Shikimori Kazuki had always been the silent type of guy. He was always quiet in class, never liked to talk too much, and spent most of his days in his room. He was very reserved, unlike the rest of his class, who were all loud and rowdy. Kazuki liked his solitude, because it allowed him to accomplish his missions without too much interference.

So why the hell were there suddenly 3 girls all over him?

He pondered to himself as he tried to figure out what had changed in his life. He had no idea what had brought this upon him.

Miyama Yuna, a cute pink-haired girl with a nice body. She was extremely cheerful, and always clinging onto Kazuki. He didn't know why, but apparently she got it in her head that she was Kazuki's wife, something that he was sure he never had or will never get.

Kazetsubaki Kuriko, a sexy blond who was one of the hottest girls at school and came from one of the wealthiest families in the world. She apparently wanted him for his genes and was willing to go to any length to get it.

Kamishiro Rin, a dark haired girl who was a competent swordswoman, and came from the branch family of the wealthy Kamishiros. She was also quite well known at his school. She was very dignified and reserved , and seemed revolted at having to get Kazuki's genes. Rin looked as if she would rather kill him than marry him.

Now all three of them were bickering over him, yelling about who should get either him, his genes, or his severed head on a platter.

Poor Kazuki was very confused.

"I'm his wife!" Yuna yelled.

"I need his genes!" Kuriko yelled.

"Let me at him! I'll kill him in one blow!" Rin cried as she was held back by Yuna and Kuriko who were yelling at each other.

"Ummm...I'll just go now..." Kazuki slowly edged away from the scene, but immediately, the girl's attention turned to him.

"Not so fast!" Kuriko said and grabbed him by collar of his shirt and dragged him back in the middle of the fight "Now decide! Do you want her?" she motioned toward Yuna "Her?" she motioned to Rin "or me?" she indicated herself in a seductive manner as she winked at him and began to undress...

"Hey! That's not fair!" Yuna yelled and butted in between the two. "Kazuki-san!"

"Ummm...ummm..." he looked for a way to get out of this predicament. Unlike other guys, who would have killed to be in this situation, Kazuki was very uncomfortable. Then he saw the opening to escape. "I'll decide in the morning!"

He made a break for it. Surprising the girls, he dashed straight back to his room, locked the door, and threw himself under the covers. The girls, flabbergasted, sat in the hallway and blinked.

"Errr...I'll just...come back tomorrow..." the girls weakly said and left on their own separate ways.


Kazuki awoke with a start at the annoying bleeping of his hated alarm clock. He groaned and hit the off button. After grumbling some incoherent words, he got out of his bed and got dressed for school. He had spent half the night, fearing that one of the girls would sneak into his room stuff...

When he was finally ready to go to school, he grabbed his backpack as well as the duffel bag containing his equipment and the result of last night's mission. After locking his room behind him, Kazuki quickly ran out the dorm, shouted a greeting to the caretaker, and walked his way back to school.

He arrived to class as usual, and went straight to his seat. The rest of the class ignored him, which was just how Kazuki liked it. He settled into his relaxed position, resting his hands on his palms. His thoughts settled on those girls he met yesterday. He wondered if they could have mistook him for someone else...

Immersed in his thoughts, Kazuki didn't pay much attention to the sounds of conversation that surrounded him or what was the topic. If he listened just a little more closely...

"Did you hear? We're getting a new student in our class today!"

"I heard that she was really cute!"

"Maybe I should ask her out you know!"

Leading the conversation was Nakamaru, who was grinning avidly as he quite loudly talked about the supposed new hot girl. However, all the conversation ceased as their homeroom teacher entered the room. Kaori Iba, the female teacher of 2-A was a game enthusiast and could be caught playing video games on her portable system every second of class, even if she was in the middle of teaching. She was quite laid back and did little to discipline the rowdy 2-A, as she was so busy playing her video games.

"I'm sure you all heard by now..." Iba-sensei said in her usual tired morning tone "that we have a new student today. So please don't act like idiots now and make our class look at least a little behaved?"

"Hai, Sensei!"

The usual reply came and Iba sighed. She knew that they would be as rowdy as ever. Shaking her head, she indicated for figure from outside of the door to come in. The door slid open. Kazuki's jaw dropped.

