Akatsuki Lair

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Beware ! This is a fic written following to the 364e chapter of Naruto ! If you don't read online, and only read the book and watch the anims, this will tell you all about the continuation !

Prologue : how have I decided to start this fic

"But goddam iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ! Why did I die ? WHY WHY WHY ? I was becoming so great ! Whyyyyyyyy..."

This was Deidera, actually, crying loudly, furiously hitting Sasori's puppets and making explosions everywhere.

" Dummy, Kishimoto boss killed me too ! See, you aren't the fucking only one !" said Hidan

" But hell ! You were such an idiotic idiot, yeah, Hidan ! You were an ass, yeah, you didn't even know the meaning of art ! Waaaaaaaaaaaah ! I was so handsome in the outfit I wore under my Akatsuki cloak ! Oh shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiit !!! Kishimoto I'll blast you !!! "whined Deidera louder and louder.

The door openned, and Kisame's head popped in.

" Er...Deidera ? Itachi is trying to have some sleep. Can you please shut up ?"


" Well, it seemed that discovering he wasn't the only Uchiwa bastard depressed him. So, please shush !" pleaded Kisame, "and you know, your death was impressive ! I didn't know you were that powerful ! Also, see, I've regretted you and..."

"SHUT IT, SHUT IT !!! You aren't dead ! We've seen you since the every beginning of the Akatsuki, and you aren't even dead yet ! I am ! And I had lot of fantastic flashbacks, yeah, where I was so cute and Itachi so ugly!!!"

"OK, OK Deidera, people were beginning to like you, but this is how the life goes !" snapped Kisame

" WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!" mourned Deidera, and soon the room was soaked, but it didn't bother Kisame who liked to swim a lot, especially with surfers in Australia.

The door openned again, and Sasori entered.

"Brat, you're going to make me mad ! Didn't I tell you hundreds of time I hated noise?" Sasori scowled.

But Deidera, as an answer, bounced to hug him, almost strangling him -almost because he's a puppet, of course-, crying louder.

"Sasori-danna, Kishimoto-boss killed me !!! Waaaaaaah !!! And don't call me brat, danna, because I'm taller than you, yeah, and you look younger than me !"

"You're dead?" frowned Sasori, still not noticing his puppets in little pieces.

"Yeah! Kishimoto-boss made me explode myself ! That was so ridiculous ! I didn't even saw my blast beacause I was dead ! That's not art, it's madness, yeah !"

"You know, in Japan, being a kamikaze is a honour, it's kind of rooted in their culture," explained Sasori, trying to push Deidera away.

"But here it was so stupid !!! I could have joined Sasuke-kun and his funny and young mates ! This way, I could have killed that bastard of Itachi, yeah, and I could at last be with people of my age ! This is no fun, danna !"

"Do you think my death was fun, Deidera ? Fucking god, a stupid boy trapped me and made me explode, and, above all, he burried me ! I can't die, and I'll never be able to repare my fucking body ! This sucks !"barked Hidan.

Deidera cried with excitement, hugging tight Sasori who growled.

"Danna, danna, hey danna !!!"

"Yeah" managed to answer Sasori half crushed by the clay artist.

"Danna, we are finally agreeing about art, yeah !"


"Yeah, Danna, Hidan was destroyed in a beautiful BANG, and, still, is eternal !!! That is better than art, it is Art with a big A !"

-sigh from Sasori-

"Come on, everybody, please shut up for Ita..." Kisame began

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT ITACHI, I HATE HIM !!!" yelled Deidera.

Then, the Akatsuki boss appeared, waving a DVD.

"Hello my little friends! Look what I brought for you !"

Deidera jumped away from Sasori, trying to catch the DVD.

"what is it, boss, what is it? Tell me, tell me, yeah!" he shouted

"Shut it, Deidera, it's the DVD with all what the hidden cameras from our hidden places have filmed !

"WHAT???" yelled them all.

"you're kidding?"said Itachi's voice from the door.

"Of course not! Bring some sofas, cushions, armchairs and whatever, turn of the light and turn the TV on ! Camera...ACTION!!!"

-raclings from the sofas and armchairs-

-twew! the TV on-

-dzzz the DVD in-

- clic! the light off-

"Akatsuki Lair, episode 1... a film by..." begun the movie...




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