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The Mystery of Kagura's Ears
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"You know what I just thought," Takino Tomo piped up through a mouthful of takoyaki.

"What?" Yomi asked, dreading where her friend was going to go with this. She had gone to the park in search of some peace and quiet, but the fact that Tomo and Osaka were with her seemed to have scared peace and quiet away.

"Kagura's ears!"

Yomi looked at Tomo in utter bemusement. "What?"

"Kagura's ears," Tomo repeated in astonishment. "I've just realised, we've never seen Kagura's ears ever!"

"That's because of the way her hair's cut," Yomi replied matter-of-factly, but Tomo was plainly not listening; in fact she appeared to have gone into a state of shock.

"She's an alien! Osaka you were right! KAGURA'S AN ALIEN!"

Osaka looked up dreamily, worry fleeting momentarily over her vacant features. "The pigtails ain't got her… have they? My gawd, the pigtails! They got Kagura!"

"You're right, Osaka! YOU'RE RIGHT! THEY GOT HER! NOOOOOOO!"

"Shut up," Yomi hissed at her friends, who were both blatantly oblivious to the fact that passers-by were now regarding them with extremely funny looks.

"But but but but but…" Tomo looked like she was about to pass out. "Why have we never seen Kagura's EARS!"

"Why are you suddenly so obsessed with this?" Yomi sighed.

Tomo looked up in astonishment, "THEY GOT YOU TOO?!?"



"Shut up."