Once upon a time, there was a girl named 'Fate.'

(No, wait... that's too cheesy.)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Erinyes... who name was the same as a greek aspect of the Fates.

(Hrm... not much better. Better to lose the fairy tale aspect.)

Erinyes never thought much of her name, other than it made the endless target of teasing throughout school, until she became involved in an interdimensional, cross-planetary conflict that spanned the whole of time.

(Um, no.)


"What'cha doing, Ron?" asked Kim Possible as she entered Ron's bedroom, tossed her bag on the floor and plopped down casually on his bed. She noticed her boyfriend hutched over his computer (a cosmically old model that was probably carved when dinosaurs still roamed the earth) and quietly muttering to himself.

"Hey, KP," said Ron, finally leaning back and revealing a word processor on the screen. "Just doing some writing."

"Writing?" asked Kim, dubiously. Her eyes narrowed. "You haven't gotten involved in that tabloid again, have you?"

Ron threw up his hands defensively. "Woah! No way, KP. I'm out of the news reporting business."

"Then what's got you dusting off your writer's cap again?"

Ron looked to the side hesitantly. "Just... some... um, fiction," he admitted reluctantly.

"Fiction?" Kim was stunned. "I didn't know you wrote."

"Just a little bit," said Ron. "Here and there. More there than here, I guess."

"What about?" Kim inquired, smiling.

"Stuff," he evaded.

"You don't want to tell me?" asked Kim, reading Ron's body language. "Are you SURE you haven't started writing for the school paper again?"

"I'm SURE," emphasized Ron. "It's just... a little bit of ... fan fiction..." he swallowed the last two words so that he could barely hear them himself.

"A bit of what?" asked Kim.

"Fan fiction," repeated Ron, slightly louder.

"What's fan fiction?" asked Kim. "Is that like... a story about fans?"

"You've never heard of fan fiction?" asked Ron, like she'd just said she'd never heard about the sun.

"Not really," said Kim. "But then again, I've never heard of half the stuff you talk about sometimes. Like that... Water... Food... Gimlet Team, was it?"

"It's Aqua Teen--" Ron started but then the Kimmunicator went off.

Kim pulled out the PDA-like device and tapped a button on the side. "What's the sitch, Wade?" she said.

"Kim! Shego and Drakken has just been spotted outside the Middleton Advanced Physics Simulator Facility!" Wade said.

"Drakken and the MAPS Facility?" said Kim. "Why does that sound familiar?"

"The Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer," reminded Ron, looking over Kim's shoulder at the Kimmunicator.

"Again?" said Kim. "I'm starting to get tired of that thing."

"You'd think a MacGuffin of that importance would earn better security," noted Ron.

"A what?" said Kim.

"A MacGuffin," said Ron. "You know, a plot element of vague description that isn't ultimately useful to the story but provides the motivation for principal characters."

"..." said Kim.

"I've been reading some books on fiction recently," said Ron shyly.

"The Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer is NOT of vague description," interrupted Wade. "We know exactly what it does."

"You may know," said Ron. "All that wonky science stuff just goes in one ear and out the other."

"Look, I'll explain it simply," said Wade, his image suddenly replaced by a schematic for a smallish, cylindrical device much like an oversized battery.

"Can you explain it while we go?" interrupted Kim. "Or are we just letting Drakken get away with the MacGyver?"

"MacGuffin," clarified Ron.

"Whatever," Kim rolled her eyes.


"Wow," said Ron as they arrived at the MAPS Facility and Wade finished his explanation. "Wait, how was the banana involved again?"

"We're here," said Kim, parking her Tweeb-built supercar and leaping out. She was desperate to escape from the insanity of Ron and Wade debating the various aspects of the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer. All that mattered was that Drakken was after it again and they had to stop them, right?

Ron and Kim swiftly approached the facility and spied through the glass doors to see a trio of security guards tied up by the security desk but nobody else in the lobby.

"Hey, they did give it more security," said Ron. "There are three guards now instead of two."

"Shh!" hushed Kim.