It was Miyama Yuuna, the pink haired girl from yesterday. She was wearing his school's uniform. And she was wearing a giant grin as she noticed Kazuki.

"Well introduce yourself." Iba-sensei said and motioned toward the chalkboard. Yuuna walked up to it and grabbed a piece of chalk.

"My name is Miyama Yuuna...ah no wait..." she stopped writing in her name and then wiped it off with the blackboard eraser "My name is Shikimori Yuuna. I'm Shikimori Kazuki's wife!"

There was sudden gasp and a dead quiet as all the heads in the class turned toward Kazuki, who's mouth was still wide open from the shock of seeing Yuuna in his class.

It was quite for a moment and then all hell broke.


"I reject this marriage! This marriage is unacceptable by the class!" Kazuki snorted at that comment. As if this class had a say in his life, though he did sort of think the marriage was unacceptable. He was only a student.

"You bastard! What kind of trick did you pull on that girl? You cheater!" Nakamaru yelled and seemed to want to strangle him.

"As the whole class voted, this marriage is deemed unacceptable!" One of the males shouted. The rest all agreed. The females in the class seem to be more interested in how Kazuki got married to this Yuuna, while the males were busy trying to break them up.

"OI QUIET!" Iba-sensei yelled. She was ignored.

Suddenly, the doors to the classroom slid open once again. Two more girls ran in, this time it was Kuriko and Rin. Kuriko ran in, looked around, and noticed Yuuna and pointed at her.

"That's unfair! I'm transferring to his class too! Kazuki is MINE!" Kuriko shouted and then turned to Kazuki. "Ne, Kazuki?"

She winked and lifted her skirt out a little. All the guys in the class, as well as a few girls fainted.

Rin seemed pissed "This is annoying. All this Shikimori does is to make trouble. And now I have to move to his class?"

"Wait, why is Kazetsubaki-san and Kamishiro-san here?" someone shouted as they noticed the two newcomers.

"Well isn't that obvious." Kuriko said and sashayed her way up to Kazuki and sat on his desk and crossed her long slender legs. She winked at him "I'm here to have his children."

"Me too..." Rin bitterly muttered, reluctant to say it. She glared at Kazuki as if he was some unwanted stray dog who just marked his territory on her foot.

"I'm his wife!" Yuuna said cheerfully as she giddily hugged Kazuki from behind. Kazuki was completely lost; he had no idea what to do.

Dead silence reigned in the room. And then it erupted in a mass of shouting.


"Not only the new girl, but Kazetsubaki and Kamishiro too!"

"No way, how could they fall for such a useless person like that."

"Kill him! Kill!"

The class seemed ready to kill him. At sensing the murderous intents, Kazuki immediately shifted into his soldier mode. His hand flickered toward the hidden combat knife made of Anti-Magic metal hidden in his clothes. As one of the jealous males and certain female fans of either Kuriko or Rin seemed to prepare a magic spell, Kazuki began to pull it out...

Then, Dr. Haruaki Akai stepped in the classroom. That's what probably saved Kazuki from massacring the entire class. Dr. Akai seemed to know what Kazuki was doing as he looked at Kazuki witheringly. Almost as soon as everyone noticed his presence, they all quieted down. He always held a commanding authority over all students.

"Calm down, everybody. I can explain this." Dr. Akai said and motioned toward Kazuki and the 3 girls who was now attempting to seduce him. "They're here after his genes."

"His genes?" one of the students asked.

"Yes, Shikimori Kazuki comes from a long line of powerful western and eastern magicians. All of his ancestors were once the strongest mages in the world. And that magical power is hereditary. That power has been passed down to Kazuki. Though he may not have much magic attempts, his genes carry the most powerful magic in the world. It's possible that he may bear a child with power beyond anything ever imagined. I'm guessing the Kazetsubaki, Kamishiro, and Miyama families, all very prominent, realized this and sent their daughters to secure a place as Shikimori-kun's wife so they may have powerful children with his genes." Dr. Akai said and looked at Kuriko, who nodded along with Rin. The rest of the class gaped.

"So you're saying..." a red-haired female asked dumbstruck "that Kazuki's children will be the most powerful mages on Earth?"


There was another moment of dead quiet before suddenly, all of the females in the class turned on Kazuki and grinned.

"KAZUKI-SAN! I LOVE YOU! PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!" They all shouted. Within an instant, Shikimori was surrounded with all of the girls, all of whom who never had so much as talked with him before.

