Sly goes to the carnival.

"Sly, there is a prize at the carnival rewarded to anyone who can steal it! Let's steal it!" Bently said.

"COOL!!!" Sly said.

"You guys are gay..carnivals are stupid." Mury said.

"Well, you're gay..and youre a retard...the carnival is the place for you!' SLy said. Mury flipp him off and ran into his room.

"The prize is a Diamond covered pizza." Benlty said.

"What is the prize?" Sly said.

"The prize is a Diamond covered pizza." Benlty said.

"Oh...let's leave."

They went to the carnival...

"WELL STEP RIGHTO UPPA ANDO SEEA THEA PROZ!!" The dude at the steal thing said.

"Let's kill him." SLy said.

"No, you have to be devious." Bently said.

"Where the fuck is muryr!' SLy said.

"Sly..I thought you knew...he's dead." Bently said.


"I fooled you! You wished he was actually dead. He wasn't." Bently said.

"Well when I get the pizza I am gonna eat it myself." Sly said as he jumped on top of the Cage that held the Pizza. Benlty used a laser from his pocket and opened it.

" I HAVE THE PRIZE!!" Sly said as he took a big bite of it.

"NNNNNNO!!" bently said. "The Pizza is covered with a thing that cleans it that is poisonous!!!" Bently said as Sly died.

"NNNNNNO!!" Betnly said.

The dude ripped off his mask to reveal that he was Sly.

"LOL!!! U JST GT PWNED!!!" Sly said as he beat up Betnly.

"YAY!!" Bently said as sly stopped.

"LEt's go get corndogs." Sly said.

"OK!!!" Bently said as they did.