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Petals in the Wind
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

It's strange how someone can be sad on a beautiful day, but it does happen. The sun is shining, birds are singing, the park is filled with people laughing… and Kagura feels nothing. Nothing but an odd sense of emptiness: alone even though people surround her on all sides.

It's a beautiful spring day, Kagura thinks, but she is still sad. Sad because this is the last day spring break between her third year in high school and her first year in university, sad because this is the last time she will be able to meet with her friends like this and just sit under the sakura trees in the park and do nothing. In a few weeks time they will be away in their separate universities. In a years time she probably won't know them any more.

It's only her and Osaka today; the others are all busy, off doing who knows what. They'll never meet as a group in the spring holidays again, and that upsets Kagura a little. Of course Kagura doesn't show that she's sad and Osaka doesn't notice – at least she doesn't appear to.

Osaka is staring at the tree, a dreamy smile on her face. She is smiling again, but for some reason Kagura thinks that Osaka seems sad too. You can never really tell how Osaka is feeling; she's too abstract, and that's what makes her so interesting, at least to Kagura. She knows that she will never be capable of such abstract thoughts herself. And besides, it's better just to watch and remain silent; Osaka is beautiful and distant, just like sakura petals dancing on the wind; of course Kagura will never tell her that.

A petal falls from the sakura tree and Osaka laughs, clasping it in her hand as though it were made of gold or diamonds, something far more precious than what it really is. Then she hands it to Kagura, who accepts it without question; she is too used to Osaka to ask why she does things. There is never a reason; at least not a reason that Kagura can understand.

"In China, a sakura tree is supposed to symbolise beauty," Osaka says, looking off into the distance again with a strange simle on her face. "It fits you, yanno?"

Kagura is confused. She doesn't really understand what Osaka means; she has never thought of herself as anything remotely close to beautiful, especially not the elegant beauty of a sakura tree.

"No, it doesn't" Kagura says at last. She lets go of the petal and it floats off into the distance. Osaka's smile becomes strangely sad. A silence falls between them, but they both prefer it that way. Some things are better left unsaid.