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Chapter 1 : Start the Commotion

"This is so stupid. Why do we have to move?!" Yahiko grumbled for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Kaoru sighed while driving and stole a glance his way, forehead leaned against the glass window and arms crossed angrily as the younger teenager watched the landscape fly by.

"Ever since the…" She drifted off, swallowing the lump in her throat, "incident, we couldn't afford our old house and the school tuition, even if we were both working jobs. And grandpa left this for us in his will when he died." She explained again, trying to get the information through the thick boy's head.

"Whatever." He dismissed it, not wanting to talk about it even though he was the one who brought it up.

There was silence for a few minutes before the car was pelted with heavy rain, surprising Kaoru. But it was soon replaced with relief when she saw a sign pointing to an old road not far off, which she took and not far after another sign popped up, this one reading 'Welcome to Meiji, Home of the Scoring Samurai, Population: 1,258' Her eyes widened at the population, not knowing that the town was this small.

She felt herself jerk around as they started to hit numerous pot-holes from the old paved road that lead into the town and away from the never-ending highway.

"Wow, you sure know how to pick um." Yahiko joked as he tried to steady himself in their jumpy jeep, his forehead slightly soar as it'd been jammed against the window a few seconds ago with the first lurch.

Kaoru growled at him through grit teeth, looking at the address to their new home.

It didn't take them long to find the enormous old house perched on a hill, the only neighbor was an equally large house next to them, which, Kaoru dully noted, had their lights on.

"Wow, it's even bigger then our old house." Yahiko breathed as he looked at the structure.

"It's suppose to be an old dojo. And no one's lived in it for five years." She shivered, just thinking about the horrible spiders and cockroaches that crawled in there.

"Well, come on Ugly, let's go." Yahiko laughed as he bounded out of the car, trying to avoid the pouring rain, but got drenched non the less in the short time it took to get to the old door frame.

"Reckless as ever." Kaoru muttered as she fished out an umbrella from the pile of stuff in their car. She congratulated herself for putting the waterproof cover over the jeep or else everything would have gotten soaked and ruined all their few, but precious, belongings.

She ran out into the rain, getting the bottom of her jeans wet. Yahiko waited eagerly for her to open the massive wooden doors, water slightly drooping his spiky hair.

She pulled out the old clunky key and jammed it in, the door opening with a loud and creepy creak. Yahiko bolted in, not even thinking twice, as Kaoru tried to get him back.

"A little dusty." She coughed as she tried to remove a covering to a chair, making a large cloud of dust erupt all around her.

"Wow! Come look at this Kaoru!" Yahiko exclaimed not far off, his voice echoing throughout the house. Kaoru quickly followed his voice and found him in the dojo part, all kinds of swords and other weapons hanging from the walls.

"We can practice here, it'll be even better then before." He continued to gush as he looked around at the huge wooden room.

Kaoru swallowed the lump in her throat that reappeared again, thinking things she'd told herself to try and forget about.

"Come on Yahiko, let's at least try and find somewhere to sleep."

A red head groggily got out of bed the next morning, birds singing sweetly outside his large window. Usually this would make a person smile, but it did nothing like that to him. He actually wanted to do the opposite to the cute creatures for waking him up early on one of the few days he was allowed to sleep in.

"Get up, Baka!" he heard his father call from downstairs, his voice booming over everything.

He just groaned in recognition before falling out of bed, grumbling when he rose, rubbing his now soar tailbone.

He walked down the stairs, still in a daze, making him almost fall down them twice.

"You're friend's here, Baka." The tall and muscular man explained as he sat at their breakfast table, absently sipping his black coffee.

"Yeah, yeah, thanks Old Man."

"It's HIKO-SAMA to you." He grumbled in irritation.

"And it's KENSHIN, not Baka." The now identified Kenshin spat back, continuing his march to the enormous front doors.

He heard the far off grumbling of Hiko before opening the wooden doors with a grunt.

"Yo, Kenshin, my man!" exclaimed his friend as he strode into the house, immediately going into the kitchen as Kenshin followed.

"Sano, what're you doing here?" Kenshin grumbled as he poured himself a tall glass of skim milk.

"What, I can't visit my best friend on a Saturday morning?" Sano joked as he poured himself a glass of orange juice.

"More like just to mooch off of our food supply." Hiko stated as he stood up and left, leaving the two teenagers in the kitchen alone.

