A Love Forged By Blades and Souls Chapter 44: The Promise

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Siegfried lays his friends together, all three of them still unconscious. He looks back and notes Talim, Yun-Seong and Seong Mina coming their way. The young wind priestess is seen carrying them on her shoulders, trying as hard as she could to keep them up. Siegfried comes to her and helps Yun-Seong, being the heaviest.

"Thank you. Where are the others?" she asks, looking around for who else could be around.

"Link and Cassandra are fighting with Abyss right now." Siegfried says, looking out into the direction where he saw the Astral Chaos open. 'Was that what I think it was?'

"Good. They should be finished by now," Taki says as she carries a still unconscious Maxi towards the group. "Link tends to fight better for himself and others whenever someone else is at risk."

"Agreed. He's better off not fighting recklessly," Siegfried says in agreement.

Kilik makes a low groan. Those awake turn to the bo user, who opens his eyes groggily. "What...happened..."

"Kilik, are you okay?" Taki asks him.

"I don't know...what have I been doing?"

"We'll explain when we get back, but we can't leave until Link and Cassandra return." Siegfried turns his attention back to where they left.

"Siegfried, Kilik, you go and see if Link and Cassandra might need help. We'll stay here," Taki tells them, still looking over Maxi's wound.

"Taki, why don't you go yourself? You're much faster than either of us." Kilik retorts.

Taki sighs before saying, "You guys are less injured than all of us; you'll get there faster."


"Understood, let's go." Siegfried grabs hold of Kilik and heads for the town. He stops by the town and hears the sound of people yelling in anger.

"Get lost!" A townsfolk shouts.

"What's going on?" Cassandra asks him.

"We saw those monsters fighting! They destroyed our town!" Another person says.

"What are you talking about?"

"Him!" A woman points at Link, who is in Cassie's arms. "We saw how powerful he was. No human could muster that power; and those ears! He's obviously a monster!"

"Link is not a monster!" she shouts in his defense.

"Cassandra, it's okay." Link pats Cassandra's back, signalling her to calm down. "Let's just go. We've done enough here."

The crowd roars at them angrily, spouting hateful things at Link. Siegfried watches, feeling sad towards how he's being treated. The couple comes before the knight, who takes Link and helps him back to the group.

One Trip And Explanation Later...

"So that's what happened..." Kilik says as he watches Cassandra treat Link. His eyes drift down to her panties, resulting in him getting kicked in the face by her. Holding his black eye he says, "This means I possess the powers of the Astral Chaos."

"I remember that place. I opened it when I faced Xianghua and Kilik as Nightmare..." Siegfried confesses to the group. He and the others watch as Kilik uses the shard on Pyrrha, who stops glowing red. "It also opened up when Algol was being brought to life."

"Still, everything worked out." Talim states to the group. "We defeated Abyss, and wiped out the source of Soul Edge. Not to mention we saved Pyrrha and no one ended up dying."

"She's right; we won." Link adds, glad that in the end everything worked out for the best. "We can finally move on with our lives."

"Yeah..." Kilik holds his hand up, and feels a dark power trembling inside of him. 'It might not be that simple for me though.'

Sophitia twitches a bit in her sleep. She soon wakes up, a little groggy in the head from that last blow Cassandra gave her. "Wha-What happened?"

"Sophitia," her sister mutters.

The mother's eyes widen in shock. "Where's Abyss? What happened to Pyrrha?"

"She's fine. Kilik healed her right away," Taki says to her, pointing to the little girl still asleep.

Tears well up in her eyes as she lifts her daughter into her arms. "Pyrrha...Thank god you're safe!"

"What are you thanking god for? We did all the work!" Cassandra shouts angrily.

"Let it go. Us all making through this must be more than luck..." Link tells her.

"Ugh...What hit me..." Maxi complains as he begins to wake up.

Taki reaches out instinctively and hugs Maxi, something she never would have done normally. Everyone watches her in shock, knowing this is something completely out of character for her. Siegfried sighs, being the only one who noticed her feelings for Maxi. It's at this time that everyone else begins to wake up, which is really just Mina and Yun-Seong.

Realizing what she's doing, Taki releases the pirate and blushes out of embarrassment. Cassandra smirks, thinking, 'Payback!'

Link places a hand on her shoulder and shakes his head. She groans. Taki then says, "Let's get going. We still need to cure Hilde, Xianghua and Setsuka."

"Xianghua? She's cursed too?" Wasting no time, Kilik races for Athens.

"Let's head back already then. I gotta prepare for my move," Cassandra says before lifting Link on her shoulder.

'Move?' Sophitia and Link think questionably at the same time.


"C'mon! Hurry up! I ain't got time for this!" Mitsurugi moans as he looks down at his horse eating some oats. He looks to the ground and notes he dropped his money.

