Okay sorry if this fic was taking too long...I'm an idiot and I apologize :D.

"Where is he?" Kentarou said climbing up a tree and looking around. "Amane hides well..."

And since the others(minus Ryou) were also bored, they decided to go look for him as also.

"Where in the name of (insert curse word here) is he?!" Kurobane said swatting away a fly.

"Calm down. Calm down... isn't this the fun of it?" Saeki said.

"Nande. Nande. Why is Kurobane so angry?"

"Don't worry Itsuki. He's not angry at you."

"Then who is he angry at?"

"Probably Amane because of him, Kurobane can't look for everyone else..." Saeki did a bunch of hand movements and gestures.

Everyone else was confused.


Amane was so smart. Every 5 minutes, he would look for a new place to hide! This ensured that it would be harder to look for him! He should be called the tensai of Rokkaku! He was thinking about how smart he was that he forgot to move to a new spot.


"I'm tired of looking for him." Ryou whined. "Can I go home now?"

"NO!" everyone shouted at him.

"Wait you guys..." Kentarou shushed them. "Is that giggling I hear?"

Everyone stopped to listen.



Amane was too busy giggling to realize that the rest of the the team was over him.

"Hey! I just passed this place when I started and he wasn't here!"

Amane looked up. Oh no...HE HAD TO RUN THE TREE! But the others were too fast. Kurobane, Itsuki, and Saeki held him down when Kentarou ran to the tree.

"YES!" they all shouted excluding Ryou and Amane.

"Why did it take us such a long time to find you?!" Kurobane shouted.

"I switched every five minutes..."

"Okay!" Kentarou announced, "That's illegal from now on!"

"Nande nande...will we get sent to jail?"

"No. No. It's not allowed in the game."

"Rock, paper, scissors time?"

Everyone agreed. Itsuki, Amane, and Kurobane duked it out. Itsuki and Kurobane both got scissors and Amane got paper. So now Amane was it.

"Remember the rules!" Kentarou called out.

Amane put up a thumbs up and said, "Oh yeah." (as in Kool-Aid) which of course led to Kurobane kicking him. (that wasn't really a pun)

Everyone laughed.

Ryou sighed. Did he really have to be here?