"So, anything new?" Kenshin asked as he sat down, his bagel already in the toaster.

"No, but I think there's something new for you." Sano said, pouring milk in his bowl of cereal and then coming to sit next to Kenshin.

"What do you mean?" Kenshin said, covering his mouth as a yawn escaped his mouth.

"I mean, I saw a car in front of your creepy neighbor's house. Is someone living there now?" Sano questioned, noisily chewing as he talked.

Kenshin raised a red eyebrow at him in confusion before getting up and walking towards the opposite side of the house, his now toasted bagel forgotten. His amethyst eyes widened when he saw the old jeep parked outside his only neighboring house.

He walked back into the kitchen, finding Sano had put cream cheese on his bagel and was eating it.

"Hiko was right, you do eat all our food." He said with amusement as he put another bagel in the toaster.

"Yet you're still my friend." He commented as he leaned back in his chair.

Kenshin snorted before sitting down again, thinking.

"I wonder whose moved in." he muttered out loud, a thoughtful expression on his young face.

"We can only hope that it's a hot girl." Sano stated matter-of-factly.

"Highly doubt it, it's probably some freaky old cat lady." They both shivered as an old and bad memory came into their minds.

"So you mean you didn't see or hear them yesterday?" Sano questioned

"We had school yesterday so I went to bed pretty early Sano, they must have come in late and while it was raining."

There was silence for a few minutes before Sano broke it "So do you wanna practice today?"

"Don't you think it's enough that we practice more then two hours a day, five days a week, for school?" Kenshin droned as he got up to get his now toasted-to-perfection bagel, slapping cream cheese on it like Sano.

"Or would you rather help the old lady with her hundreds of cats?"

"I'll be ready after I finish breakfast." Kenshin said quickly.

"That's what I though you said." Sano laughed.

"Kaoru, can we take a break already?" Yahiko whined as he helped Kaoru clean the house.

"The quicker this is done with, the quicker this house will be live-able." Kaoru stated as she furiously wiped dust away from an old dresser, revealing the shining cherry wood beneath.

Yahiko sighed, but continued sweeping the dust from the floorboards, throwing it out the front doors. As he made his way towards them, he heard an engine rev and came out just in time to see a huge red truck turn to drive down their shared driveway. He cocked an eyebrow in confusion, turning his head to the house adjacent to them that was in much better condition then theirs.

"Yahiko, come here, I need your help moving something."

"I feel like my hands are going to fall off Kaoru, and its all your fault. I won't be able to hold a bokken for days."

"The good thing is, the house is now spotlessly clean and we won't choke from dust if I put my hand down on something, and that, my dear boy, is totally worth your pain." She laughed.

Yahiko smiled because of her own happiness, something that he didn't see too much of now a days "Whatever, Busu, but it did take the entire day." He mumbled

"Yeah…too bad indeed." She sighed, now feeling the pain in her own hands.

"And what're we gonna eat anyway, we've already had ramen for lunch, and we ate everything else for breakfast today and dinner last night."

"I'm not hungry, so I'm gonna sleep. You can go to the other house and ask for food." She paused as a yawn escaped her mouth "I bet they'll give you something if you can look cute enough."

And with that said, she started marching down the hallway and up the stairs, noting briefly that she needed to polish and wax the wooden floors later. She quickly came to her chosen room, silently opening the sliding paper doors.

It was simple, a futon in one corner with her briefcases that held her possessions and an unlit candle since they didn't have electricity throughout the entire house.

She also noted that she needed to get some air fresheners when she smelled the stuffy air inside the small room. She strode over to the candle and lit it with a match, soft light illuminating the room calmly. She then went over to the large windows and opened them, feeling relieved when she felt the soft breeze on her flushed face.

She felt the sticky feeling of sweat on her back and immediately felt the urge to strip off her t-shirt, which was exactly what she did.

Kenshin sighed as he trudged the stairs up to his room, legs tired and feet worn beyond belief.

'Now I remember why I don't practice with Sano one-on-one, his training is brutal and he forgets the shoulder to shoulder rule…' He thought to himself as he threw open his bedroom door and waltzed in, throwing his bag to the a side of his annoyingly spotlessly-clean room.

He struggled off his sweaty t-shirt and opened his large double glass windows, yearning to feel the evening winds that he knew went by his house. He closed his eyes in the calming presence and leaned out slightly.