As he bends, his scabbard's butt end hits the horse in the behind. This startles the horse, and causes it to kick. Unfortunately Mitsurugi gets sent flying into a tree. 'This is why I hate horses...'

The Next Day...

Link opens his eyes to the new day. Beside him is his fiance Cassandra, who has slept beside him the hole night. Link nudges her awake, which she does, and Link smiles at her. "Morning."

"Morning." Cassandra snuggles closer to her Hylian lover.

"Cassie, about yesterday..." Cassandra shushes him with a finger to his lips.

"It's okay. I'll go live with you, in Hyrule." Her words bring a look of surprise to his face.

"Wh-Really? You're really serious about living with me in Hyrule?"

"Why so surprise?" she asks him. "Link, I told you before how much I love you. There's no way I wouldn't want to live with you. After all we've been through something like relocation isn't gonna bug me."

"But I really don't think you should give up your life here. I mean, we can visit from time to time but we're still worlds apart from Sophitia and your family."

"Like I said, it's okay." Cassandra sits herself and Link up. "Link, you've lost so much and gained so little in exchange by coming here. Don't you think it's time you get what you want? It's okay to be a little selfish now and then."

Link's eyelids lower a bit. 'I guess if she's okay with it...' "What about Amy?"

"We'll bring her with us; she's our family," says the short haired blond woman. "She'll be one of us."

Link makes a smile. "Alright then. We'll live in Hyrule." And with that they hug eachother.

Downstairs Taki enters the kitchen area and spots Maxi in the kitchen eating an apple. He notes her and turns around. "Ah, it's you."

"Maxi, I need to have a word with you," she says to him. "It's about back at Inferno's castle, and what we did..."

He makes a spit take, hurling out pieces of apple. "What about it?"

"Maxi, there's a part of me that sees you as a woman chasing pig, but I still can't help but have these feelings." She grits her teeth thinking over her feelings.

"Hey, I have feelings too ya know!" Maxi grumbles. "It's not like I flirt around with every girl I see."

"I heard about your habits from Cassandra and Link..." says the red ninja.

"Look babe, it's up to you. You either choose me or ya don't," says the pirate. He secretly grins as he awaits her response.

"Fine then...I won't." Taki walks off.

"Wait!" Maxi jumps at her, taking her left hand to keep her from moving. He then cringes at his show of weakness.

Taki turns around and smiles at him. "I won't let you go." The ninja then spins in his arms and hugs him.

Hilde approaches Siegfried, who remains looking out the window. "Siegfried, how are you?"

"I should be asking you that," says the red haired princess. "Now that you've absolved your sins, what do you plan to do?"

"Hilde, you and your words have brought an end to my mental suffering; I can't thank you enough for it, and the support you've given us," Siegfried replies. "I'll live with my friends from now on, with you."

Hilde blushes a bit hearing his pledge. 'It sounds like he wants to be with me forever...'

Talim smiles as she watches Amy speaking with Patroklos and Pyrrha. It seems she's already starting to warm up to others. The wind priestess then turns her attention to Yun-Seong, who's still arguing with Mina about not going back.

"No means no!"

"You're coming back whether I have to drag you or not!"

Sophitia walks inside of Cassandra's room, holding a plate with new bandages and alcoholic treatment. She gasps upon seeing the couple chatting together while lying on top of one another. Sophitia clears her throat, causing them to turn their attention to her.

"S-Sister! Can you give us privacy!"

"Sorry, but it's time to change Link's bandages," says the mother. She approaches Link, who lies back and reveals his frontal wounds, and begins to change his bandage with her sister's help. "Link, thank you so much for all you've done."

"It's okay; we're friends."

"Family apparently," she retorts, correcting him as she uses a knife to cut out his used bandage. "I'm so glad you and Cassandra met. She's really grown up in the time she's been around you."

"Sis, don't treat me like a child!" the younger sister shouts, a little embarrassed.

"She's kind of right," Link says to the girls. "Cassandra, you grew from a hotheaded frog at the bottom of a well into a refined warrior who fights with her head. I mean, you were able to knock out Sophitia without either of you two dying."

"Well, the strongest fighter is not always the one who wins," says the elder sister.

After Cassandra removes the bloody bandage, Sophitia goes to work replacing it with a fresh one. She also notes Link's body is already healing it faster than even a human's. "Link, about Zelda, there's something I need to tell you. She told me something back when we met at the castle, before she died. It was a secret she swore me to keep so you wouldn't lose motivation and curse your life."

Link remains silent as she speaks along with Sophitia. Cassandra then says, "She wanted to apologize for playing with your emotions."


"Zelda told me she used you; she knew that your feelings for her would drive you to revenge and determination to complete her final request. She kept herself from letting you know she was alive so your desire wouldn't waver. Zelda took advantage of you-

"So?" he responds, giving a real surprise to the two. "Ever since we were kids Zelda has always been manipulative. She could neither deal with Ganondorf nor collect the sacred stones herself, so she came to me and I was naive enough not to question if what we were doing was right... Even though we learned from our mistakes, she still confided in me to fight against monsters no one else would dare to face."

