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Episode 3 : Itachi's secret chibi –part 2

Kisame loved the quiet afternoons, when he could lock himself in the bathroom and fill the tub with soap bubbles. He would then summon a few little fishes to play with and stay hours paddling in his bath.

Itachi hated when he did so, for the bathroom would smell like fish during all the evening, and for Kisame usually used all his shampoo. Yeah, Itachi's shampoo was quite expensive, and Itachi would mankekyou anyone who would try using it, but Itachi's shampoo also smelled a very delicious fruit perfume, so anyone who knew where he was keeping it would often try to stole some.

But for once, Itachi wasn't there. He wouldn't complain about the bubbles, the splashing noise, the talking –yeah, Kisame speaks with his fishes- and, more importantly, the shampoo ! Kisame jumped in his bath and summoned his favourite fishes : Nemo, Suigetsu and Phumbaba.

"Hey, leader, hey ! I thought this episode was about the Uchiwa !"

"Well it is !"

"No it isn't, un ! We only see tuna-head bathing ! That's horrible ! Only Hidan would appreciate the sight !"

There was a big THUMP and Kisame withdrew his hand, moaning aoutch aoutch aoutch my hand .

Deidera blinked and asked Sasori

"Hey, danna, what has he tried ?"

"Hitting you."

"Well I didn't felt anything, un."

"That's because he hit me unstead of you, brat."

"Oh! Are you okay, danna ?"

"Of course I am ! Who do you think I am ?"

"Hey, aoutch ! Can't you worry for me ?" whined Kisame

"No, you're really too creepy in a bathtub !"

Then, somebody knocked at the door.

Big, big shit ! Itachi wasn't there to answer ! He had to get out of his bath ! Cursing, Kisame got out of the tub, dressed himself with a towelling dressing-gown –it was blue with little sharks- and unlocked the door, crossed the bedroom and opened the door.

There was nobody.

Kisame now was really annoyed. Couldn't the jerk who knocked at his door have waited just a second for him to answer ?

"Of course not, I hate waiting" said Sasori at loud

Furious, he slammed the door and crossed back the bedroom, putting large pools all the way long.

With a sight, he withdrew his bathrobe and joined Nemo, Suigetsu and Phumbaba.

A few minutes later, a strange noise was heard and a huge plant appeared right in the middle of the bathroom.

"auuuuuggggghhhhhh!!!! Zetsu you scared me !!! Get out of here, can't you see I'm naked !!!"

"What is making you laugh, girly ?"

"No-nothing pffff, tuna-head, just that you look sooooo ridiculous –THUMP- aoutch ! Danna he hit me !"

"Did it well, you're so noisy."

Deidera gasped, frustrated ;

"noisy, danna you're kidding ! When you ask for lullabies by night, you won't dare call me noisy!"

"shut it brat! I don't…"

"Just let it, Akasuna, I've got this one too in the DVD" sneered Pein.

Now Sasori began to really think about the way he could snatch this DVD from all these mad nukenins…

Zetsu pulled a face at Kisame.

"Leader-sama sent me there because no one in your room was answering. I've got mail for the Uchiwa. Tss, naked…he doesn't even look tasty, ew."

"Well just put it there and go !"

"Can't we have some of Itachi's shampoo? It smells tasty…I need a signature, 'cause there's a parcel."

"Okay then"

So Kisame got out of the tub, put on his bathrobe, went in the room to look for a pen and signed. Zetsu left the parcel and a letter and disappeared.

Now Kisame was really in a bad mood ! Even when he wasn't there, Itachi wasted his bath !

"Anyway, who would even write to him ?"

He took the letter and looked at the stamp.


"What the Hell ? A letter from Konoha ? That's nonsense, he's a nukenin !"

Then an evil thought popped in Kisame's head. He made a jutsu and opened the letter, who appeared to not being protected by any jutsu. It was certainly a civil who wrote it.

Kisame took the pink letter, frowning at its colour and unfolded it to read.

Dear fan666,

It's been I while since I've last written to you. I'm sorry, but I had lost your last address.

There're a few changes here in Konoha.

The chuunin exams are coming soon, and Sasuke-kun is doing well. I've been told his sensei, the copy ninja, was going to register him for the exam.

Sasuke-kun is the best, we all know so, but I've made a little investigation and I've found out that the Hyuuga prodigy was going to pass the chuunin exam too. This will be quite an interesting show : byakugan versus sharingan. I wonder who would win, because I'm not quite sure it would be Sasuke-kun. Anyway, the USFA is still moving, I've sent you in the parcel – I do hope you've received it- its last creation. Enjoy !

Hugs, fangirl007

Whoa. Itachi was one of his little brother's fans ? No way.


"Can't you stop yelling in my ear, brat?"

"Sorry danna, but hey tuna-head, what is the USFA???"

"The Uchiwa Sasuke Fangirl Association…and what did you call me again?"

Kisame glared at the parcel, blinking. Would he… of course he would ! Itachi ruined his bath !

He grabbed at the parcel, made a jutsu and opened it wide.

And gasped.

…In the parcel was a little Sasuke chibi doll.


"Shit, un. Who are they?"

"ANBU, duh" made Hidan's voice

"What on heck are you doing here Hidan? I thought you were watching Icha Icha Paradise ?"

"Well, yeah, but I'm afraid that this fucking copy ninja recognized me…"