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Kishu, I'm Pregnant

Chapter one: Surprise


Mornings had not been a pleasant experience for Ichigo for the past week. This morning was no exception to the rule. Within ten minutes of waking up, Ichigo's stomach rolled prompting an inelegant rush to the bathroom. Ichigo slammed the bathroom door shut behind her and dropped to her knees in front of the toilet just as her body purged itself of the non-existent contents of her stomach. Gagging and heaving, Ichigo groaned loudly. What is wrong with me? Once the vomiting stopped Ichigo dropped her pounding head onto the toilet seat and took several deep breaths. Being sick like this really took it out of her. Her body was shaking and she felt both hot and cold at once.

Pulling herself to her feet, Ichigo flushed the toilet and walked over to the basin to wash her mouth out. There were dark circles under her eyes from restless nights and she was paler than normal. It wouldn't be so bad if the sickness was only in the morning but she was often sick in the afternoon or evening as well. So far Ichigo had kept this from her parents, but she knew it was only a matter of time before they noticed.

As if conjured up by her thoughts, Ichigo's mother walked into the bathroom at that moment. Ichigo jerked upright in surprise. "Mum! Can't I have a little privacy?"

"How long have you been vomiting for?" Sakura demanded without permeable.

"What? I –" Ichigo started to protest but the way her mother's eyes narrowed and her jaw tightened made her think better of it. "Almost a week," Ichigo muttered.

"Oh honey, why didn't you say something to me?" Sakura sighed in disappointment. Ichigo dropped her eyes to the floor in shame. "Well, whatever the reason you are coming with me to the hospital today. I shall call the school and let them know that you're not going in."

"I don't need to see a Doctor mum it's just a stomach bug or something." Ichigo tried to protest. Sakura was shaking her head before Ichigo even finished speaking.

"I know you've been sick at school and throwing up for a whole week is bad news, Ichigo. You have to see someone about this. You could have a serious problem." Sakura stepped up to her sixteen year old daughter and tucked a lock of her red hair behind her ear. "I'm doing this because I care about you."

"I know mum. Ok, I'll see the Doctor." In a way Ichigo was grateful for her mother insisting that she see a Doctor. This throwing up was getting tiring and maybe the Doctor would be able to solve it.

"Good girl," Sakura kissed her daughter's cheek.

"Is everything ok in there?" Ichigo smiled at the sound of her father's voice.

"We're ok honey!" Sakura called back. She left the bathroom and Ichigo followed her. Shintaro was already dressed in a suit and tie and was holding a steaming cup of tea in one hand and the morning newspaper in the other. "Ichigo is feeling a little poorly so she's coming with me to the Doctor's office this morning."

"Oh," Shintaro gave his daughter a concerned look, "are you alright, Ichigo?"

"I'll be fine dad. I'm sure it's nothing serious." Ichigo said, more confidently that she felt. Shintaro seemed satisfied by her response though, as he nodded and headed back downstairs. "I'm going to get dressed mum."

"Ok sweetheart, I'll give the Doctor a call." Sakura kissed her daughter's forehead before following her husband downstairs. Ichigo sighed and walked back into her bedroom. She really hoped the Doctor could figure out what was wrong with her.


Later that morning Ichigo was sitting in the waiting room of the local hospital next to her mother. The waiting room was almost empty today with the news playing softly through the TV mounted on the far wall. Sakura kept shooting her daughter worried looks but Ichigo pretended not to notice them. For some reason Ichigo had a craving for bananas. She had never really liked them before but right now they were all she could think about. Weird cravings had been cropping up often over the past week. Strange that while she was being sick she would have cravings at the same time. Ichigo glanced at the clock on the wall. Maybe she had time to go over to the café and see if they had any bananas?

"Miss and Mrs Momomiya?" A male voice called from the other end of the waiting room. Sakura stood up and motioned Ichigo to follow her. Ichigo pushed thoughts of bananas out of her mind as she followed her mother. The Doctor was tall and slim with short black hair and friendly blue eyes. Ichigo guessed he would be in his late twenties or early thirties. He gave them both a warm smile and extended a hand towards them. "Good morning, my name is Doctor Nanaimo and I will be looking after you today."

"Morning Doctor, I am Sakura Momomiya, Ichigo's mother." Sakura shook the Doctor's hand. The Doctor held his hand out to Ichigo who shook it. The Doctor's hand was warm and he had a firm grip. Ichigo relaxed at once and smiled at him.

