Part 1

(Your name is Chloe, just so you know...)

Chloe: I can't wait to go to the concert in New York! It'll be my first Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana concert in my life! I wonder if I'll actually meet her! It'd be like a dream come true!

Note: Hilary is Chloe's best friend. They are both going to the concert. They both are huge Miley/Hannah fans.

Hilary: I can't wait either! It'd be so cool if we met Miley, and, like, became her friends everything!
Chloe: I know! And it all happens tommorrow! Let's pack!
Hilary: But, Chloe! We already packed weeks ago! We even went shopping for a whole new wardrobe while were at it!
Chloe: I know! It's just that I'm so excited, I almost forgot!
Hilary: It's gonna be great, I just know it!