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-In Riza's Apartment-

"Everything is fine sir… I'm sorry though, I don't have any vases or pots here… I appreciate you calling me Colonel." As soon as Riza had thanked the Colonel she carefully place the phone down. She watched her hand still gripping the phone, how she wouldn't let go of the safe feeling she had felt just a couple of seconds ago.

She didn't want to remember the shadow homunculi who would be always watching her. How not even her own home could feel like a safe haven, a sanctuary if you will. But his voice, it made her feel as if she wasn't alone in this nightmare. It gave her the will to carry on, something she would always thank him for.

She lost her line of thoughts when she heard to sound of a dog barking, and her head turned to her faithful dog Black Hayate. He looked at her in confusion, as if to ask what was bothering her. Riza sighed and gave a weak smile, and reached her hand towards Black Hayate. As she petted him, the weak smile started to grow and she bent down to hug her dog. "How does he manage to have such good timing?" Riza asked, not expecting to hear a answer.

She let go and stared into her apartment, she hadn't took any notice of the shadows before. But now… after what had happened, she couldn't help it. Everything had a shadow and she couldn't help feeling sick. She took the clip out of her hair and walked towards her bedroom.

"Your hair looks pretty when it's down." Said a child's voice. Riza stopped in her tracks, her eyes widened at the voice. She stood still, just like in the Führer's mansion. "Why don't you leave it that for work?" Pride continued, Riza refused to answer his questions as she had some of her own.

"Are you planning to keep me in this state all the time?" She asked in a angry tone, waiting a second for him to talk. When he didn't, she asked another question. "If so, then can you leave me alone when I enter my bedroom and bathroom?"

She heard a chuckle which lasted longer then it should of. "If you wish, but don't be planning anything. You know what will happen," said Pride, still laughing. Riza nodded and began to walk again into her bedroom. As soon as she entered the room she shut the door, letting Black Hayate in with her first. (There was no way she would leave her beloved dog in the hands of that monster.) The feeling of being watched disappeared all of a sudden and Riza breathed a sigh of relief.

She fell onto her bed and stared at the ceiling, what have I gotten myself into? She asked herself and sat up. She watched Black Hayate curl up in a ball and fall alseep by her bed. Luckly dog, she stood and gave a sigh as she walked towards the bathroom. She needed to tent to her wounds.

-Meanwhile in a phone booth-

Roy stared at the phone in his hand, a couple of seconds later he gripped it hard in his hand and almost crushed it when he slammed it back into the receiver. He scowled and left the phone booth. Before getting back into his car, Roy ran on of his hands through his black hair. "Damn it," he muttered.

From the tone his Lieutenant had used on the phone before, he could sense that something wasn't right. She was quiet and didn't immediately answer him. Normally she would answer without any pauses and her voice could be heard clearly. Was something wrong? Could she be in any kind of danger? The questions he asked himself made his heart beat faster than normal and he started to breath through his mouth.

Yet he had to remember that Hawkeye wasn't just who she appeared to be. She was stronger and could act for herself. And she had saved him more time than he had saved her. Plus would Hawkeye believe that he didn't trust her, if he drove in full speed to her apartment and crash down the front door, just to see if she was ok? He grunted as he started the car, he would go home and get ready for the next day. But there was no way Roy would just let this slide. He would make sure that Armstrong would go to her workplace and check up on her.

Yes that what he would do, pretend to sent Armstrong over there to give a message to the fake human also known as the Führer. But Roy would send the man when the Führer was out, (maybe at a meeting? He did had one in the afternoon.) That way he would have no choice but to talk to Hawkeye. Then Armstrong would return to him and give him a report on it all.

Roy smiled at his plan and continued his way to his own apartment. When he reached the place he turned his head so he could see the flowers in the back seat. His smile grew and he grabbed him, before he got out of the car and walked into the building.

-The next day at Central headquarters-

"Colonel Mustang, you want to see me?" Roy lifted his head from his work when he heard the deep voice he knew well. Major Armstrong stood in the doorway, wearing what Mustang guess was the second jacket of the day. (Since he was so fond of ripping them off in a rush of glory.)

"Yes Armstrong, come in." Roy answered and the bald man obeyed. He walked nearer to Roy until he was in front of his desk. After a couple of seconds, Roy continued. "I want you to give the Führer his message and report back to me." He held up a paper note and watch Armstrong cringed at the mention of the homunculi.

"Yes sir, when do you want me to leave?"

"Right now." Roy voice was sharp and the other man raised a eyebrow.

"But sir, you know that the Führer has a meeting right now." Armstrong tried to explain, not understanding why Roy was asking him to do this.

"Then leave the message with his personal assistant." Roy face darkened at the word 'personal assistant'. When he stared back up at Armstrong, it looked like the man fully understood what Roy wanted.

"I will leave now sir." As he turned around to walk back into the hallway he was stopped by Roy's voice.

