-1Pony's POV:

I woke up to Soda singing Johnny Cash from the shower. When I rolled over I could see the top of his blond head bobbing up and down just above the top of the shower curtain. Soda almost never shut the door when he showered.

"Because you're miiiine," He howled, partially muted by the sound of the running water. "I walk the line!"

I groaned, realizing that I wasn't going to be getting any more sleep, and sluggishly rolled out of bed and shuffled into the bathroom. Bracing myself against the sink, I looked into the mirror and grimaced at the drowsy looking person that started back. My hair was sticking up in places it shouldn't have been and one of my eyebrows looked like I'd stolen it off Groucho Marx.

"What are you singing Johnny Cash for?" I growled, swatting at the shower curtain.

Soda stuck his head out, still half covered in suds, and grinned. I suddenly wanted to dunk his head in the toilet--and maybe even hold him under the water for a little while.

"Gee, I don't know Pony," He laughed. "Darry was listening to it last night. Guess I got it stuck in my brain somehow."

"Well do me a favor and get it unstuck," I muttered.

"Do me a favor and pass me the soap, would you?" He quipped, sticking his hand out of the shower and dripping water onto the floor.

"Hey, watch it Soda," I sighed slapping the bar of soap into his hand. "Darry's gonna pitch a fit if he sees all this water on the floor."

The grin half melted off Soda's face. "You wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something today?" He asked.

I just shrugged and started tackling my cowlicks with the hair grease.

"You sure do look goofy with your hair all sticking up like that Pone," He said quietly, the corners of his mouth twitching as he tried not to crack up.

I tried my hardest not to smile back at him, and ended up turning around just to keep him from seeing it. Then, mostly to save face, I flushed the toilet which instantly tuned the shower ice cold.

"Jeez Pony!" He yelped as he jumped out of the shower, groping for a towel. I just laughed and headed back into the room we still shared with him close behind me.