Title: Rain
Author: OCDegrassi (Holly)
Pairings: Luna/Tonks
Rating: K+
Warnings: AU, Femme Slash
Note: Just a short one-shot about Luna and Tonks in the rain. Enjoy.

The rain fell down heavily on the Hogwarts castle grounds. The drops caused ripples in the Black Lake and the leaves of the trees rustled in the light wind. A girl with long blonde hair and a necklace of butterbeer corks twirled on the grass, looking up towards the sky. The fact that she was becoming soaked didn't seem to bother her at all.

A woman with bubblegum pink hair and a weird sisters t-shirt watched her interestedly. She approached her and the blonde girl stopped to look at her, smiling brightly. "What are you doing out in the rain Luna?" She had found out the girl's name soon after the Battle at the Department of Mysteries. It had been a week since then and school was almost over. The older woman had just gotten out of St. Mungo's for the injuries of said battle.

"I love the rain. It's very calm and soothing. It purifies your soul, you know, Tonks" Luna said quietly. Tonks smiled. The girl was different, just as she had been. She was accepted by some people such as Harry and Ginny, but that didn't particular illy love to be around her.

Tonks remembered her school days. People had treated her like an outsider. She wished she could blame it completely on her metamorphmagus, but the truth was, she'd always been a little different, with different likes and opinions than everyone else.

She started to twirl around like Luna was, and realized that it was more enjoyable than she would have thought. The rain hit her face almost gently, and she felt refreshed. She slipped on the muddy grass and fell flat on her bottom.

Luna didn't laugh though. She just sat down next to Tonks, getting mud all her clothes. Her legs were crossed and she looked fondly at Tonks. "Yes, i enjoy meditating in the rain too." Tonks didn't feel like laughing at the girl in the least. She was intriguing.

Her voice never seemed to chance from it's calm tone and she didn't judge any idea, no matter how out there it was. She was someone who was going to invent things. All the people who invented things such as the Auto-Answer Quill and the Sneakoscope had been out of the ordinary. You had to think out of the box to create new things that furthered Society. It made people like Luna special.

Luna leaned forward and kissed Tonks lightly, before pulling back and looking up at the sky as if nothing had happened. She still seemed calm and almost ethereal as Tonks sat there, mouth agape. She finally managed to close her mouth.

She sat there watching Luna, waiting for some explanation, but none came. Slightly annoyed, Tonks pressed her lips to Luna's again, this time a little harder, thoroughly wondering what Luna's reaction would be. Luna responded, her kiss as calm and soft and as she was.

Their tongues intertwined as the rain fell on top of them. When they parted, Tonks looked into Luna's silvery gray eyes, searching for some sort of clue as to what she was thinking. Luna simply stared back, a smile on her lips. The rain lightened before stopping, but the two girls just sat there. Yes, Luna was different, but more importantly, she was special.

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