One Love Forged By Blades and Souls

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Chapter 1: Link to Cassandra

It is a timid day in the town of Ruckgoux. The skies above are heavy with clouds blocking out the golden rays. The townspeople are all busy working and going along with their steady everyday lives. Despite the world at war with the demon spirit sword called Soul Edge, normal people are able to enjoy a peaceful life like this.

That is when he shows up; a figure can be seen a yard away walking into town. This man of average height wearing a blue cloak over his body that masks his face in darkness. He also sports obvious weapons underneath poking out, one being a longsword. He notices people watching him and ignores it along with their voices whispering about him.

"There's another traveler.."

"He looks dangerous..."

"He has a sword on his back..."

Keeping his attention to more important matters, he gets a look around the area. Sighing, he takes a moment to check the space next to the sun and come to a thought. "Before I continue I better find a place to eat."

The stranger makes his way to the nearest pub, hoping to get something to eat. As he goes inside, he finds himself quickly becoming the center of attention. Those who were busy doing things they normally do in the morning have stopped just to see the new guy. Said cloaked figure makes his way towards the front counter, and pulls out a bag where he keeps his currency. Digging inside he takes out some pieces of gold. "How much for your best meal?"

The waitress looked back at the menu. "I think you got enough."

After purchasing his meal, he sits patiently until it comes, ignoring the whispering behind his back. Once it comes he begins to chow down, a pleasant smile on his face in the darkness of his cloak. "This tastes good. I wish the advice on those shards were as good as the food here."

His mumbling didn't go unnoticed; the bun-haired waitress leans in closer to speak to him. "Uh, sir. May you be a rock collector?"

The cloaked figure raises his head to look up at her. "Huh? No, what makes you say that?"

"Well, you mentioned looking for shards. What were you referring to?" she asks, a bit curious now.

"Oh, the shards I'm looking for are the shards of Soul Edge," He announces in a firm strong voice. The people in the pub all hear him, mostly because they were intent on eavesdropping on this particular stranger. One such person includes a girl in a white and blue outfit, complete with skirt and brown stockings. She has emerald eyes that shine in the sky, and blonde hair that stops short at her neck.

"Wait, you mean the shards that give the owner ultimate power, the shards of the strongest and most evil sword in the world?" she asks, now a bit worried about the guy.

The stranger continues eating, stopping for a moment to say, "Yup. You must know a lot about it."

"Which means if you're gonna be so open about looking for them, that must mean you already have a couple on you, eh?" A guy comes up behind the cloaked man, with a couple of his buddies. They each brandish a knife and a spear.

The man simply looks back at them. "And what if I do?"

"Think of it as a tip for your meal! That's worth more than your life, right?" The big guy says, drawing closer to him. The cloaked figure places his fork onto the table and turns completely to face them. A smile grows on his face, though it's hardly noticeable.

"Let's see you try." The nearest guy lunges his blade at him, only to have the man grab his hand, move it aside, and punch him in the throat. As he fell to the floor another knife is about to pierce the stranger, but it misses and he gives a sidekick to his attacker's chest. The cloaked man then elbow drops his head, bashing him into the floor. The last one pulls onto his cloak to get a good stab in, but the man leaps out of the coat and lands a punch right in his face. He follows up with three more to his gut and a final uppercut to his chin. The victim falls to the ground unconscious.

But in the heat of battle, his cloak has fallen off, to reveal a man around the age of 20 or so. He has blonde-brownish hair under a green cap, with a green tunic to keep it stylish. He wears brown boots, white pants with it, a sword with a purple handle on it, and the bluest eyes you would ever see. Covering the sword is a metal shield with symbolic decorations, the most prominent being the golden triangle and the red bird. Everyone stares at him, or in fact the only thing on him that didn't look normal. His ears are pointed, giving off the appearance of elves from the stories they've read.

The elven man walks over to the waitress to enjoy what was left of his meal. After two minutes of silent eating, because everyone was too shocked seeing his ears to make a move, he quietly pays for his meal and walks away. He picks up his hood and continues towards the next town, finding more people staring at him. His search for the next town becomes his most general objective, so much so he doesn't notice a stranger in the dark following him. The pair of eyes belongs to the girl from before, who continues to trail him in secret.

'He doesn't seem like much, but he laid down the smackdown on those bastards earlier, barehanded. He has those cute ears though, I just want to touch them, to see if they're real.' She becomes so lost in thought that she didn't notice that he disappeared from her sight. "Where did he go? Damn it."

"Nice day to stalk, isn't it?" She turns around and finds the man she was following has somehow caught onto her stalking him. She tries to think of something to keep him at bay or allow her to escape, but she keeps feeling herself staring into his big blue eyes. The feeling she's gaining from just looking at him is making her all warm and fuzzy. "Who are you?"

"Uh, um...Hi...I uh, saw you earlier," she says while regaining her bearings, "I am a traveler heading out to find shards of Soul Edge like you. I figured if I could find and stop you from gaining more power, I could destroy the shards you may have and continue my quest." Not a period of doubt could be heard in her tone.

"I'm not after Soul Edge for power; I only wish to destroy it for revenge."


"I don't expect someone like you to know my pain." He states, walking away, but she grabs his shoulder and turns him around.

"Trust me. I would know pain. You better tell me, or you'll have to take a beating from me." She announces, fingers picking on her sword. The man only smiles before he shoves her hand away. He then sits onto a rock.

The stranger chuckles a bit, which angers her. "Well, since you think you're so high and mighty, I'll tell you; My name is Link." The girl takes a seat next to him. "I don't really come from around here, but another world called Hyrule. I was enjoying a well-earned vacation from fighting many battles when a wizard attacked my homeworld. After another brawl, I managed to defeat him, but we learned that he was being controlled by another force. You know it as Soul Edge.

"Well, there was another attack on my world by a warlock named Ganondorf, and he was wielding a power similar to it. After that battle with my most hated enemy I lost, and he killed as many people around me as he could. I was sent here and saved because of my wife Zelda, to find the original blade and destroy it. That's why I'm here, to find a way to destroy his sword and take revenge on the people he's killed, including my wife."

The girl listening to it all begins to cry a little. Trapped in another world, something she can easily believe what with him being an elf, and with only his desire to avenge the woman he cared most for... she shouldn't have judged him so. "I'm so sorry. I never realized that you had it so bad." Link raises his eyebrow, staring at this girl who actually listened to his story.

"You believe me? I mean, yeah it's the truth, but most people wouldn't believe in some guy with pointy ears and weird clothes. They would either attack me or call me a Malfested." As she nods, he finds himself a bit curious about this girl.

"I can see in your eyes, the pain you feel from a loved being hurt or killed. Your eyes are just like mine." That starts a look of worry in him, of anticipation. "Soul Edge has ruined my family, my sister. She left us to go destroy it, but I can't just stand aside while she throws her life to the wolves! So I went in her stead."

"I see. It seems we both are fighting for something we each care about." Link rises up, heading off to look for the next town. She gets up and follows him.

"Don't you even think of leaving me behind! After that story, you really gonna leave me here!" She states, angry at him.

"Oh fine! You can follow me, but just don't try to get in my way. What is your name?" he asks, before continuing.

"Oh, my name is Cassandra Alexandra," She tells him, and together they head towards the nearest town, starting their journey as a group for Soul Edge.

End Chapter