Author's Note:Hiyaa...x This is a fanfic I took down to redo and didn't get the chance to repost it. But it's back, with a vengence!!! These are just some notes on the charcters, not neccesary to read, but it will help you figure out the characters. Please R&R. LY xxx


Mr Ron Deuter: Is the Vice-Principal of Jellicle High. He keeps things in order and is married to Miss Twinkle.

Miss Lady Griddlebone: Is the school's secretary and nurse, she makes sure everyone is happy, including herself

Miss Jenny Anydots-Shankley: is the teacher of English, she also helps out Lady Griddlebone by being a nurse. Married to Mr Shankley

Miss Jelly Lorum: the Science teacher, she is also known to have a good maternal nature.

Mr Corey Copat: the Math teacher, is very excentric and mysterious, dating Miss Tan.

Mr Gus Smith: the former Drama teacher, now a teacher of History.

Mr Skipper Shankley: has travelled the world, so therefore he teaches Geography in the school.

Miss Millie Tan: is very arty, hence the subject she teaches at the school. Her son, Mistoffelees attends the school.

Miss Grizabella Twinkle: is the teacher of Music and wife of the Principal, she has lots of experience as she used to be a showgirl on Broadway.

Mr Buster Jones: the Cookery teacher, he is a well known chef in the area.

Mme Penelope DuPrau: is a language teacher, her main language being French.

Mr Rumpus Catt: the new Sports teacher, was an Olympic champion.

Miss Bomba Lurina: the new cat on the block, she is the new Drama teacher and youngest member of staff at the school, her name will reflect her personality(?)


Angelina Connelly-Day: Victoria's younger sister, shy but clever

Barnaby Anlinson: clever but a bit of a rogue

Quaxo Mayfield: Outspoken, fancies Electra.

Sheridan Mason: Tanner's younger brother, popular.

Plato McKenna: Quiet, handsome.

Louisa Lawton: Prim and proper.

Madeline Garrett: Loves Sheridan, shy.

Gilbert Morland: Roguish and charming.

Sillabub Morland: Gilbert's twin sister, also Ghengis's younger sister.

Bill Bailey Winston: Shy, jock, charming.


Victoria Connelly-Day: Tallulah's younger sister, Angelina's older sister. Very prim and proper, spoiled.

Mistoffelees Tan: Son of Miss Tomile, idolises Victoria but is too shy to ask her out.

Electra Sparks: Boy mad but, has a dark secret...

Etcetera Clancy: Also boy mad is Electra's best friend.

Jemima Carter: Shy and innocent. Quite prim too.

Pouncival Morgan: Fancies Jemima but is too shy to go near her to ask her, cute and shy.

Tumblebrutus Harland: Pouncival's cousin, also fancies Jemima, Caring and sensitive.

Claudia Ramsay-Williams: Geeky and loves school. Sally's younger sister.

Allerton Naylor: Macavity's younger brother, a lot like him.


Tallulah Connelly-Day: Older sister of Angelina and Victoria, sensible, pretty and geeky.

Demeter Carrigan: Shy, pretty, geeky and nervous.

Mungojerrie Parker: Brother of Rumpleteazer, caring, jock, roguish and fancies Demeter.

Rumpleteazer Parker: Sister of Mungojerrie, roguish, pretty and sensitive.

Marielle Strallen: Reminds people of Miss Twinkle, pretty and she knows it.

Helena Ramsay-Williams: Marielle's shyer, prettier best friend.

Carbucketty Harland: Tumble's older brother, charming.

Victor Farrell: Loves Demeter and Rumpleteazer.

Admetus Laughlin: Very cheeky and pranks a lot of people.


Macavity Naylor: Biggest rogue ever, quite caring, strange but mysterious.

Munkustrap Peters: Has the biggest crush on Demeter, jock.

Tugger Tunmore: Ego! Jock, gorgeous, brilliant at everything.

Alonzo Mils: Team leader, jock, clever and handsome.

Cassandra Walters: Alonzo's girl, head cheerleader, sly, bitchy and pretty.

Exotica Walters: Cassandra's cousin also on the cheerleading squad, wants to be like her cousin.

Peggy Lawton: Sensitive and caring.

Ghengis Morland: Wants to be in with the popular jocks but doesn't succeed.

Zoe Sparks: Know it all, geeky and talkative. Electra's older sister.

Tanner Mason: Tugger's ex girlfriend, has an ego to match his.

Sally Ramsay-Williams: Geeky and talkative.