Several Ways to Die Trying

A/N: Ron and Hermione's unsaid soundtrack and events in Deathly Hallows (SpOiLeRs). This side of the story replays their thoughts that J. K. Rowling left for me to reveal to you. The italics are their thoughts. Since my publish date I have edited the first few chapters attempting to entwine the lyrics more into the story making it more fluent. Pray don't be afraid to review.

Into Your Arms Again

(Chapter 1)

War brewed. It boiled hotly in the air and burned hauntingly in young and old wizards alike. So do to this daunting and demoralizing reality of dark wizardry plaguing the occupants of the entire world, non-wizards, or muggles, wouldn't understand the danger that forebodingly threatened the future of every human everywhere. However, in Hermione parent's case, the Grangers, this known threat was best not to be made know to them.

It was for their own good. Hermione reminded herself quietly and repetitively as the last of her trained and practiced yet regretful and hesitant wand flicks and spell casts found residence upon her parent's memories. Because young, inexperienced, and self-critical, Hermoine apprehended little hope that the spell would contain them and forever protect them if in fact her courageous efforts to help her vital friend ended… unsuccessfully.

It was for their own good.

To obscure her brooding and throbbing negativities about the entire situation she soon left behind her in Australia as she and her escort headed for the burrow, Hermoine determined to focus on the positive. Maybe, for instance, where in fact she was headed. I still got a day or two ahead of me until I'll be heading home into your arms again…The burrow: a second home, a safe haven with the Weasleys, other wizards from the Order, and Ron.

Despite himself, war overhead, and constant concern toward anything that warranted such continuous attention, Ron allowed a vague on the exterior yet vivid in the interior awkward grin to crack his face, long stoned with loss and the premonition that more loss was soon to come. Despite this, Ron felt silently well, well knowing that Hermoine would soon be there. Though their next adventure proclaimed itself more important because of the dubious task of protecting the Boy Who Lived and the Boy Who Will Become of Age Soon and the Boy Will No Longer under His Mothers Fantastic Protection, Ron still felt a tide of peace overcome his conscience with Hermione's soon arrival.

George's head appeared around the corner of his door, "Is your dearest Hermoine here yet?" Ron tossed a pillow from beneath him, violently, directing it where George's figure once was. As if his glare could reach down the hall and finish the job Ron failed to accomplish upon George's mocking head, Ron narrowed his eyes at the door while anxiously blushing. …And the people here are asking after you. It doesn't make it easier, it doesn't make it easier to be away.

Hours sulked mercilessly forward until relief in two wizard forms, one with unpredictable and gum flavored hair and one with untamed, unruly brown hair, suddenly appeared over the hill into the dome of numerous protection spells of the burrow. From a long imprisonment, a sigh of utter relief escaped Ron. He could feel her stubbornly irresistible and wonderfully unnerving presence already.

A sea of red heads ambushed the new comers, Mrs. Weasley, of course, giving her greetings in the only Mrs. Weasley way. When air was finally allowed into her lungs as Mrs. Weasley freed her grip, Hermoine couldn't resist a smile herself since Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley's seemed to be handing them out so joyfully even under the dim circumstances. After other smiles and hellos were tossed about, she approached the crooked grin kid with blushing hair. Slowly encompassing her arms around his neck, she pulled gently into a small hug that had and anything but a small impact on Ron's ears. Hermoine pulled gently away as quickly as had pulled into it but not without rewarding Ron's betraying ears with a certain shade of blush, playing on her cheeks. Attempting to hide that inevitable blush, she smiled.

Ron returned it, breathless and wordless still. Soon, too soon, they and other wand whiskers would journey to Private Drive and liberate Harry Potter forever from the vile Uncle Vernon and company. A task indeed very dangerous and Ron hadn't enjoyed the idea of Hermoine being exposed to such danger, so early in their quest but reconsidered. For so long I thought I was asylum bound, but just seeing you makes me think twice. The thought of Hermoine vacant from his side replaced a new discomfort. Hermoine leaving his side? No, he would not tolerate that idea at all. And being with you here makes me sane. I fear I'll go crazy if you leave my side.

What seemed like seconds later, Hermoine and Ron launched into the air with their accomplices and toward a venture of a lifetime. Together. And Harry of course.