One of the most desired things these day was powerful magic. Everyone wanted more of it, from normal students to the governments of each country. And when someone's genes had great magic potential, such as Kazuki, they were bound to be lucky with all the females.

As Kazuki was mobbed by lots of girls and surrounded by hordes of angry guys, he sent one look towards Dr. Akai, who understood immediately.

Dr.Akai's calm voice echoed through the room. "I'm sorry, but I would like to see Kazuki in my moment for a moment. Alone."

Immediately, the noise died down. All of the girls, including Kuriko, Rin and Yuuna, parted and allowed Kazuki to grab his bag and walked out of the room. But they gave him looks as if they were starving wolves glaring at a piece of raw meat.

Kazuki and Dr. Akai walked quietly and slowly through the hallways, as groups of curious students peered at them. They quickly arrived at the school doctor's office and entered. Almost immediately, Dr. Akai placed a barrier on the room.

"To keep out any eavesdroppers." Dr. Akai plainly stated. At that exact moment, nearly everyone from Kazuki's class was outside the room, trying to listen in.

Kazuki turned on Dr. Akai "How did they find out about my genes? I thought that was confidential information."

"It is." Dr. Akai said "Anything that pertains to you was deleted once you were conscripted into Project MABURAHO. There should be no way they found out about that."

"So now what?" Kazuki glared at Dr. Akai, who shrugged.

"If three such prominent families discovered your background, than it is certain other rich families and eventually the public will have found out as well. At this point, you will be surrounded by nearly every female in this city." Dr. Akai said, as he turned on his laptop computer.

"That is bad. This could get in the way of future missions." Kazuki stated emotionlessly.

"I wish you'd stop focusing on your missions. You should enjoy such an opportunity, as long as Project MABURAHO isn't discovered." Dr. Akai sighed. Kazuki was way too serious for someone of his age. Despite the fact that he could put on a believable performance as an high school boy, he was completely business once he no longer had to put on a mask for the public. "In the worst case, you'll have to be returned to HQ and live there instead of the civilian world. I know its less suspicious if you could maintain the image of a normal teenager, but it'll become difficult at this rate."

"Whichever way is fine." Kazuki said and handed him the duffel bag containing the final results of last night's mission. "But I am a weapon to be used of and disposed. Do not expect me to keep this disguise up. I am a soldier and always will be until I die."

With that, Kazuki left the room. Dr. Akai sighed. It was he who suggested that Kazuki go undercover as a normal high school student. He had hoped that Kazuki would get a chance to experience a normal life and maybe escape the inevitable ending for him. He hoped that the soldier would lose his hard outer emotional armor and learn to live life peacefully. It seemed he expected too much.

Dr. Akai reached into a hidden compartment under his desk and pulled out a bottle of liquor. Alcohol wasn't allowed in school, but he didn't give a damn. He downed the drink, and felt the soothing affects of alcohol, just like he did everyday...


Kazuki didn't bother to return to the classroom as he slammed the door open; his grades might be lowered but its not like he ever gave a damn about them anyway. Eavesdroppers squeaked and scurried around. He stormed through the hallways and quickly arrived at the exit to the school. He felt like returning to his room in his dorm and relaxing on his bed.

He'd preferred to return to the hidden base where he first trained in the beginning of Project MABURAHO. This whole nonsense of maintaining a high school life made no sense to him. There would be no need to live a disguise if he could just disappear forever and without a trace. Then he would go on suicide mission after mission until he finally died, something he knew would absolutely happen. It was what Project MABURAHO was after all.

As he marched across the grounds, he suddenly heard the voice of Miyama Yuuna echo from across the grounds.

"Kazuki-san!" She ran toward him, soon followed by Kuriko and Rin. Kazuki turned toward them, his expression hard. She finally reached him "Kazuki-san!"

"What is it that you want from me?" Kazuki coldly said. His dark eyes made Yuuna flinch as she stared at him.

"Where are you going?" Yuuna asked back, as she entered a staring competition with Kazuki's glare. His cold, unyielding eyes against her determined eye.

He didn't answer her but instead said "If it is my genes that you want, then I'm afraid you won't have it. You better leave and go back home if all you care about is getting my genes."

"But that's not..."