"Give her these as well, I'm sure she will like them." Roy smiled and pulled the same flowers from last night from under his desk. They haven't died yet so they stilled looked lovely and peaceful. When Armstrong saw the flowers he exploded.

"Oh what joy, the 1st Lieutenant will be so happy with flowers of your concern and…"

"Armstrong please take the flowers and put on another jacket."

-Outside the Führer's office-

Riza sat quietly at her desk outside the Führer's office, every now and then she would look out of the large windows. Since it was raining the sky was dark grey, not what you would call a nice day. When she had half finshed her useless paperwork that the Führer had ordered her to do, she stood and walked over to the window. Lost in her thoughts, her hand moved towards the mark on her neck. It still hurt along with the other bruises that Pride had gave her. She was about to return to her work when all of a sudden the door slammed open.

"Dear 1st Lieutenant, I have been sent here by Colonel Mustang!" Armstrong yellled, his voice filled with joy etc. It almost sent Riza jumping out of her skin. She quickly calmed down to question the large man who had just burst through the door.

"Major Armstrong, what does Colonel Mustang want?" She asked, her voice showing that she was worried.

"Nothing to fear, the Colonel has just wanted me to ask if there is anything troubling you. Is there?"

Riza didn't say anything, the memories of Pride and what happened in her apartment last night flash in front of her. But how could explain that to Armstrong, or Roy for that matter. "1st Lieutenant?" She jumped and looked at the man, who himself looked worried. "The Colonel has also sent these as well," from behine his back he gave or more like shoved the flowers to Riza. Who had no choice in the matter but to take him. As she gripped the flowers, Armstrong took notice of the bruises on her wrist. He also discovered the other bruises that appeared on her neck, as well as the scarch on her face. Yet he did not mention this to the woman smelling the flowers, he would report this to Roy however.

"The fool, I told him I didn't have any vases or anything. They're still nice however, tell the Colonel thank you." Armstrong nodded at what Riza had said and left the room ready to report back, his mind on what he saw on her body.

After giving a sigh, Riza moved back to her desk and place the flowers under it. It's wasn't the best spot for them, but until she could return home it would have to do. She took one last look at them before contining with the paperwork.

-Ten minutes later-

Riza hadn't even finshed what she was reading when she heard loud footsteps coming from outside the doors. At first she thought it was the Führer coming back from his meeting. But that couldn't be right, he was meant to be there for another twenty minutes, the footsteps were getting closer and Riza pulled out her side gun. Who ever this was, they weren't going to get through her that easy. She waited and listened to them, getting louder after every second. The door opened just as it did before, and Riza was surprise when she saw Roy.

"Colonel Mustang, what do I own…"

"Cut that bullshit right now Hawkeye!" Roy snapped, heading towards her in such speed. When he reached Riza, his hand moved fast and grabbed hold of her own. The other hand moved towards her face.

"SIR?!" Riza cried, clearly unsure of Roy's actions. He paid no notice to her protests and took a clear look at what Armstrong had reported to him.

When the Major had told him about the bruises, he had jumped out of his chair and headed for the door. Armstrong had pleaded that he stay, but how the hell could he? When he knew that those bastards that hurt her, how could he even let them? And he could see what they had done.

"Which one of those bastards did this to you?" He asked in a serious tone. His facal expression just as serious. Riza froze when she heard his question, and sudden reminders of what happened with Pride came running back to her. There was no way in hell would she let those homunculi put his life in danger.

"Colonel, I do not know what you are talking about." She said knowing she must hide the turth.

"HAWKEYE! TELL ME!" Shouted Roy, not careing if anyone heard him.

"Sir… I must protest…" Began Riza, trying to keep her voice clear and strong, but she knew her voice was cracking up. Tears slowly appeared from their hiding place.


"ROY GET OFF OF ME NOW!" Yelled Riza, who couldn't take it anymore. Roy blinked at her use of his first name. Never had she called him that, it was a surprise. He looked down at the wrist he was holding, he had such a tight grip that the wound had opened up and had started to bleed. His face paled at the sight and he let go of her, taking a few steps back from her. As he did this, Riza wiped the tears that had fallen and looked back up at Roy. "Sir, I…"

"No Hawkeye," he said stopping her from what she was saying. "You have done nothing wrong. I'm sorry." His face bowed, he walked to the door. Ready to leave, but before he opened the door. He turned to her one last time. "When the time comes when you can talk to me about this… please."

"When that time comes, I will." She answered and watched him leave. When the door shut, Riza returned to her desk. And slammed her hand on it.

Look at what the homunculi were doing to them, was this their plan? To make them so fearful for each other that they would turn to rage and anger? If it was then damn it was clever.

Riza looked down at her bleeding wrist, the blood already staining what she was wearing. She didn't blame Roy for this, no he was just worried. It was them. Pride and the others. Riza muttered something under her breath before returning to work, something about another reason to bring them all down.

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