Again more plot bunnies are attacking me, how do I stop them? Holyfanfictionbatman's stories The Date and The Woes of Chocolate. Adrian Blak is there character who is used to be RedX. Part 1 in four one-shots about holidays. These shots will contain slash sex, don't like don't read!



Adrian was sat on the couch laughing at Jay-Jay, this year she had insisted they dress up for Halloween and go to a party, however her outfit was not what he had pictured. She was dressed as Batman, not Batgirl, but Batman. Dick was currently just sat looking slightly repulsed as Jay-Jay leaping around the apartment yelling things like 'To the Bat Mobile Robin!'

Dick had decided to be Neo from the Matrix, however his coat was white. (Think of what he wears in Trouble in Tokyo) Adrian on the other and had decided to be a vampire, only because he wanted to 'attack' Dick. He had already pounced on Dick twice and his make up was starting to smudge at the mouth from devouring Dick's neck. Yet they were all having a good time.

"So Jay-Jay, where's this party?" Dick asked Jay-Jay who paused in her momentary leap on the coffee table.

"Down in one of the warehouses by the docks." She answered before leaping off the table and onto the kitchen counter a she yelled 'Holy warehouse party Batman.' Dick just sat looking at her with a gormless expression.

"Okay then." Dick said as he looked at her.

"EEK!" Sounded throughout the apartment and you could see Adrian launching himself from the sofa onto Dick. Dick laughed as Adrian began to nip his neck and tried to shove the bigger boy off of him but soon was clutching Adrian's form to him and moaning.

"GUYS! We are going to be late to the party, now stop it! I'm sure you can find a deserted area somewhere down at the docks to continue this if you really must." Jane said seriously.

"Pant-fine-pant-lets-pant-go." Dick gasped out as he shoved a moping Adrian off of him.

"Great, lets move!" Jay-Jay said as she leapt from her spot.

"To the Bat Mobile Robin!" She yelled leaving Dick with a twitching eye and a laughing Adrian.

They got to the party quickly, Jay-Jay was driving her car, the boys were in the back cuddling and talking and laughing when Jane yelled at another driver who cut her off etc… She has bad road rage.

They got to the party fairly quickly and began to dance (the song was Let's Dance by Vannessa Hudgens if you're interested) and Dick and Adrian immediately began to grind together, they moved in sync they with music and soon were sweaty from being aroused and warm. Once the song finished they decided to find somewhere quieter to be together, walking around they found a room in the back that was empty, Adrian pulled out a sticky X and threw it at the door, Dick raised his eyebrows wondering why he had it in the first place, after all he was a vampire tonight, not Red X.

Then Adrian kissed him and Dick responded immediately. Then he felt Adrian's tongue run over his lips and he moaned softly as he opened his mouth and Adrian's tongue darted in, and started to search around his mouth.

Adrian gently pushed Dick onto his back, as he continued to kiss him. Then after a minute he left Dick's swollen lips and moved on to his neck. He started to kiss, lick, nip, and suck on every inch of skin he could find, while Dick moaned.

Then Adrian slowly took off his shirt and threw it on the floor, before he continued placing soft kisses down his body, and he smirked as he moved the tip of his tongue along Dick's navel, making him moan. Before he tugged off Dick's trousers and boxers, and he quickly pulled off his own clothes. Dick got up onto all fours and Adrian knelt behind him.

He then prepared his lover but not too much because he knew Dick liked it rough. He then entered Dick and moaned as his senses dimmed with pleasure; he recovered quickly and began to move with a quick pace making Dick babble.

"Harder! Fuck!" Dick choked out.

"God baby!" Adrian leaned forward and began to kiss Dick's back whilst pounding hard into the now trembling body below. He grabbed hold of Dick's member and began pumping it in time with his thrusts. They writhed together and Dick called out Addie when he came and Adrian came a heartbeat later. They collapsed onto the floor and Adrian pulled himself out of Dick and raised his hand to Dick hair and ran his hand though.

"I think we should get dressed now and find Jane." Dick whispered. They nodded and dressed before finding Jay-Jay who was waiting at the door for them frowning, which is her costume looked okay.

"Adrian you never told why you died your hair green for Halloween?" Dick said.

"Cause I'm part vampire part leprechaun!" He said cheerfully and wrapped his arms around Dick's slim waist.

"His child hood dream was to be a leprechaun." Jane chimed happily.

"Huh?" Dick managed to say.

"Being a leprechaun would be soo cool though, I would be lucky!" Adrian said cheerfully.

"You are lucky; you have me and Jay-Jay." Dick said.

"I guess your right." Adrian said and began to kiss Dick passionately, which the moon behind them and the water it looked like a romantic picture.

"GUYS!" Jane yelled.

"Fine, let's go home."

"No not that, you guys have me and I'm getting no kisses!" She said. The guys hugged her and kissed her cheeks.

Jay-Jay was beaming.


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