"Please come this way," Doctor Nanaimo turned and walked down a long narrow corridor. Sakura and Ichigo followed him until he stopped outside an open door. "Please come in and make yourself comfortable." Ichigo looked around with interest as she entered the Doctor's office. The office was large and airy with a large window set into the wall opposite the door covered with blinds for privacy. A bed was pushed against the right hand wall should the patient need to lie down while the Doctor examined them. On the left was a large wooden desk with a computer and large printer taking up most of the space. Several stacks of papers were arranged in neat piles or left in plastic trays. Two chairs sat in front of the desk which Ichigo and her mother sat in. Nanaimo shut the door cutting out the noise from the rest of the hospital and moved to sit behind his desk.

"Right, what seems to be the problem Miss Momomiya?" Nanaimo gave Ichigo an encouraging smile as he picked up Ichigo's file and placed it on his knee.

"You can call me Ichigo." Ichigo smiled.

"Very well, Miss Ichigo, what seems to be the problem?"

"Well, I've been throwing up for about a week now; usually in the mornings but sometimes during the afternoon or late evening as well." Ichigo admitted. Nanaimo nodded and scribbled something down in his file.

"I see. Have you eaten anything different or new recently?"

"Not really," Ichigo answered.

"Are you allergic to anything?"

"I don't think so." Ichigo glanced at her mother who shook her head.

"Ichigo has never been sick like this before. I'm worried because she's been sick for so long." Sakura spoke her brow furrowed in concern. Nanaimo nodded, also looking concerned.

"Have you been drinking plenty of fluids?"

"My mum buys this green tea which I like. It helps settle my stomach as well."

"Would you say that your appetite has increased or decreased during your sickness?" Nanaimo wrote something down in the file before raising his head to meet Ichigo's eyes.

"Um, I would say I'm actually eating more. I assumed it was because I was being sick all the time so my body was trying to replace what I had lost." Ichigo shrugged with an uncertain grin. Nanaimo hummed thoughtfully and wrote something else down.

"How are you sleeping?"

"Not great," Ichigo replied honestly.

"Do you feel like you have the flu?" Nanaimo twirled his pen around his fingers.

"I feel weak and shaky after being sick but other than that I don't feel too bad." Ichigo wondered where this line of questioning was going.

"Is it your time of the month?" Nanaimo asked. Ichigo shook her head. "When was your last period?"

"Err, a month ago I think." Ichigo frowned. She often forgot exactly when her cycle came around.

"So you haven't had a period this month?" There was an edge to Doctor's Nanaimo's voice now. He didn't sound angry, just interested as if an idea had just occurred to him.

"No but my periods tend to vary from month to month," Ichigo admitted. Nanaimo nodded as he wrote something down. He then opened several drawers and started searching through them. Ichigo shot her mother a confused glance. Sakura shrugged so Ichigo turned her gaze back to Nanaimo. After a few more seconds of searching Nanaimo let out a triumphant sound and sat back up. He was holding a small white box in his hands.

"I thought I still had one of these around here." Nanaimo handed the box to Ichigo. "Do you know what this is used for?" Ichigo looked down and felt her eyes widen as she saw the words 'pregnancy test' across the box.

"What – why did you give this to me?" Ichigo stammered while her face heated up.

"Morning sickness is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy." Nanaimo said gently. "It is unlikely that you have eaten something bad if you are still being sick. If you had food poisoning you would be feeling far worse than you look."

"Don't be ridiculous, Ichigo can't be pregnant." Sakura said with total confidence. Nanaimo gave Sakura an understanding smile.

"Let's be certain of that, after all it doesn't do any harm to take the test." Nanaimo turned back to Ichigo who hadn't moved since she had been given the pregnancy test. "Do you know what to do?" Ichigo shook her head mutely. "Ok, open the box and take out the plastic stick." Ichigo did so, her movements jerky and stiff as if she were a robot. "Now, you need to pee on that end of the stick. It will only take a few minutes for the results to show. The bathroom is down the hall," Nanaimo pointed, "feel free to help yourself to some water from the cooler in the hall if you don't need to go."

