be in a deep discussion with Ken and Jeff. I looked over at my son and smiled as Bob was talking to him.

"She's beautiful, Kailyn," John said softly as he looked down at mine and Randy's daughter. "She's something special."

I smiled but then felt a pang in my heart. I knew that he thought that he should be sharing the happiness that Randy and I are feeling right now and that Raegan should have been his child and not Randy's, if I had just stayed faithful.

"Thanks, John," I told him sincerely.

"Well, Kaley, Jess and I have to get going; we left Jenni with the neighbors and I know she's a terror so I don't want to leave her with them for too long," Ken announced as he ended the conversation with Randy to leave.

"Okay, thanks for coming both of you and thanks for the gift," I said warmly as I watched them leave my room.

"I hafta get goin' too. I promised Matt I'd help him with something," Jeff said with a roll of his eyes at the thought of having to leave the room. "But I'll be stopping over soon enough to see the precious girl."

"Okay, Jeff, you're welcome over any time," I told him sincerely as he left.

I looked around the room and saw Bob, Elaine, John, and Randy still in here. My dad had taken Kaidyn to get something to eat at McDonalds and had promised to bring me back a sandwich from Jimmy John's even though I had told him not to.

"Son, you have a precious little girl and a wonderful girlfriend now don't you dare screw anything up, you hear?" Bob said, slapping his oldest son on the shoulder.

"Yes, dad, I won't hurt either one of them," Randy said rubbing his shoulder where Bob had slapped him in a friendly manner.

"Good, we'll see you all later," he said before ushering Elaine out of the room.

I watched as the door closed behind them and then I looked at John as he was still holding Raegan in his arms.

"Hey, John," I said.

"Yeah?" he said, lifting his head up to look at me.

"Can Kaidyn stay with you tonight? I really want Randy to stay with me here tonight and I don't want to bother my dad by asking him to take Kaidyn and he really needs some time with you," I told him.

"Sure, I'd love to take him," John beamed, quite happy with the fact that he would get to keep his son over night.

"You can take him whenever you want, just wait for them to get back," I said as he handed Raegan carefully back to me.

I laid her down on the bed, in between my legs to let her stretch out. I heard the door slam open and bang against the wall.

"All right, which one of you nimrods forgot to call me and tell me that my goddaughter had her baby? Was it you Randy? Because if it was, so help me God, I will throw you out that window," Triple H threatened as he, Stephanie, and Aurora walked into the hospital room.

I rolled my eyes but picked up Raegan carefully who had only flinched at the sound of the door smacking the wall.

"I called you but you had your cell phone off," Randy said coolly before sitting down at the foot of the bed. "Maybe you could have been here right away if you kept your phone on."

"Randy, don't irritate him; it won't help," I giggled as I watched Aurora toddle over to the bed. "Hey, Roars. Have Uncle Randy help you up onto the bed and you could hold the baby with his help, okay?"

She nodded her head and lifted her arms up for Randy to help her. Randy helped her up onto the bed and I carefully handed him the sleeping baby and he placed Raegan into her small, awaiting arms. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of Aurora and Raegan.

"I was supposed to hold her first," Triple h pouted. "I had to be the last one here and I didn't even get to hold her first."

"Paul, shut up," Stephanie laughed as she walked over and placed two gift bags in my lap. "One is from Me and Aurora and the big baby over there refused to share his present with me and his daughter."

"Sounds like him," I laughed before opening the one that was from Aurora and Stephanie.

I pulled out a pink, soft fuzzy bear and a jeans overalls dress. I smiled at Steph before placing the bear in the bassinet and put the overalls dress back into the sack before grabbing the sack that was from Triple H. I pulled out a cute orange dress that was accentuated with fall colors with a matching little cap and white tights and then cute newborn brown shoes.

"Awh, H, it's so cute, thank you," I gushed then looked at Stephanie before smiling at her. "I love your gift too; both are awesome."

"Rory picked the bear out, she thought the new baby would want a stuffed animal," Stephanie chuckled. "So what did you name her?"

"Raegan Kynnedy Orton," I told them since they got here.

"Oh no, another RKO; please tell me she's not going to be like her father at all," Triple H groaned teasingly before taking the baby from his own daughter. "Daddy's turn, Rory."

The toddler gave her father a look before crawling up closer to me. I hugged her close to me before covering her tiny face with kisses. I watched as Triple H interacted with my newborn daughter. I was excited to be the parent of a brand new little girl; something I hadn't experienced with a girl, only a little boy.

"John, can I talk to you in the hall?" Randy asked and when John nodded he turned to me. He smiled before pressing his lips against mine. "I'll be right back babe."

I nodded my head as I watched Triple H hold my daughter. I glanced at the door as it opened then smiled when Kaidyn and my father walked into the room. He ran over to my bed and I lifted him up so that he was sitting with me.

"What'd Grandpa get you for supper?" I ask before placing a kiss on his cheek affectionately.

"A happy meal! And I got a toy!" he squealed with delight before showing me the plastic, cheap toy that he had gotten in his happy meal.

"That's cute, Kaidyn," I chuckled before holding him close to my body, taking in the few seconds that he would let me hold him. "You're gonna stay with your daddy tonight, okay?"

"But mama, I wanna stay with you tonight," Kaidyn said, pouting a little. "I wanna stay wif you and the baby."

"But baby, don't you want to stay with your daddy in his house? I'll bet he'll even let you watch your favorite movie and have popcorn tonight," I told him, trying to bribe him into being happy about going.

"But what about daddy Randy?" he asked, his eyes piercing into mine.

"Daddy Randy will be with me and your baby sister," I told him as I ran a hand through his hair that was styled like his father's.

"Okay, I will go with daddy," he said with a smile on his little face before hugging me softly.

I smiled as Triple H continued to hold Raegan in his arms, refusing to hand her over to Stephanie, who was shooting glares at her husband in the mean time. I knew how my dad and Triple H would react to the new baby, especially a new baby girl. I hadn't felt anything quite this special before and I somehow felt that my life was slowly beginning to get better. My eyes looked up as I saw Randy and John walk back into the room and Randy was sporting a big smile. I knew he was up to something but I didn't know what.