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"Queens and Gentletoms, welcome to your final year at Jellicle High School", rang Mr Shankley's voice inside the large assembly hall, "Unfortunately, Principal Ron McDon, sorry, wrong school, Principal Ron Deuter could not be here this morning, but has asked me to welcome you back and to say a special Jellicle 'Hi' to all our new staff", the sea of seniors gives a groan, as Mr Shankley gives a cheesy American wave. "Anyway, it would be my pleasure to introduce you all to our new members of staff, this is Mr Catt, who will be our new Sports coach, this is Madamoiselle DuPrau, obviously our Languages teacher, and this, this is..."

At that moment, an extremely late Tugger Tunmore bursts into the hall and stumbles over chairs and bags to sit next to his best friend Munkustrap Peters.

"Is there any particualr reason why you're so late Mr Tunmore?" asked an aggitated Mr Shankley, Tugger shook his head and turned crimson. "As I was saying, this young lady is Miss Lurina, she will be your new Theatre teacher".

The next moment, the school bell rung and a hundred or so students were all scrambling to get their bags and get to form period. Tugger caught the new teacher's eye and gave her a smile to die for, she returned his smile with an extremely cheeky wink, which thankfully nobody else saw.

"So, that's our new Drama teacher, huh?" Tugger asked Munk.

"Yeah, look's that way, dude!"

"And I thought she was going to be in our grade, perhaps even our form. Still, she's a hottie. Ow! What was that for?!" Exclaimed Tugger holding his ribs.

"I know she's damn fine, but that's no reason to stare at her!"

"Yeah, I know but..." he cut himself off, as he noticed her walking towards them, and he arranges his face into his charming smile.

"Hi boys, I look forward to class!"

Me too thought Tugger, as she walked on past them.

"Man, look at that ass!" mooned Munk. This time Tugger gave him a nudge in his ribs.

"I know she's damn fine, but that's no reason to stare! Come on, let's get outta here and get to form before Miss 'Dots kills us!"

And they left the hall, chatting about the summer they had just ended.

In Miss Anydots-Shankleys' homeroom, she is taking the register and welcoming her students back after the not so long summer break. "Welcome back my seniors! I hope to Heaviside you all had a brilliant summer break, and didn't get too drunk, unlike some", she said, flushing slightly, "Okay, let me just take the register. Zoé? Tanner? Macavity? Munkustrap?" he didn't answer, so she called him again, "Munkustrap?" when he didn't answer for the second time, she looked up, "Has anyone saw Munkustrap this morning, or Tugger, he's not here either?"

"Well, Mrs A. They're probably both in the Girls' Locker Rooms again, having a perv!" Zoé shouted across the room to Jenny. At that moment the two toms waltzed in, Tugger in his usual suave, nonchalant manner and Munk looking quite flustered.

"Nice of you boys to make an appearance this morning! Take a seat!" they sat in the front row, next to each other, "Now, I'm not one to shout, lads, so I won't! How were your summer vacations?"

"Great! Thanks Mrs A! What about your own?!" asked Tugger, Jenny blushed, and let out a tiny giggle.

"Mr Shanks and I spent the entire summer in our R.V, we travelled all over the States, and..." The bell rang for first period, "Now remember guys, you have me for English, third period. Now some of you have our new Drama teacher, Miss Lurina, she'll want to get to know you all, so have fun!"

The class all left with their new bags and folders cradelled in their arms, Munk and Tugger left together, they had the same lesson. Demeter was waiting for Munkustrap outside his homeroom.

"Hi Dems" he said, "do you want me to walk you to your class? What do you have?"

"Thanks Munk! I'd really like that. I've got Science with Miss Lorum"

The two cats left, leaving Tugger on his own to walk to Drama class, alone. He hunched his shoulders and headed off in the opposite way that Munk and Dem had walked, and and each queen he passed let out a sigh, but he ignored all today, he was concentrating on something else...

Author's Note: Whatever could Tugger be concentrating on more than sighing queens? What will the first day of school be like? Will anyone have a food-fight? What? I don't remember writing that last bit in! Oh well...we'll have to see won't we?