Another random brainfart

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It was a nice summer day in the Rokkaku tennis courts. But everybody didn't feel like practicing. They just laid down on the tennis courts and stared into the blue, blue sky. Such a lovely day...

"I don't really want to practice." Kurobane said shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun.

"But you know we have to practice." Saeki reminded him.

"Then why are you lying down?" Ryou asked turning to look at the vice-captain.

"I...I just wanted a rest that's all"

"But we didn't even start playing."

"It's so hot that we could cook an egg on the street. It would taste stony. Pfft."

Amane recieved a kick to his side. ::I'm really sorry but I can't make puns to save my life.::

Silence fell again and they just lied there. Until Kentarou jumped up and shouted, "If we're so bored, let's play hide-and-go-seek!"


"Why?" Saeki said while sitting up.

"I don't know!" Kentarou said. "Since we're all bored let's just play!"

"I'm in." Ryou said standing up and stretching.

"Me too."

"And me."

"Nande. Nande. Why aren't we starting?"

Everyone but Itsuki stared Saeki. And he sighed and stood up with the rest of them. "Fine. I'll play."


"So who's going to be 'it'?" Kurobane asked.



Everyone was paper but Ryou who was rock. He sighed, and faced the tree. Turning around he said, "What number should I count up to?"

"Oh! Oh!" Kentarou said jumping up and down. "Count to fifty and then spin five times and then walk around the tree ten times and th-"

"I think that's enough Kentarou." Saeki said trying not to laugh at Ryou's incredolus look.

"...And the safe place?"

"The tree of course."

"Well. Let's start!" Kurobane said punching the air. Steam came out from Itsuki's nose. Amane was about to mutter something but was kicked by Kurobane.

Sighing, Ryou turned around and started to count. "1...2...3..."

There was much whispering and commotion. Itsuki kept ramming Kurobane and the others. There was much fighting for some hiding spots and bickering.

"...49...50." Ryou opened his eyes and started to spin 5 times. After trying to regain his balance he walked around the tree ten times.

He set out to find the others.

He checked the most obvious places first. Under the slides, in the tunnels...they weren't anywhere.

'They hid themselves well...'

This was going to be a LOONG day...

and here it is...this is going to be a multiple chapter story...this is for Rokkaku because they don't recieve much love...::hugs Rokkaku::

hope you people liked it so far. It's not that funny yet.