Stealthily, they crept into the lobby, nodded to the guards, and crept up to the main laboratory. Cracking open the door slightly, Kim peered in, getting the lay of the land. Two scientists were off to the right, by a large desk and some ... silvery technical equipment (Kim guessed), a large device had been set up in the center of the room with the purplish colored Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer sitting casually on top, but no sign of Drakken and Shego from her limited view.

"I can't see them," whispered Kim as she struggled to see more through the small crack.

"Uh, Kim," said Ron.

"Shh!" Kim shushed again. "They'll hear us."

"Uh, I don't think that's an issue," said Ron.

Kim turned slowly in time to see Shego standing behind her with an arm around Ron's neck and her green-energy shimmering hand held close to his face.

"Oh, boy," said Kim.


"Hah!" laughed Drakken as he paced in front of Kim, Ron, and the two scientists, all bound and gagged on the floor of the lab. "Kim Possible, you think you're all that! Hah! Well, as we can see--"

"Yeah, yeah," intoned Shego from across the lab. She was sitting up on one of the tables filing her claws. "But she's not," she finished for Drakken. "Do you realize how much time we could save if you just dropped the catch phrases and needless exposition?"

"Exposition?" said Drakken.

"You know," waved Shego casually. "The gloating, the describing our plan, the insistence on goading her into escaping and defeating your full-proof plan -- it doesn't do us any good."

"Neither does your nit-picking, Shego," grumbled Drakken.

"What was that?" called Shego, her hands suddenly glowing menacingly.

"Err-- nothing!" said Drakken, covering his thumbs for some reason.

"That's what I thought," nodded Shego before going back to her filing.

Kim made several grunting noises to Ron which translated to, Do you have any slack in the binds on your wrists?

I agree, though they've used very soft ropes this time, Ron nodded.

What? grunted Kim. Can you get free or not?

Who, now? asked Ron. Was that grunt meaning 'free' or grunt meaning 'rutabaga'?

Oh good god, sighed Kim.

I wonder what that big thingy the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer is connected to is? asked Ron.

Kim had stopped listening to Ron. One of the scientists spoke up, It's a charged particle focusing device.

What now? Ron grunted.

Makes the Inducer more powerful, clarified the other scientist.

Oh, sure, he understands you two, grunted Kim.

To do what? asked Ron.

"What ARE you guys doing?" Shego said, having apparently come up to them during the conversation.

Nothing, grunted Ron.

"Huh?" said Shego.

Nothing, really, clarified Ron.


You asked, said Ron.

"Shego! Come here and help me!" demanded Drakken as he tinkered with the large device in the center of the room.

"Hey!" Shego snapped as she turned to face him. "What did we talk about?"

"Um, please?" said Drakken timidly.

"That's right," nodded Shego as she approached.

"I need you to connect this cable to that resonator over there," Drakken pointed across the lab. "Then direct the dish back towards the Focuser." He hesitated. "Please?"

Shego nodded and walked off with the cable.

He's going to cause an overload! grunted the first scientist loudly.

An overload?! asked Kim.

The energy from the Inducer will feed back into itself, explained the second scientist. The resultant loop will cause a tear in the very fabric of our universe!

Kim looked at the scientist with horror. What happens then?

I don't know, admitted the scientist. But it could destroy all of reality! Returning the universe to the null state!

Null? asked Ron.

It's like zero, explained the first scientist.

"Enough!" yelled Shego suddenly and ran over and picked Kim up by the neck.

"Urpk!" gulped Kim though the gag.

"Your stupid grunting is driving me insane," scowled Shego as she ripped the gag away from Kim's mouth then tossed her on the floor.

Kim coughed violently several times before looking up with frown. "Drakken is going to destroy the universe with that thing!" she yelled.

"Hah!" called Drakken from the device. "Shows how much YOU know."

"These scientists are experts," said Kim. "They know what they're talking about!"

"They may know the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer," said Drakken, bending down behind the device to pick up something. When he stood upright again he was holding a battered box covered with cracks and being held together with masking tape. A small green screen on it flickered chaotically as it whirred and buzzed faintly. "But I know a little something about the fragile boundaries of the universe."

