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There she was. In a little town somewhere in Connecticut. The sun was sending her warm beams down to earth. Everywhere were people doing their things and there were kids playing in the town square. This down looked like one of these picture-perfect towns.

A small smile came to her lips.

Smiling, it's been forever since she'd done that the last time.

Yes, she'd definitely stay here for a while. Away from Hartford. Away from her Parents. At the thought of her parents her smile vanished immediately.

She had run away from home but it was her parent's own fault. Why were they so cold? Why didn't they understand her? Couldn't they feel that after all these years she was still suffering from what happened? If they would've cared for her three years ago, if they would've stood by her side instead of shrugging it off. Maybe, yeah maybe, everything would've gone different then. But it wasn't like that. And now they even wanted to send her to a psychiatrist. But psychiatrists are for mad and crazy people and she wasn't mad and crazy.

She sighed and looked at her surroundings. Her eyes stopped at a sign that read "Independence Inn". Slowly she walked into the direction the arrow on the sign was pointing at. After a few minutes a small Inn came in view. It looked beautiful with its white façade, white beams and red roof tiles. All around it where flowers and it was just dreamlike.

And again a smile appeared on her face. With a good feeling she climbed the stairs to the Inn's porch and opened the front door.

The inside of the Inn looked exactly like she imagined it. She looked at the reception desk behind which a elderly woman with short, gray her was standing who was talking to a man with a French accent. The woman looked enormous friendly. She walked over to the desk and looked at the two persons expectantly.

The man turned around to her and asked,

"Hello, young lady, what can I do for you?" in his French accent. She didn't say anything and just put her ID on the desk and pointed at the computer. His facial expression changed and he looked a little angry. He examined her ID.

"Can't you just tell me like every normal person, what I can do for you?"

She shook her head and pushed the ID back to him. The man turned around to the woman with whom he had talked before. She had observed the girl the whole time.

"Mia, I can't work like that. This girl is refusing to talk to me" he said to the woman and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Mia looked at the girl for a moment longer and turned back to the Concierge.

"It's okay, Michel. Go into the kitchen and see if Sookie didn't burn down anything" With a grunt Michel walked over to the kitchen. Mia turned back around to the young woman in front of her and looked at her more closely. She had dark, almost black hair which fell in soft curls over her shoulders and her eyes blue as the ocean. She couldn't be older than 19. Mia smiled at her.

"You just put off my concierge. Congratulations. But don't worry, he's always like that" she tried to joke but only got a small smile in return.

"Do you at least want to talk to me?" She shook her head.

"Hmmm… okay… do you speak at all?" again she shook her head. Mia thought for a moment. This girl didn't talk. It was strange.

"Okay, then I'll try to guess now. Because you came to my Inn I think you want a room, am I right?" This time she got a nod in answer.

"Good, for how long?" The young girl thought for a moment and then shrugged. Mia had to smile.

"Okay, so a room for an uncertain amount of time" Mia typed something in her computer and took the ID to read type in the girl's name. She saw her birth year… 1968. That meant that she really was only 19 years old.

Mia gave the ID back to her and smiled.

"So, now you have room 3." Mia gave her the room keys. "I saw that you're only 19. Do you have a problem with it when I call you Lorelai instead of Miss Gilmore?" Lorelai shook her head and this time even smiled at Mia.

"Good Lorelai, then follow me so I can show you your room"

Lorelai grabbed her bag and followed Mia upstairs. So, this was her new home for now. But who knows, maybe she'll even stay forever.

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