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Summary: Dean had to run away, to get away from the Ministry. Seamus had to go back to Hogwarts, never knowing where his friend is or if he's even alive. DeanSeamus. Slash. Angst.

Prologue: The letter.


Can't talk for long. Must speak odd, Mom likes to bird watch, you know?

I hope this finds you well. I'm using a different owl, as you can tell. He won't wait for you to reply, moody git, really. Was hard to get him but mine is ill.

Apparently the train will have more leg room. Good, as you always complain. I hope it wont get too lonely and such.

Worrying is bad for you're health, makes you're hair fall out or something. I like your hair. Keep it.

'Rents dunno. Keep trap shut please.

Don't not un-reply, I'm walking.


Seamus read and re-read the letter several times before de-coding it on a blank piece of parchment. Afterwards, he sat and stared at it for hours. Not going down for dinner and ignoring his Mother when she called for him. He didn't sleep that night, though he was tired. Instead he stared at the letter some more. He ate some chocolates that have been under his bed for years when his stomach rumbled and swallowed a few mouthfuls of Fire-whisky that he had hidden in his wardrobe.

He tried to write a letter back, even though he couldn't send it. After several attempts finally decided on writing two words that spoke more volume than a whole roll of parchment could: Be safe. He folded it up and placed it in an envelope and under his pillow. After all, he couldn't send it. Then he laid on his bed for the rest of the night, till morning came, reading the coded letter again and again, not looking at the words but the handwriting. He knew that he wouldn't see that handwriting again for a while. Maybe he would never see it again, but he didn't want to think about that possibility.

On his desk was the de-coded letter that he had written. The moonlight shone on it, lighting up the black ink on the creamy parchment.


I cant talk openly. Have to talk in code, Ministry of Magic is watching the owls, understand?

I hope this finds you without being tampered with. I have to use a different owl, the Ministry will recognize mine. Being Muggle, it was hard to get him but I cant take any risks.

The train will be emptier than usual. You always complain that it's too crowded. I wont be there.

Don't worry about me.

My parents don't know. Don't tell anyone.

Don't reply, I'm on the move.


AN: A short prologue to the fic I'm writing. The first chapter will be up soon, depending on how people like this. It will be slash and it will be mostly focusing on Seamus and how he survives the new Hogwarts without his best friend. Inspired from the song 'When you're gone' by Avril Lavigne.

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