"Link, I don't understand," Sophitia interjects. "How could you still find it in your heart to forgive her? I mean, she used you. How can you look past that?"

"I accept her because everyone has their dark sides, and a real friend accepts who a person is no matter what." Link states, and Cassandra gasps when she realizes that's extremely similar to what she told him before. "I decided to accept this part of me that can forgive, because my heart has no darkness to hold on its own. It would take something Ganondorf can only do to really anger me."


"Link, you're too nice for your own good," Cassandra tells him. She then kisses him on the left cheek. "But I love that about you."

"I love you too," he replies to her. Sophitia smiles warmfully at the feelings these two show one another. It reminds her so much of herself and Rothion, but with reversed roles.

"Cassie, when and where would you like to get married?" asks the Hylian.

"Anytime after you're better..." she says to him.

Back outside Kilik and Xianghua see Setsuka leaving by herself. This leaves them alone. Xianghua reaches out and hugs Kilik, who seems distraught. "Kilik, what's wrong?"

"...It's nothing..." Kilik looks away, his thoughts returning to what he was told about losing control of his body to Abyss. 'I can't believe I put her through that trouble...Even now I feel I can't control what's inside me...'

The couple Link and Cassandra walk downstairs to where their friends are situated, the latter helping the former. Maxi is the first to say, "Well, bout time you showed up!"

"Good to have you on your feet again, Link!" Talim says to the Hylian.

"Feeling better?" asks the crimson ninja.

"Yeah, a little," Link says before looking down at his wound. "This should be gone by tomorrow."

"Guess what? We're finally getting married!" Cassandra says happily before hugging Link. Everyone cheers happily for them, or as happily as their characters permit.

"Bout time!" Maxi shouts.

"How long have they been together?" Yun-Seung asks out of shock.

"Congradulations," says princess Hilde. Her eyes trace to Siegfried, a certain gleam in her eyes as she thinks of marriage.

"How nice! I'd like that something," Xianghua adds with a smile.

"I would like to invite all of you guys to it, when it happens," Link says to his friends. "I'll be glad to invite all of you."

"Setsuka left though," Seung Mina says to them. 'Though I'm sure it's for the best she doesn't ruin it.'

"Oh well. I hope she'll be okay; she's still intent on killing Mitsurugi," Taki adds.

"She can take care of herself." Link states. Cassandra looks to Link and smiles.

Days Later...

"You may now kiss the bride." With these words in their minds from the priest Link and Cassandra give eachother their first kiss as husband and wife.

The crowd of people that consists of family and friends, the former for Cassandra, stand up and clap for them. Maid of honor Sophitia and bridemaids Taki and Talim stand behind Cassandra with smiles on their faces while best man Maxi stares at the ninja. The two soon part from the other's mouth and together walk down the open plain that is the aile.

"Link, this is it. Our new lives finally begin together..." Cassandra says as she hugs onto his right arm tightly. Her beautiful white dress that Sophitia wore and lent to her hugs her body even better than it did the elder.

"I don't think that's how you say it, but yeah." He states before looking down at her finger. "I'm sorry for not getting a real wedding ring, but we kinda blew the budget on this service."

"It's okay. We'll be able to get a real one later." The couple is soon surrounded by their friends, who each congradulate them on their wedding. Ring bearer Amy comes up to them too, and they reach down to hug the little girl.

As the reception goes on Dark Link watches from afar, hiding in the trees and suppressing himself so as not to be detected. "Ah, how sweet; a second wedding. I knew he has a thing for aggressive blonds...I do as well..."

He then draws his sword, thinking, 'Now, how to ruin this day for him?'

As the reception goes on Link takes the Ocarina of Time and polishes it. 'Zelda, goodbye. I'm finally moving on, completely.'

"Link!" Cassandra calls as she returns to his side after being with the others celebrating. "Having fun?"

"Oh yeah. Your parents are nice; they don't even mind that I have long ears," he says to her.

"They're nicer than you think," she says before hugging him. "I'm just glad they're off that whole 'I won't be getting married ever' thing."

Link laughs hearing that, prompting Cassandra to punch him in the chest playfully. "Don't laugh! It's not funny!"

"Yes it is." She huffs from his response. "So, you ready?"

"Huh?" Cassandra then remembers that they're leaving. "Oh yeah. I'll go get Amy."

As she leaves, Link gives out a content sigh. He walks to the side where he left his sword, shield and bag of items before equiping them. Siegfried approaches him, saying, "I see you're preparing to leave."