Cracking his eyes open and glanced at the darkening world outside, his eyes quickly fell on the dimly lit room perfectly adjacent to his. He looked at in curiously before the old windows were thrown open, revealing a person.

Kenshin squinted and leaned out his window more as he tried to identify the person, but even with his keen eyes, he couldn't totally make out the person in the thick darkness and faint light.

He saw the person move and was surprised when he saw them try to wrestle their shirt off.

He nearly fell out of his window when he…observed…it was a girl from the obvious curves that he saw. He gasped when he saw the now identified female continue to take off her jeans, revealing thin legs. His nails dug into the wood and he bit his lip when he saw her reach for her back, trying to get her bra strap off.

A loud ringing sound woke him from his watching and he jerked back, falling on his ass for the second time that day. He grumbled to himself before remembering the beauty next door and scrambling up, looking hungrily back out his window to find that the room was now empty.

He cursed him self and wondered if it was all a dream when he was rudely interrupted by that damned bell a second time.

"Coming, coming." He grumbled to himself as he stomped down the stairs and jerked the doors open, a slight scowl on his face.

He starred down at the fairly short, spiky haired kid that stood before him.

"Hiya." Yahiko piped with an amused smile "Do you meet everyone without a shirt on? It must just drag in the ladies." He continued with a roll of his eyes.

Kenshin's eyes widened when he did realize that he was shirtless.

"Just a second." He stammered as he sprinted up the stairs and into his room, throwing on the closest t-shirt that he could find.

He ran down again to find that the doors were still open but the young boy wasn't there anymore. He panicked for a few seconds before he heard a few sounds coming from the kitchen. He quickly closed the double doors and followed the boy, curious as to who he was.

"What're you doing?" Kenshin questioned with arms crossed as he watched Yahiko try to raid his fridge.

"Oh, sorry." Yahiko apologized while closing it and walking over to him, holding his hand out to shake. "I'm Myojin Yahiko, descendent from Tokyo Samurai!" he stated proudly, deep brown eyes gleaming in pride and admiration.

Kenshin smiled at him before shaking his hand "Himura Kenshin."

"Nice to meet ya Kenshin. Can I have some food?" He asked bluntly.

Kenshin blinked at him in confusion "You don't have food?"

"Well, we just moved in next door." He jerked a thumb in the direction of his new dojo-home "and we haven't really gone shopping yet."

"Sure, help yourself." Kenshin muttered in a trance, realizing that there really were people there now. His eyes widened as he heard Yahiko's words again, or the one word 'we.'

He looked up from his daze to see Yahiko, arms now full of food, walk past him and towards the doors. Kenshin quickly went over and opened one for him.

"See ya Kenshin." Yahiko stated with a wide grin before walking the short distance back to his house.

"Wait! Who else is living with you!" but his question was unheard.

He shook his head, causing red locks of hair to fall in his handsome face.

"Who was that?" Hiko grumbled as he came down the stairs in a sleeping kimono.

"I just meet one of our new neighbors." Kenshin replied airily as he followed Hiko into the kitchen.

"My God!" Hiko exclaimed as he opened the fridge "Where the hell did all our food go?! Don't tell me it was that damn Sano kid again." He said in a loud voice, ignoring the new information.

"No, it wasn't him. A kid from next door came and raided us, but he did look like a mini Sano." Kenshin thought out loud, remembering the same spiked up hair and brown eyes that held trouble and spunk.

"I wonder if there's a hot single mom to accompany that boy…" Hiko said dreamily, drool threatening to come out his mouth.

Kenshin snorted but felt a blush coming onto his cheeks, wondering if that person from before really was Yahiko's mother, which made him slightly cringe on the inside.

"I'm going to bed." Kenshin announced, leaving his dreaming father behind in the kitchen.

"Hey! Baka! Whose going to cook me dinner?!" Hiko demanded as Kenshin started to walk up the stairs.

"Make it yourself." He yelled back, sprinted up the rest of the stairs before Hiko could yell anything else back.

Arriving in his room, he hesitantly looked out his window and found that now not only the person was gone, but the dim light as well.

He sighed before taking a quick shower and brushing his teeth, relieved when he flopped down on his bed in how sleep quickly took him.

Too bad his dreams were all about old ladies who suddenly turned hot and their deadly cats.

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