"No I'm fine," Ichigo squeaked before jumping to her feet and practically running out of the door. She couldn't be pregnant! What nonsense….right? Ichigo found the bathroom and went inside locking the door behind her. After doing her business Ichigo walked slowly back to Nanaimo's office holding the stick tightly. It would be negative. It had to be negative.

When Ichigo walked back into the office the Doctor and her mother stopped talking suddenly. Ichigo knew they had been talking about her but she was too wired to worry about it now. Ichigo sat down and handed the stick to Doctor Nanaimo without a word. Nanaimo gave her a reassuring smile as he took the stick but all Ichigo managed was a weak grimace in return. It felt like forever as Nanaimo studied the stick but it couldn't have been more than a minute before he raised his head. Ichigo knew the result by the look in his eyes.

"Miss Ichigo, the test is positive." Ichigo heard her mother gasp in shock and horror. Ichigo's heart jumped in her chest and her breath caught in her throat. Pregnant…I'm pregnant….oh God. Ichigo's vision blurred as the reality of the situation washed over her. She felt coldness spread down her chest and heard Nanaimo say her name before everything went black.

*Flashback – 4 weeks ago*

Ichigo lay on her bed staring up at the ceiling without seeing it. It had been so long now since Masaya had left for America to study to be a Doctor. It had been Masaya's dream to help people in need and Ichigo knew that by going to an American school, Masaya would get the best chance possible to achieve his dream. She had been so proud of him and she knew she couldn't hold him back. He had said that he would stay in Japan if that was what Ichigo wanted and her heart had tightened in her chest at those words. But this was Masaya's future and Ichigo wanted him to be happy, even if she wouldn't be. So she made him leave. She smiled and waved at the airport and never let Masaya see her tears. Over the past months their contact had dwindled to almost nothing. Masaya was busy with his studies and his new friends.

Ichigo rolled over and buried her face into her pillow. Masaya's departure had left a void in her chest that she felt would never be filled. She missed him so much, all the time. Her mew friends were worried about her as were her parents. Her mother told her that another guy would come along but Ichigo couldn't believe that. How could anyone possibly take away this weight in her chest?

"Hey there kitty!" Ichigo jumped and sat up to see none other than Kishu hovering outside her window.

"Kishu," Ichigo sighed.

"I just thought you should know that we have a new full proof plan to defeat you and the mews for good!" Kishu boasted as he floated in through Ichigo's open window into her room.

"Good for you," Ichigo said quietly drawing her knees to her chest.

"This planet will be ours before tomorrow!"

"Ok, then." Ichigo wrapped her arms around her knees and stared into nothing. Kishu paused to examine his arch-enemy. Ichigo's hair was limp and unwashed and she looked miserable. Kishu dropped to the floor and reached out to touch Ichigo's face. He was shocked to feel tears dripping down her cheeks.

"Kitty, what's wrong?" Kishu asked his voice unusually gentle. Ichigo shook her head even as a gasp forced its way out of her chest. "Hey, this isn't about what I said right? I mean, I always say that but you always kick our collective asses' right?" Kishu tried to joke but Ichigo didn't laugh. "Ichigo…" the sound of her name coming from Kishu's lips made her look up into golden eyes. Even when she was with Masaya, Ichigo had harboured feelings for Kishu. She had told herself that he was the enemy and she wasn't single anymore but it hadn't stopped her from wondering what it would be like to be with him.

Ichigo burst into tears. Kishu stared in shock before kneeling on the bed and pulling the red head mew into his arms and holding her gently. Ichigo buried her face into his chest and let everything she had been feeling for the past months out in a great rush. Kishu gently rocked her while speaking softly in her ear. Kishu's body was warm and firm against Ichigo's as his heartbeat echoed in her ears. It seemed the perfectly natural thing to tilt her head up and kiss him on the lips. Kishu froze in startled surprise. Ichigo marvelled at the way her lips fit so well over Kishu's. They had only kissed once before but that hadn't been a proper kiss, not really. This, this was a real kiss. It made Ichigo's heart pound and her head spin in a way that Masaya's kisses never had.

"Ichigo…is this ok?" Kishu whispered against Ichigo's lips his voice hesitant. Kishu's uncertainly only made Ichigo bolder.

"Yes," Ichigo answered simply and pecked Kishu on the lips, cheeks and nose. "Please Kishu, I need this." Kishu pulled back enough to look into Ichigo's eyes. Ichigo stared back and let Kishu see her conviction.

