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To say that Anzu was startled when Yami grabbed her hand would be an understatement. An electric current seemed to buzz along the length of her arm, sharpening her focus towards Yami. Normally the picture of calm, his sun-darkened skin was slightly damp from sweat, and Anzu could feel his pulse racing.

'He's nervous.' A light frown touched her lips. 'But he's never nervous, not even during the most intense duels. What could be so nerve-wracking now?' Despite her concern, she was determined to find out exactly what was going on. She'd been kept out of the loop for too long now, and it was time she got some answers.

She waited until they had entered the house before speaking, somehow knowing subconsciously that Yami wouldn't reveal anything if there was a chance that someone might overhear him. "Yami?" Was it her imagination, or did Yami's shoulders just tense slightly? "Where are we going? I thought you were going to-"

"We're going to find some privacy." Yami cut her off. His voice was different than what it normally was. It was low and hesitant, completely changed from its typical cool and confident tone. "I'm sure the others will be questioning Otogi and Yugi by now." His voice had changed again, going slightly aggravated and vaguely worried.

Anzu's frown deepened. "Questioning them about what?" She all but ripped her hand out of Yami's in her agitation. "Please Yami, just tell me. I'm sick of not knowing what's going on."

Yami didn't turn to face her. He couldn't. He knew that if he did the look in her eyes would completely break what little defense he had left.

But when she gently placed her hand on his shoulder and he heard what she asked next, he couldn't prevent himself from whirling around to face her.

"Are you… Are you angry at me for something? Did I do something to make you not trust me anymore?"

"What? No!" He whipped around, arms automatically reaching out and pulling her to him. He held her close, trying to communicate as clearly as he could. "I've always trusted you, more than anyone." He whispered softly.

"Then why?" Anzu was stiff in his arms. "Why won't you tell me?" She attempted to pull back, but Yami tightened his grip around her, not yet willing to release her. "I know that Yugi's like a brother to you, but why do Kaiba and Otogi get to know and not me?" Tears sprang to her eyes unbidden at the thought of Yami not trusting her enough to reveal whatever secret he might have and instead telling his rival, someone he could barely stand to be in the same room with for more than five minutes.

Yami sighed. "I didn't even know that they knew. It came as a complete surprise to me." He frowned. "I didn't even know that Yugi knew until he started talking about it during our duel. I thought I'd hidden it well, but I guess not as well as I'd hoped."

Tears sprang to Anzu's eyes. "Hide what, Yami?" Her exasperation was clear in her voice, as was the pain.

Yami's arms tightened briefly before he released her, taking a step away. Anzu peered at him only to see that his eyes were shadowed by his bangs. "Yami?"

His shoulders tensing, Yami spoke softly. "Yugi was going to reveal something I'd only recently discovered myself, a desire for …something I feel I don't deserve after what I did in the days when I was Pharaoh."

Anzu tilted her head curiously. "What do you mean? You didn't do anything wrong when you were still Pharaoh. If anything you saved not only Egypt, but the entire world from the Shadows."

There was a small, cynical smirk on Yami's face. "Be that as it may, Egypt was still devastated from its brush with the Shadow Realm. I was forced to commit so many atrocities in order to seal the darkness away. I… should have gone with it, been sealed away alongside it. The world would be safer if I hadn't remained behind to-"

"Don't say those things!" This time it was Anzu who grabbed hold of Yami, wrapping her arms around him tightly and burying her face in his chest as though she was afraid he'd disappear right in front of her. "Don't ever say that! No one deserves to be sealed away, especially not you."

Yami looked down at the top of her head in confusion. "But if it weren't for me-"

Anzu cut him off. "If you hadn't been here, Marik would have spread the Shadow Realm over the entire world. You were the one to stop him. If you'd disappeared, Dartz would have taken everyone's souls and destroyed the world. You were the only one capable of defeating him." She lifted her head to look at him, tears streaking down her cheeks. "If you had sealed yourself away, that convict might have killed me at that restaurant. You were the one to save me that day."

Yami jerked back slightly. He'd almost forgotten that day, the day he'd first acted to protect his friends. So much had happened since then, but her words brought back the events of that day in vivid detail.

"Don't you see? We need you here, with us." Her eyes dropped and her voice lowered to a whisper. "I need you."

