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Seven Minutes.

Sharpay was seven minutes older.

Truthfully, according to their birth certificates, anyway, she was six minutes and fifty-four seconds older. But seven was a lucky number, a special number.

And everything had, just had, to be special with Sharpay.

So, Sharpay was seven minutes older.

She always used this to her advantage, as older twins were prone to do. He didn't mind, of course. He loved Sharpay, he worshipped Sharpay. She was his idol, his queen. She was his big sister.

By seven minutes, anyway.


It was a well-known fact throughout East High that Ryan Evans followed his sister Sharpay everywhere she went, besides the one class they didn't share, fifth period, and the restroom.

Other than that, he scuffled behind her in his Shoes of the Day, carefully picked to match every other component of his ensemble (a trick he had, of course, learned from Sharpay), with the same doe-eyed, adoring expression peeking out from underneath his most carefully picked Hat of the Day.

Several people had, on occasion (whenever Sharpay had wandered off, that is), asked Ryan the same question:


Why did he allow her to drag him around like her purebred Chihuahua?

Why did he put up with the ranting, blubbering, melodramatic nonsense she was always hurling his way, not to mention the insults?

Why didn't he tell her that, for goodness' sake, woman, enough is enough?

Ryan always answered the same way.

He stared at them with a most convincing bewildered look (he wasn't cast in all those lead roles for nothing), and simply said, "Why indeed."

Not as a question, as a statement.

They always scurried away before Sharpay, sequined high heels clacking, made her way back to her seat.

"Who was that, Ryan?" she would ask, casually flipping her hair, pursing her lips the way she always did when she really wasn't interested at all.

"Just some adoring fans," he would sigh, picking lazily at his cheese fries, not quite eating them.

Sharpay would giggle to herself, most precociously, and continue to take dainty bites of her Salad of the Day, without another word to her younger brother.

Ryan would smile as well. He smiled because he knew the questions would always come his way. He smiled because he loved Sharpay, even though he knew that she would always treat him as her sidekick, her second banana, and, more often than not, her doormat. As her little brother.

She was, after all, his big sister.

By seven minutes, anyway.


A/N: Well, that was odd. I was just inspired, after watching High School Musical on Disney Channel for about the fifty-zillionth time. Ryan's fascinating, I think. There's gotta be a brain under those adorable hats, hmm?

I love him.

I'm not quite sure if Ryan and Sharpay are actually twins, though, but I'm guessing so, 'cause they're in the same grade. If anyone knows for sure that I'm incorrect, please forgive me.

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