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Tracy was already awake when her alarm went off, alternatively excited and nervous about school. Link had kissed her two days ago, Penny and Seaweed got together and the show became integrated when Inez won the Miss Hairspray contest but school would be full of people asking why Link Larkin had kissed her and racism was still prevalent…but Link had kissed her. Her first kiss had been with the boy of her dreams. It had been a long time coming but every second of that kiss had been worth it. The crowd and the cameras and everything else had melted away and it was just Link slowly lowering his lips to hers. Tracy felt her temperature climb as she thought about it. She tried shaking her head to clear her mind but all it did was remind her that she hadn't done her hair. As she sat in front of the mirror with her comb and can of Ultra Clutch memories swam before her eyes.

Everyone had gone back to Maybelle's Records to celebrate Inez's surprise win, even Corney and her parents were there. It had been great seeing her parents dancing with Seaweed Inez and everybody else but it had meant she was too embarrassed to kiss Link again. He'd seemed to understand though, being content with holding her close for the slow songs and shaking it with her to the faster ones. It had been wonderful, everybody happy, kids and adults, black and white dancing, laughing and having fun. The fun had come to a sudden end when Penny's mom had shown up and shouted from the door 'Penelope Louise Pingleton!' Her best friend had gone home practically in tears and the atmosphere never really recovered. At the end of the party she and Link had promised to see each other before school, with the protest and the contest taking up Friday and Saturday they both needed Sunday to catch up on school work. As sensible as it sounded they both knew that, despite what Corney said, they needed to graduate with at least a couple of decent grades.

"Darlin if I thought I'd get any work done I'd be round your house first thing." He'd kissed her on the cheek and watched her as her dad drove off. She sighed as she realised she'd spent at least ten minutes daydreaming and not doing her hair.

"Tracy are you awake?" Edna walked in on her daughter as she finished her hair, it was a good deal flatter than usual. "You hair looks…more like hair." Tracy smiled ruefully, her mama wasn't as fashion conscious as she was, not that she could take full advantage of new fashions being restricted as she was to shops like the Hefty Hideaway.

"It's not a new look mama. I can't stop thinking about Saturday." Edna smiled remembering the feeling of new love.

"I told you he was crazy about you."

"Yes ma you did."

"Hurry up and eat your breakfast before I do." Smiling Tracy grabbed her bag and went to the kitchen where bacon and eggs was waiting for her. Her mother may have been many things that people didn't like but nobody could fault her cooking. After attacking her food with gusto she took to watching the clock…half an hour until the bus, twenty seven minutes, twenty five, twenty four. She pressed a quick kiss to her father's cheek and yelled to her mother.

"I'm going now…I'll see you after the show!" The door had shut before Edna had even poked her head out of the bedroom where she was making the bed. She walked over to her husband noticing the brown paper bag on the table.

"She left her lunch." Edna looked at the door wondering if she could catch Tracy while her husband looked at the lunch his little girl had forgotten.

"A Turnblad woman forgetting about food…it must be love."

Link Larkin woke up with the usual Monday morning blues but they only lasted a second as the weekend came rushing back to him, Tracy in trouble, realising his feelings for her and then spending Saturday night with her only to have her haunt his thoughts all Sunday as he tried to catch up on the homework he put off all week. He was going to see her at school, no before. He'd pick her up in his car. That was what considerate boyfriends did right? He frowned remembering that Amber refused to be seen in his black '57 Caddy. It was a nice car, a convertible 'but black is such a depressing colour'. What had he ever seen in Amber? Why was even wasting time thinking about her? He needed a shower, and more importantly than that, he needed to do his hair.

Once he was confident he looked as good as he usually did he grabbed his bag and drove over to Tracy's house arriving twenty minutes before the bus left. Knocking on the door he suddenly felt nervous, Tracy's mom had already cooked for him but he never thanked her for it and he had kissed Tracy in front of both of her parents…on live television.

"Oh Link thank goodness! Come in, come in." Edna's tone alarmed him.

"Is something wrong? Is Tracy alright?"

"She was in such a rush this morning she forgot her lunch. Would you mind taking it to her?"

"No of course not." He'd missed her. He was relieved that the only thing wrong was that she'd forgotten her lunch in her rush to get to school -to see him- but he was still disappointed that he'd have to wait a few more minutes to see her. He was about to leave when he remembered his manners. "The last time I was here I forgot to thank you for cooking for me. The pork was very good Mrs Turnblad."

She blushed. He'd actually made Tracy's mother blush. Why had he been worried?

"Link you charmer, there's no wonder my Tracy is crazy about you." Link smiled glad that he met with such approval.

"If it's alright with you ma'am I really should be going to school."

"'Ma'am', did you hear that Wilbur? He's such a little gentleman." Link glanced at Mr Turnblad as he looked up from his morning paper.

"I should hope so Edna…he's dating our little girl." Seeing that young Mr Larkin looked sufficiently intimidated Wilbur went back to his daily cartoons.

"Ignore him Link. You get off to school. Don't be late on account of me."

"Have a good day ma'am, sir." He nodded in Mr Turnblad's direction before going back outside. 'it's a beautiful day' Link thought, he wasn't usually given to such romantic thoughts but today was different. Today was the first day of school he'd been looking forward to in a long time and it was all because of Tracy.

