Part 25:

Setting: Backstage at a Hannah concert

Lola, Hannah, and Kiki are all talking about the party later on.

Lola: I can't wait! I LOVE Traci's parties!

Hannah: Except for the Halloween one. WHY'd she have to choose THEN to have everyone dress exactly like me?! speeds up speechIt made finding Luann harder than finding Uncle Earl in that mud pit! (sorry for patheticness of Tennessee phrases like the one's Miley always uses)

Lola: Huh?

Kiki: What?

Hannah: Nevermind. The concert's about to start!

...Here she is... Hannah Montana!

Hannah: Wish me luck!

Hannah walks out of the wings onto the stage. She sings "I Got Nerve", "We Got the Party", "Nobody's Perfect", "Old Blue Jeans", "Rockstar", and "True Friend".

Hannah: Thank you! I love you all! Good night, everybody!


Crowd: Happy Birthday, Hannah!!

Hannah: Thank you! I wish I could stay, but I've got a party to go to! Bye!

Hannah exits the stage to meet Lola and Kiki.

Part 26:

Hannah: Hey, guys!

Lola: Hey. Ready to go?

Hannah: Well, I need to go change into my party outfit. Then we'll go, okay?

Kiki: Ok.

Lola: We'll wait for you in the limo, 'k?

Hannah: Allright. Bye.

Hannah goes to her dressing room while Lola and Kiki go to the limo.

Part 27:

Setting: In the limo in front of Traci's mansion.

Lola, Hannah, and Kiki climb out of the limo. They walk up to the front door

To be continued in:

"Hannah's Birthday"