Down below outside the castle the Konoha shinobi saw the chasm light up for some reason and ice began to travel along the support that held the tower up and it made its way up into the castle incasing it in ice and snow. The shouts of peopled screaming on the inside echoed across the chasm and Ibiki asked "Whats happening."

Itachi said "Its the reason why there is always snow here before. A seal was placed in the canyon by the founder of this country. Before that time this island was nothing but a volcanic island. To stop it they created a seal to freeze the entire island to stop the Volcano however they made a mistake when they made it. They could not stop the seal from freezing the entire island which is why when the generator was shut off the entire island started to freeze back however..."

Tsunade turned and asked "However what."

Itachi said "When Naruto was here the last time before he knocked his wife up the 3rd time one of the kids fell off the bridge from the castle that you just destroyed. In an act of desperation Naruto jumped off the bridge catching her and he summoned Kyuubi to cushion the fall below. When he landed Kyuubi was trapped and could not move. Naruto looked and notice the seal glowing. Kyuubi turns out knew of someone who knew the secret of this island and the seal and told Naruto where to go."

Tsunade asked "I take it that this someone was a demon."

Itachi said "Yes, a minor demon called Shiva, she has the ability to control snow and ice and has been to this island before when she traveled from her home. Naruto met her and she gave him a book that told of the seal she found here and her investigation which is how we know the history of it. With it Naruto knew of the second ability of the seal which is what we just did."

Tsunade saw the 3 falcons flying close to them to land and then saw a snake appear and Naruto flying in front of the snake as it began to freeze and Orochimaru using his tongue to catch Naruto as they started to fly higher and higher.

Jiraiya who had had been listening asked "And exactly what is the second feature of the seal."

Itachi saw Naruto flying higher and said "Incase the volcanos ever became active agian the seal can have ice and chakra which was one of the few common jutsu of the people who settled here knew to use and it would save the castle from the lava by freezing it. However the only problem with that is..."

Tsunade said "it freezes anything in the castle as well, living or not." as she saw the snake shatter and fall to pieces.

Itachi nods and Sakura asked "What is Naruto doing. Can anyone see him."

Hiashi said "He is extremely high and Orochimaru has a snake summon who has the grasscutter in its mouth ready to strike Naruto resulting in both thier deaths." with a grim look on his face as everyone stared shock with hope and fear on their face.

Up in the sky the snake dove toward naruto who gasped as it hit him in the heart and Orochimaru screamed "NOOooooooooooo." as he saw the engines shut off and they began to fall.

As they fell Orochimaru thought "well at least I take the Kyuubi brat with me."

The Konoha shinobi all screamed out when they heard Naruto was stabbed and the 2 started to fall. As they fell Sasuke screamed "Hinata, summon another falcon, quick."

Hinata said "No." making everyone look at her shocked.

Sasuke ran over and grabbed her and began shaking her and asked "Why, hes going to die if we don't save him."

Hinata smiled and said "No he won't, look." as she pointed over toward the chasm as Orochimaru and Naruto fell into the chasm. Everyone ran over to the edge of the chasm screaming Naruto except Hinata.

As they looked down they saw someone sitting on the wall looking down at the 2 falling people eating a bucket of popcorn and he said "Great show, huh." as they all gaped and looked back and forward between the 2 falling shinobi and the man who was sitting there who had red hair, voilet eyes, and a smile on his face.

As the 2 bodies hit the ground below the man said "And so, Naruto Uzumaki, jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha dies killing Orochimaru and saving the village. The noble king of Snow country Naru Kazahana ask all those who witness the death of such a noble man to be silence as to where the hero of Snow country was burried so he may rest for all eternity." as he turned and stood up walking up the side of the chasm and onto the top of the chasm.

Tsunade who had tears in her eyes said "Naruto, are you ok."

The man said "Im sorry Tsunade-san, but did you not hear, Naruto Uzumaki just died. I am Naru Kazahana, husband of Koyuki Kazahana. I am sure you are all emotionally distressed seeing someone you all care for die like that and I offer my appologies and would offer you all free travel rights to come and go in my country whenever you wish as long as you do not pose a threat to my country. I would like to hear more about the person who saved my wife's life. Now if you would like to escort me back to my village I would like to inform my people that the threat to our home is over. I am sure now you can return to Konoha and inform the council about the boys death as well as your villages continued existance are thanks to the fallen hero. Now he can rest in peace without worrying about the threats to his family and himself from his enemies foreign and domestic."

Shikamaru said "I see. We are sorry for the misunderstanding your highness about not recognising you. You just look so much like our departed friend that we had hoped he survived. Since you straightened out this for us we avoided and incident where the council might have thought you were him as well and declared you a missing nin."

Each of the Konoha Shinobi held their head down realising this is what Naruto meant when he said he was never returning to Konoha. Each had a small smile on their faces as they walked back to the village.

3 weeks later Tsunade stood on the Hokage tower having just finished telling how the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha had saved the village thanks to the traitor Danzo and how thanks to the people of Snow country they were able to be free from slavery as well as stopping the revived Orochimaru. As she listened to some cheer the demons death and other mourn his lose she said "I have one final thing to say. You can all goto fucking hell. I resign as Hokage and I will never return to this village. You are all nothing but a disease that should be killed. Each of the founders of this village would be sickened by you all. I have spoken with several people before this announcement and Konoha has lost the Yamankas, the Nara, the Akamichi, the Auburame, the Inuzaku, the new united Hyuuga clan after Hinata, Hiashi, Neji assassinated the Hyuuga council and unified thier family as well as the Uchiha family and yes, we ran into Sasuke Uchiha on this mission and he has joined another village over your treatment of someone he considered family, as well as several business, your alliance with Sand, Wave, Snow, Bird, Bear, Demon, moon, star, rice, sea, tea, and waterfall country as well as the support of the firelord himself who is sickened by someone who was obviously a hero. I hope you have a long misserable life. Goodbye." as she jumped into the air and summoned Katsuyu and said "Get me out of this hell hole and don't worry about the damage."

Katsuyu destroyed a good portion of the buildings in her way out of the village as everyone stood shocked by what had just happened.

A civilian council member said "What are we to do."

Just then Kyuubi appeared out of a puff of smoke standing on the top of the Hokage monument and he said while releasing massive waves of KI "Enjoy your lives little humans because those who harmed my vessel are going to be joining me in hell and I will love playing with you all for all eternity."as he used his tails to destroy the Hokage monument before going up in smoke.

Naruto thought "and so the mighty tree has fallen. I had planned on just leaving them be but after my death the clans of Konoha asked to be allowed to join the elemental village. At least now I really can be trully happy with not only my family...but my friends as well." as he walked over to his wife who had been hiding in the trees behind the Hokage monument. He then kissed her and said "Lets go home. Im sure mom and sis are getting tired of baby sitting."

Yukie smiled and said "you know, we could go on another honeymoon." as she rubbed her hips into his

Naruto smiled and thought "Well I guess I'm going to be a dad agian someday." as he pulled her into a kiss before they both left in a swirl of leaves.

The end