"You are so beautiful," Kishu murmured softly making Ichigo laugh.

"I don't feel very beautiful right now." Ichigo admitted.

"Then let me show you just how beautiful you are." Kishu whispered huskily as his eyes darkened. Ichigo licked her lips as her mouth went dry. Then Kishu was kissing her and all thoughts of Masaya fled from her mind as she let herself fall into Kishu's embrace.


Ichigo woke up on the floor of Doctor Nanaimo's office with her mother and the Doctor hovering over her. Sakura gasped out Ichigo's name once she saw her daughter was awake and pulled her into a hug.

"Oh my baby girl, are you alright?"

"Now Mrs Momomiya we should give Miss Ichigo a moment to breathe." Nanaimo warned kneeling beside Ichigo. "How are you feeling Miss Ichigo? I'm sorry I gave you such a shock."

"No its ok, it was just so…unexpected." Ichigo pushed herself into a sitting position. I'm pregnant with Kishu's child. What will I tell the other mews? God, what am I going to tell my parents? Hey mum and dad, I'm pregnant by an alien, hope that's ok. Ichigo shuddered.

"Could the test be wrong Doctor?" Sakura asked taking her daughter's hand and squeezing it tight.

"It could be, yes." Nanaimo admitted. "Miss Ichigo, I realise this is a very personal question, but have you had unprotected intercourse recently?" Ichigo swallowed hard and glanced at her mother. Sakura stared back at her daughter, her face unreadable.

"Four weeks ago," Ichigo admitted softly as if hoping no one would hear her. Sakura gasped and her hand gripped Ichigo's almost painfully tight.

"But honey, who was he? I didn't even know you were seeing someone!" Sakura pressed Ichigo's hand between her two. Ichigo felt terrible for making her mother look so distressed.

"It was only the once and it just sort of happened." Ichigo turned to her mother and wrapped her free hand around her mother's. "I'm so sorry mum, I didn't mean for this to happen."

"It only takes once I'm afraid." Nanaimo said unhelpfully. Ichigo ignored him and focussed on her mother.

"I know sweetheart," Sakura took a deep breath and faced the Doctor. "How soon can we book an abortion?" Abortion? Nanaimo sat back and studied Ichigo with an unnerving intensity.

"We can sort something out right away, but only if that is what Miss Ichigo wants." Sakura turned expectantly to her daughter. Ichigo swallowed hard. Abortion was the easy way out of all this. No one would need to know what she and Kishu had done or about her condition. Her life would go on as it had before and nothing would change. But, everything had already changed. The way Kishu had held her and looked at her that night had told her all she needed to know about how he felt for her. Ichigo didn't want to destroy the life that their feelings had created.

"I don't want an abortion." Ichigo said her voice stronger than she thought it would be. "I want to have the baby."

"Ichigo! You're only sixteen!" Sakura cried out in horror.

"I know mum, and I know this will be difficult but I want to do this." Ichigo smiled at her mother.

"I don't think you comprehend just how difficult having a child is, Ichigo." Sakura's voice was gentle but firm. "You have no financial funds to support you or your child and you'll have to drop out of school once the child is born. Babies are a twenty four seven job and they are for life. You can't just decide you've had enough and give them back."

"I won't give up," Ichigo said firmly, "but I can't do this without you mum." Ichigo's voice wobbled slightly. "Please, I need you and dad to help me through this. I know it's a lot to ask and it's selfish but I need you. We need you," Ichigo placed a hand against her stomach. Sakura was quiet for a long time and Ichigo braced herself for the anger.

"Oh my darling, when did you become so mature?" Sakura whispered in wonder before pulling Ichigo into her arms. "Of course I will be there for you. And so will your father. We'll be there every step of the way."

"Mum," Ichigo hiccupped and buried her face in her mother's chest. Mother and daughter held each other tight for several minutes as they accepted the situation before them. Nanaimo watched this with a smile and coughed quietly to get their attention.

"I'm sorry to spoil the moment but there are things we need to discuss Miss Ichigo."

"Of course, yes." Ichigo wiped her eyes and stood up. Sakura also stood and wrapped an arm around her daughter's young shoulders. Ichigo knew a huge challenge lay ahead of her and she didn't know if she was ready for it but she did know that she wanted this child. This was her baby and no one was going to harm them.

*End Chapter*

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