Yami stared at her for a moment before his gaze softened, a small smile gracing his lips. Sighing lightly, he lowered his head to rest atop hers. "Then I guess it's a good thing I stayed. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met you." Pulling back slightly, he put his hand under her chin and lifted her face. "Anzu, what Yugi was going to reveal was something I felt I wasn't worthy of." Taking a deep breath, he decided to put his heart out in plain view. "When Yugi's soul was taken by the Seal of Orichalcos, you gave me a reason to keep going. If it hadn't been for your support, I would have given up. You were the light in the darkness that gave me hope." Leaning his forehead against hers, he whispered his most guarded secret. "I love you, Anzu."

Anzu gasped softly, her eyes widening as she gazed at him. Yami closed his eyes to await her verdict, not daring to get his hopes up lest his heart be crushed.

So when he felt her hand gently touch his cheek, he opened surprised eyes to meet hers. Clouded amethyst met bright sapphire as she smiled softly at him.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear that." At his sharp intake of air, she let out a small sound, a combination of both a laugh and a sob. "I love you too. I always have. I just thought you wouldn't even be able to look at a commoner like me that way, being a powerful pharaoh and all." Giving him a shaky grin, she laughed lightly. "Guess we're the same in that way, huh?"

Joy shone in his eyes. For him, it was a dream come true. He'd been certain that Anzu would never feel the same way for him. A part of him had been too afraid to find out, sure that Anzu was in love with Yugi. They'd been friends for years before he entered the picture. He'd covered up the heartache by telling himself that he wasn't worthy of her, that he'd never be able to truly make her happy. He'd been running from his own heart, unable to believe for even a moment that she might just feel the same way about him.

Now his worries had been laid to rest and he basked in the relief he felt, leaning his forehead against hers. There was an easy silence for a time until Anzu spoke quietly, asking a question that caught Yami off guard.

"Are you going to kiss me or am I going to have to make the first move?"

Pulling back slightly, startled, Yami caught the look in her eyes. Her eyes had always revealed her emotions, and her current desire was plain to see.

Smirking, he pulled her flush against him. "Well, I can't make you wait longer than you have already, now can I?" Now that he'd been assured of her feelings for him, his confidence was making a comeback.

His low, husky voice sent delightful shivers down her spine. Tilting her head back slightly, she eagerly met his lips, savoring the experience. The kiss revealed just how deeply they felt about the other, leaving them both breathless.

A sudden shushing noise coming from the other side of the door broke them apart. Yami glared in the direction of the door before smirking lightly. Turning to Anzu, he was pleased to see her dazed eyes focus on him. Grinning, he crept over to the door.

Anzu's eyes flickered over to the door, confusion evident in her gaze. Yami motioned her to be quiet before yanking the door open without a warning.

The rest of the gang tumbled into the room, landing in a large pile of limbs. Yugi managed to end up on top and he beamed up at the two, quite obviously trying to escape from whatever punishment awaited him. "I tried to tell them not to do it, but they wouldn't listen." There were immediately loud protests heard from beneath him.

"Oh yeah? Like I heard any protesting from you when we were listening!" Jonouchi growled from the bottom of the pile. "And would you all get offa me? You're heavy!"

Yami and Anzu just watched in vague amusement as the four of them sorted themselves out. Leaning over to Anzu, Yami spoke quietly. "So what do you think? Should we punish them for spying on us, or just let them be?"

Anzu giggled, leaning against his shoulder briefly. "Oh, I'm sure we can think of something to do to them. But not right now."

Jonouchi grinned, finally standing up from the cluster of tangled bodies. "Well, it's about time you two got together." The new couple blinked and turned to look at him in mild confusion. Jonouchi grinned. "Well, you've only been droolin' over each other ever since Duelist Kingdom."

"Jonouchi!" Anzu shrieked, blushing a brilliant crimson shade. She was about to launch herself at the blond when he suddenly was knocked back to the floor, courtesy of a fist to the back of his head.

Otogi smirked down at him triumphantly before frowning thoughtfully. "Hey, I just thought of something." Everyone turned to face him. "Since Anzu managed to beat Yami, I guess she's now the Queen of Games, isn't she?"

Everyone laughed as Anzu blushed an even deeper red. Yami's arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her to lean against him. A soft smile appeared on Anzu's face as she leaned against her new boyfriend, grateful that he'd finally come to terms with both his feelings and his past.

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