"Is that...?" started Kim.

"Yes," nodded Drakken. "When we got trapped in those TV universes I realized that each channel had been a complete and sustainable reality. That meant that either the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer create over a hundred universes based on information from the cable box -- highly unlikely due to the energy requirements -- or they were already there to begin with."

"What do you mean 'they were already there?'" said Kim. "There just HAPPENED to be another dimension that was exactly like 'Pals?'"

"Yes," Drakken said with grandeur, his eyes wide. "In fact, there's a dimension out there that corresponds with every TV show, movie, book, novel, short story, or general IDEA that has ever been."

"That's impossible," said Kim. "That would mean there were billions upon billions of dimensions!"

"Why couldn't there be?" said Drakken. "And just like changing a channel on a TV set, each dimension exists completely independent of every other one."

What about owned networks and syndication? said Ron.

"Wha?" asked Drakken, confused. He stormed over and pulled off Ron's gag.

"Bleh," spat Ron at the rope-like taste in his mouth. "There are networks that own other networks though. Those companies direct programming on lots of channels. So they're not really independent."

"Oh, yes," nodded Drakken walking casually back towards the device. "But then again, once I'm done here, neither will the dimensions." He patted his fragile box and pulled it forcefully into the large device in the center of the room. Immediately it began to whir and the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer started glowing. "Power up," he said with a grin.

"Please, Drakken," dismissed Kim. "You can't manage to take over this dimension, what makes you think you'll be able to take over several others?"

"You don't understand," said Drakken. "I don't need to. If I can imagine a dimension where I've taken over the world, then it already exists out there, in the many dimensions." He put his hand on the box and pushed a button. "I just need to find it. Then, using my Pan Dimensional Drill," he motioned towards the Focuser in the center of the room and then up at the Resonator across the lab, "I'll cause a breach in that dimension back into this one. My dimension can invade and, as long as I my Remote here, I can assure you, the odds will be heavily in my favor." He started to chuckle which then broke into a cackle, then a full on maniacal laugh that echoed in the lab.

A sudden noise interrupted Drakken's laugh and he stared back at his 'Drill.' "Shego, did you connect the Resonator properly?"

"Yes, Dr. Drakken," Shego said, annoyed.

"And pointed the dish correctly?"


"Hmm," Drakken scratched his chin. "Why is the energy bubble forming unbalanced?

"Is that bad?" asked Shego, a brow raised.

"Err... maybe?" said Drakken nervously. "Without a properly balanced energy bubble, the Drill is going to be more like... err..."

"Like WHAT?" demanded Shego.

"A ... shotgun," Drakken said under his breath.

"A WHAT?!" yelled Shego.

"I--I can fix it!" announced Drakken suddenly and started punching buttons on his Remote.

"Just shut it down!" said Shego.

"I ... uh, can't? Once the energy starts forming it has to be expelled or it'll explode."

Shego grabbed Drakken by the collar roughly and pulled him so they looked eye to eye. "FIX. IT. NOW."

"I'm trying," whimpered Drakken. Shego dropped him unceremoniously and stalked over towards the scientists.

"Can you help?" she said forcefully. They nodded quickly. She sighed and clawed at their ropes, freeing them. "Then help," she said putting her head to her head.


Shego turned around to see Kim looking at her. "What about us?" She motioned with her head towards her ropes.

"What? You suddenly a scientist?" asked Shego.

"Um, no," said Kim.

"Then stay that way," Shego said, then turned away. "How much time we have Dr. D?"

"Oh, at least twenty or thirty seconds!" Drakken said positively.

"Twenty or thirty!?" Shego eyes bugged out. "If we survive this Drakken, I swear to you--"

"Oh, here's your problem," said one of the scientists looking at the cable going from the Focuses to the Resonator. "You've got your electron connector on the wrong side of the capacitors. That's why the energy flow control isn't working, it's just being cycled in the capacitors and not discharging." The scientist reached down, unplugged the cable to the Resonator and jabbed it into another port on side of the device.

"Wait!" yelled the other scientist. "If you attach it now, it'll all discharge at--"

And then reality unravelled.