Since You Were Sent Away
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I'm just playing with JK Rowling's toys. I promise to put them back when I'm done, whenever that is. And I thank her for sharing her toys with the world.
Spoilers: Deathly Hallows!
Series: Letter Series
Summary: A letter from Draco
August 2, 2007
Notes: This was conceived and written before reading any interviews with JKR.
Dear Father,

I hope you are well, all things considered.

There's been no word about your appeal. Although, Minister Shaklebolt assures me that I've been found innocent of crimes – I wasn't even aware that I was being called into question. It seems that you suggested it. How thoughtful of you.

I'm sure you haven't heard, but Snape was given The Order of Merlin. They didn't go into the specifics of it, but there were whispers of his double-agent work to save Potter. He also managed to save me. I realise that now.

Peter Pettigrew was also stripped of his Order of Merlin, much more privately. You could still hear his mother wail at the Ministry though. I've learned he was that strange, little man with the silver hand, that body you made me clear out of the basement. The one you called Wormtail. Imagine, he had a human name.

I've learned a lot of things since you were sent away.

Mother has shown me her family tree, the whole family tree. We were related to Sirius Black – Harry Potter's godfather. Even the Weasley's are in there. I'm family with everyone you've told me to hate. Mother has even been to see cousin Nymphadora's son. Did you know, his father – Remus Lupin – the werewolf was my professor at Hogwarts? That dark creature taught me Defence Against the Dark Arts. Schooled your son against the things you were planning to do, the things you made me do. Funny how things are.

I used to think you knew everything, that you were strong, wise and noble beyond all measure. Like I said, I've learned a lot since you were sent back to Azkaban.

Mother and I have been talking – we've decided to sell Malfoy Manor. And since I'm the owner while you're away, I thought it would be best. There are too many skeletons creeping around the shadows. Too many screams in the silence. You don't need to worry either; mother and I should live quite well off of that. And whatever is left of my inheritance now. Mother has also decided to leave the Lestrange vault untouched. She's not concerned with sorting through the rubble at Gringotts. She's done profiting from all that now. She'll mourn her sister, not the woman that ranted and raved around the house.

Things continue outside of the stone walls.

I can still see them burying Goyle when I close my eyes.

- Draco