Welcome, this is an epilogue to a story that has been my obsession since I've started writing it. You should know that it is written by a sick and depraved (quite literally) human being, featuring first and foremost angst. Torturous, mind numbing, depressing, angst. Also in this story you will witness the beginnings of a budding relationship between two members of the same sex, namely L, the worlds greatest detective, and Light, the worlds greatest Villain (scoffs...Sorry Kami sama) scratch that: World's greatest student.

There are many sharp turns ahead so keep reading especially if it gets boring as that is usually the precursor to something extreme happening. There ARE graphic descriptions of torture and death as well, so don't say i didn't warn you. (I apologize to everyone I haven't warned...eep!)

I also apologize for the many mistakes I make, I have no beta and worse yet, no patience. I will be refining it when the mood strikes.

Also, my character's may seem a little ooc at first, but I have a very good reason for that, which you will have to read to find out.

I do not own the or a Death Note, but If I did... it would probably end the same way.

Read on my pretties,

Dante's muse


"Bring the note book here," L stated firmly into the headset. The air outside the cockpit a maelstrom, the heavy beating of the helicopters blades, punctuated the air. Light sat next to the detective, staring ahead, watching his father carefully. The spotlights making it easy to point out the killer, he clutched at his sides as he watched. Both sick with worry, and shaking with adrenaline.

He would find out soon. His worries, his fears. He prayed that L was not right, and that he was not the original Kira. He didn't know how he knew, but this would all come to an end very soon. He watched the procession warily.

A monster?

'Both Mogi san and my father. They have both seen something?' A wave of panic roiled up in Light, could the notebook be controlling them? Light stopped for moment, baffled by his own thoughts. How could a note book control anyone? He shook it from his mind and focussed on the situation.

He watched Mogi jog up to the Helicopter and hand the notebook over to L. Why is a notebook so relevant?

"Indeed a reaper…. it truly…. exists." L said staring off in the distance eyes wide.

Light couldn't believe his ears, why was L staring off in the direction of Higuchi's car? Was some kind of group hypnosis at play?

"Ryuzaki, is it true!? Let me see that." He grabbed the note from Ryuzaki's unflinching hands. Instantly a wave of nausea, then as if a strong sense of nostalgia came over him, within seconds his mind roared with the memories.

'He was Kira! No…. No it can't be. Why? Oh god what have I done?' He cried out a long and anguished cry. When he came back to himself, sitting in the chopper with Ryuzaki in the pilot seat and Watari in the back a ready sniper, L was watching him through suspicious eyes.

A tear escaped one eye and fell steadily down his cheek. His heart beating against its bone cage, threatening to drown out the rotary blades as they mercilessly cut through the air.

He couldn't stand it, in a moment of madness; he grabbed the gun from the console and put it to his head. Ready to stop the killings, ready to send himself to whatever awaited him in death. He clicked the safety off, staring blankly ahead.

But L was on him in seconds, the gun being pulled away, Light fought for it. The struggle continued on for a moment until L got the gun away from him. Light reaching for it, eyes wide in fear.

"You must kill me Ryuzaki! I can't be alive anymore. I am Kira!" Light was frantic, still reaching for the gun as tears streamed down his face. He was crazed, but L merely held the gun out of his reach a restraining hand on Light's chest as the teen reached out for it.


"Yes L" the old man retreated from his sniping position and pulled a box from his jacket pocket, something that he kept on him always since the incarceration of Light Yagami.

He readied the needle and grabbed the flailing teen's arm before roughly injecting him with the sedative, the needle bent in his arm from the struggling and L winced.

Light quickly went slack, slumping in their arms. Watari brought the teen's hands behind him and cuffed him securely. Leaning him back against his seat.

A loud wailing could be heard in the distant ruckus and L could see the chief doubled over in utter anguish.

"I assume you all heard that over the head sets?" The task force stood staring blankly at the chief's sorrow. Matsuda, scrubbed at his wet eyes, and helped the chief to stand.

"Yes." Came the solemn reply from Mogi who with the help of Aizawa put Higuchi into the back of an unmarked van.

L's eyes turned on to the still furrowed brow of the teen.

"We will be back at head quarters." L stated before ripping the headset off his head and taking off towards the building that had helped in Kira's downfall. He glanced somberly at the teen.

"I win."