Where the heck did you people come from? This story is old! Ancient! it should be dead and buried!

...Damnit, leave it to Naruto to bring even a STORY back from the Dead.

Right, so this story was written with far too many ellipsis and the second Chapter needs a better ending.

So you know what?! I'm gonna rewrite this! That's right, I'm doing a REWRITE!

I need betas to bounce ideas off of, preferably ones with Skype, so if you want to keep this story going, help yourself by helping me keep the creative juices flowing!

... Seriously folks, I had some ideas for this fic, but they got swept to the wayside due to the fact that Shippuden made me lose any and all interest in the franchise. I might twist a few things to involve Sasuke, since he might be interested in the guy who also survived Itachi's onslaught, but I also have to work in the plot twist of Itachi's true intentions. I'm not sure if how I've written things have altered that, but I'm trying to keep as many canon elements as I can.

If not for everyone's constant reviews and messages, I wouldn;t have gotten up off my duff to rewrite this, so thank you all...

But seriously, how the hell did you all find me? PLEASE! I need to know!