Link got in his car and drummed his fingers on the steering wheel to a beat only he could hear as he drove. He couldn't remember ever feeling so good first thing Monday morning.

Oh, oh, oh

Woke up today feeling the start of something new

Oh, oh, oh

Can't wait to see her at school today, won't take no delay

My heart starts to race when I see her face

My dancing angel from high above

Oh, oh, oh

I want to run out through the streets to the girl that I love

Good morning Baltimore! Wow my days don't suck anymore

Cause now my life is Amber free and I'm dating my Tracy

Good morning Baltimore at the show when we take to the floor

The world's gonna tune in and see Miss Turnblad and me

A stop light gave him a convenient opportunity to check his hear in the rear view mirror without worrying about causing a crash.

Oh, oh, oh

Look at this hair What guy's can compare with mine today?

Oh, oh, oh

I've got my hairspray and radio I'm ready to go

The folks on the street I distractedly greet

They seem to say 'Tracy is good for you'

So, oh, oh

Don't hold me back cause we're each other's dreams now come true

Checking his blind spot before taking a junction he noticed a familiar figure, his next door neighbour's daughter Betty. He was pretty sure that she was there everywhere he went but this morning he just couldn't bring himself to care.

Good morning Baltimore there's the stalker that lives next door

She's the one near the pool of drool she always follows me to high school

Good morning Baltimore at the show when we take to the floor

The world gonna tune in and see Miss Turnblad and me

Pulling into the student parking lot Link saw Tracy stood with Seaweed and Penny, she was quite far away but would have known where she was if he was blindfolded.

She knows every step she knows every song

With her is the place where I belong

I see her with Penny and Seaweed ahead

Don't anyone block me or you'll soon be dead

So oh, oh

Give us a chance cause when we start to dance you'll see who we are

Oh, oh, oh

Something inside of me's drawn to her cause she's not Amber

My 'friends' tell me no but a voice tells me go

It's like it's coming straight from my heart

So, oh, oh

Don't make us wait one more moment for this thing to start

I love her Baltimore! Every day we'll kiss more and more

Every night with her I'm happy Tracy Turnblad's the world to me

And I promise Baltimore that some day when we take to the floor

The world's gonna finally see, gonna see what I see

In that girl Tracy, in my girl Tracy…my girlfriend Tracy

Link jumped out of the car after checking his hair one last time, ok maybe two last times, and made his way through the onlookers and the handful of kids who were actually trying to get to homeroom to where Tracy was stood with Seaweed and Penny. She spotted him almost straight away, he smiled and gave her his trademark wink and a genuine smile she beamed back at him. 'So this is what dating a human being is like' he thought as his heart swelled within his chest as he got closer to Tracy.

"Hey darlin, I went by your house but you'd already left for the bus." He handed Tracy the brown paper bag she'd left on the table at home. "That's from your mama." He moved closer to her and gave her a lingering peck on the lips. "That's from me." She smiled dreamily clearly far away on planet Link, then she came back and recovered enough to speak.

"Thank you Link…" He smirked at her, loving how was thanking him for something he'd enjoyed just as much as she had. "I really appreciate it you bringing me my lunch." His smile faded slightly, did she not like the kiss? She smiled again. "And any time you want to do the other thing…feel free." Link grinned and did it again, ignoring the cat calls from their audience. He was with Tracy Turnblad and he didn't care who knew or what they thought about it. The warning bell rang out bursting their romantic little bubble.

"Did you hear the bells Tracy?" Penny asked with a smile, referring to the time Link bumped into her, Tracy cheeks coloured at the memory.

"Loud and clear," she muttered under her breath. Kissing Link was just…wow. Looking up she saw him watching her reaction with his Link Larkin charm smile making him look confident and cool, everything that she wasn't at that precise moment.

"Am I missing something darlin?" his smile widened. "Do I need to know why hearing bells has got you blushin'?" Tracy knew that he positively did not need to know about her over the top reaction to an accidental touch. As much as she loved him she knew his ego was almost as big as she was. She glared at Penny who was about to tell him.

"Definitely not." Penny shrugged and put her lollipop back in. "We're going to be late." Tracy said trying to change the subject.

"Well in that case how would you feel about an armed escort to homeroom?" Link held out his arm and Tracy linked with Link. Penny and Seaweed followed hand in hand.

"It's not the arms you should be worrying about Tracy" Penny began sagely, "it's the hands." Seaweed and Penny shared a laugh at their friends' expense, Tracy and Link shrugged it off. It had been rather funny. When they got to Tracy's class Link took her to one side.

"Want to meet me for lunch? Your locker?"

"I guess that would be ok. Seeing as if it weren't for you I wouldn't have any lunch."

"If it weren't for me doll, you wouldn't have forgotten it."

"Just go already. You're going to be late."

"Don't I get a goodbye kiss? Just one?" Feeling increasingly like she was the centre of attention Tracy got on her tiptoes and kissed the tip of his nose then lightly pushed him away.

"You've had your kiss Mr Larkin, now go get educated. I'll see you at lunch."

"You better." Link gave her a wink and walked off. Tracy sighed and went into homeroom sitting by Penny who had saved her a seat.

"Are you ok Tracy…you look…weird." Seaweed took one look at her smile and vacant expression.

"She's fine, she's just been bitten by the love bug." Sighing again Tracy found herself agreeing with her friend. She had been bitten by the love bug…and it felt amazing.