AN- I realized I left too many questions unanswered… here's a little explanation from the mouth of the killer himself.

When they asked me why I did it, I would only smile. Inside I knew that it was the right thing to do. From childhood I had known my destiny was to help keep children from living the same horror I had been made to endure. No kid should have to listen to their parents argue over them as if they were some tug of war rope to be torn in two. No family should have to live their lives empty handed because someone else decided they didn't have enough money to adopt a child, as if you could buy joy or love or tranquility.

I first became a social worker, but I felt powerless to do anything still. The families who wanted to adopt couldn't for various reasons and still single mothers kept their kids but focused on their social lives. That is when I took it to an all new level.

The first kill was the hardest. I had allowed myself to connect with the victim too much, but I was determined my plan would not fail. So I tied Caroline up and knocked her out with chloroform. I then stabbed her twice in the chest. Placing the knife in Molly's hand I told her to stab her mother, that it would make her feel better. Molly was the most trusting of the kids. After she had blood on her hands I told her that he mother and father died in a house fire. I told her that was the story she was supposed to tell everybody who asked or the police would come and lock her up forever. I drove her out to Maine and had her new family sign the papers. As I was disposing of Caroline's body, I remembered the ring. When it wouldn't come off I just cut the finger off to get it.

Kills Two and Three lured me into a false sense of security. Everything went so smoothly that when I went to begin number 4, I was cocky. And I picked the wrong target.

Initially, Rebecca Morris fit the bill. She was a single mother, estranged from the father of her child with no living family members. I picked her up at a day care one day, making up some story about a non-existent nephew, who I thought I was supposed to pick up that day. I smiled, she smiled, we laughed, it was worth it.

Parker Booth, Rebecca's son, did not take kindly to the idea of a new Daddy. He idolized his special agent father and lived for his weekends with the man. I never gained the boy's full trust.

I make a point out of not letting the fathers see me. That way, they can't identify me, or even remember me. It was not for lack of trying that Agent Booth and I didn't meet up before that day. I had already chosen the day for Rebecca's murder when Booth got stuck in the White House. Perfect I thought, He and that lady scientist of his will be exhausted and too tired to realize what is happening. But it didn't work out that way.

I snuck sleeping pills in Rebecca's drink at a quarter to tem ad then drove her out to my murder site. I tied her securely to the pole in the basement and then waited. At four am, I drove out to pick up Parker.

You know the rest, Dr. Brennan, I did what was right. You, of all people should understand that. The man sealed the letter into the envelope and set it on the ground. She would get it, and she would understand.


AN- did I freak you out? I think I freaked myself out.