"Yeah. I honestly think it's best I live in Hyrule. Not only is Cassandra okay with it, but Amy would do better growing up in a society that will understand her difference," Link explains before he sees Cassandra with Amy coming up to them. Behind the girls are their friends and family.

"You ready?" Cassandra asks before taking Amy hand and standing beside Link.

"Yup." Link then plays the Song of Time, a song that causes butterflies to rise in his wife's stomach.

'He looks so calm, so serene playing that...I'm so glad I met him; it definitely wasn't a mistake giving him a chance back at that hotel.' Cassandra clucks her shoes together, the same shoes Link bought for her near the start of their journey.

As Link finishes the Astral Chaos opens up behind them. Before they leave, Sophitia says, "Good luck Link, Cassie! I hope the gods look after you for the rest of your lives!"

'Which ones?' Link thinks to himself.

"Take care of my daughter, Link!" Achelous says to him.

"Good bye everyone!" Link and Cassandra say in unison, before the three of them walk through the portal to the other side. It closes up behind them, and instead of staying in the astral world they end up in another world; this lush, green field that Link remembers so leads him to believe that he's finally back in Hyrule.

"Wow..." Cassandra and Amy look in awe at Link's beautiful world.

Link bends down and places two flowers in their hair before saying, "Welcome to Hyrule."

"Link, this place is so pretty! I can't believe you didn't want me to come here!" Cassandra gushes at the scenery. Amy is just awestruck.

"So Amy, what do you think?" asks Link of his adopted daughter.

The red haired little girl blushes a bit before looking away. "It's...nice..."

Link plays a song on the Ocarina, one that Amy likes, and all of a sudden a horse comes racing towards them. Cassandra gushes and blushes seeing the horse. Link boards the horse, saying, "Girls, this is Epona. She's my horse."

"Wow. So you do have a horse!" Cassandra lifts Amy in her arms to board Epona, who was at first reluctant.

"Calm down, girl. She's a very important person to me," Link says to Epona. Nodding the horse accepts her, knowing how well Link is at judging people. "Alright, first stop is Hyrule Castle. We need to explain everything to the Royal Knights. Then I'll start teaching you both Hylian. It should be easy for you, since you have the Triforce of Wisdom."

"Okay; I'll do my best!" With that, Link takes off at full speed aboard Epona towards the market place.

Back At Earth...

Dark Link slashes down a tree out of anger. "Damn! I missed my chance! ...Oh well. I'll eventually find a way to get there. This plan might take some time."

Noticing people coming, he disappears in a flash of darkness. As they do Mitsurugi comes riding in on a donkey. Everyone blankly stares at him. "...What?"

Ten Years...

Time has passed for both Hyrule and Earth, and neither world has had any real trouble threatening them in the timeline. In Hyrule 31 year old Cassandra Alexandra sits by a garden reading a story. "Interesting."

"Mom!" The blond mother looks to her left to see a young girl of age 9 coming up to her. She has long, blond hair that spikes up into curves at the edges. "Mom, I found a fairy!"

The little girl opens her hands, revealing a red fairy floating between them. Cassandra smiles happily. "Wow, nice catch Sophia!"

"Whatcha reading?" she asks, curious over the book her mother owns.

"It's just a history of Hyrule. And here, look!" Cassie shows her a picture of a hero who descended from the skies and drove away evil.

"Ah, it's dad!" Sophia says in shock.

"Yeah! I thought that too!" Cassandra gives a smile. "Link can traverse through time after all."

"Wait til Mana sees this!" Sophia says as she looks at her father.

"Cassie, have you seen Amy?" Link calls out from above the house. He jumps down to her level gracefully. "It's time for sword training."

"Link, I really think you should cut out the training. You promised you would drop the sword, remember?"

"I did; the Master Sword is still sealed back at the Temple of Time. I'm just glad they rebuilt it," he says as he holds up a regular longsword. "Besides, there's nothing wrong with her learning how to defend herself.

"Still, where is she?" Link starts to look around for her.

"She went to visit the Kokori Forest," says the mother. Link's eyes widen in shock.

"Alone? You know how dangerous it is to cross the Lost Woods alone, especially at night. We don't need her becoming a Stalfos." Sheathing his blade Link takes off for the forest, the Triforce of Courage glowing on his left hand.

"Link, wait!" Link comes back to see Cassandra. "Don't forget your items."

"Oh yeah, thanks." Link rushes back inside the home to grab the bag of items he always brings with him. "Thanks."

The Hylian comes out of the house and gives Cassandra a quick kiss. She grabs hold of his head and throws a great amount of passion his way. "I'm so glad you stopped wearing that hat; it makes doing that easier."

Link smiles at her before taking off. "We'll be back by dinner!"

He comes to the forest after a short run from Hyrule Castle. Unknown to him this would lead to the events of an adventure that wouldn't star him. Still, these events will bring about a true conclusion to Link's battles as a hero, and start the life of a hero for two members of his family.

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