"Don't lie to me!" Kazuki sharply retorted. Kuriko and Rin caught up by now and for once, stood there listening to the exchange between to two, their expressions slightly softened.

"But I'm not! Don't you remember me? From all those years ago! We made a promise! I promised that I would be your bride." Yuuna said through teary eyes. Kazuki glared at her. How dare she tell such an blatant lie? For all he could remember, his entire life was to be a soldier. He had no other memories than of harsh training, suicidal missions, and killing.

"I would never make such a promise." Kazuki said, his tone now like the edge of steel "For me, there is no such thing as love. I have no desire to be anyone's wife or have any children. If that's all you came here for, then leave here and get out of my sight! I don't want see anyone who would lie to me like that just to get my genes!"

Tears fell unstopped from Yuuna's eyes, but her voice was set with determination. "Fine then. I'll leave you and never return." Grabbing the jewel necklace from around her neck, she tore it off and threw it at Kazuki. Then she turned on her heel and stormed off.

"Kazuki..." for once, both Kuriko and Rin looked at Kazuki with faces of...what? Fear? Disgust? Disappointment?

But that was the least bit of his worries. He stooped down and picked up the fallen necklace. He grabbed it in his hands and examined it. He was certain that he never met Yuuna before. But why was this necklace so familiar? As he looked at it, random images flashed through his mind, each one appearing and disappearing so fast he never had a chance to truly see it before it disappeared. Why did this necklace seem to bring something back for him?

The soldier was experiencing several emotions, some that he had never felt before. And following that was the overwhelming urge to chase after this girl. Who was she? And why did she seem to know him? Was she perhaps a part of his misty past that he no longer remembered? Whoever she was, he knew he had to do one thing.

He started running after her. Kuriko and Rin shouted after him, but he was far too fast for them to catch on foot. He ran as fast as he could, which was extremely quick. He dashed through thick crowds of people and dodged through traffic, trying to track down wherever Miyama Yuuna was.

The elite soldier found her walking across an overpass. She was still crying and kept wiping away her tears from her eyes using her arms. Kazuki immediately darted up the stairs and arrived at the overpass. She didn't notice him. He quickly ran over to her and just as he got behind her, she turned around.

"What do you want? I thought you never wanted to see me." her eyes were both saddened and angry.

"You dropped this." Kazuki held out a necklace, the one that she had torn off from her neck.

"I don't need it." She turned quickly and prepared to run off, but Kazuki's hand stopped her. He grabbed on to her shoulder tightly and whispered softly.

"You do need it."

"No, I don't. You don't remember what this stands for. You don't remember our promise. And you don't want anything to do with me. I don't need it." a fresh wave of tears erupted from Yuuna's eyes. For some reason, Kazuki also felt like crying along with her. He quickly banished the feeling. A professional soldier like him had no room for emotions.

"I'm sure this necklace means something to you and me. I'm sorry about earlier. I'm sorry that I forgot whatever had happened between us. But whatever it is that I forgot, I hope that you can remind me. That is why I need you to have this necklace, so that I never forget precious memories again." the heart-shaped jewel on the necklace sparkled momentarily. Kazuki wondered where the words coming out of his mouth came from. He vaguely recalled actually saying them. It was as if something was speaking for him, because the uncharacteristic words were certainly things he would never have said. It was as if some unknown infinite force was making him say it.

Yuuna turned around, this time with a slight glint of happiness in her eyes. "So that means you accept me as your wife?"

"Tell me what we promised." Kazuki avoided her question. He knew what the answer was and whatever force was compelling him to speak now forced him not to reveal the truth to the girl.

She smiled and put on the necklace around her neck once more. "Ok..."

-11 Years Ago-

"Ne, why are you crying?" A six-year old Kazuki approached a 6 year old Yuuna, who was crying. The two were standing on a bridge with a small river beneath it, in which Yuuna's tears were falling into.

" family is moving...a-and...I have to s-say g-goodbye to my h-home." Yuuna managed to say through her tears. She didn't even bother to turn around and look at the boy standing behind her.

"I see..." the boy said, his expression worried.

"W-w-who are y-you?" Her tears never ceased even as she turned to look at the boy.

"Me? I'm Shikimori Kazuki, the Greatest Magician in the World!" The boy proudly declared and puffed his chest out in pride.

"the Greatest Magician in the World..." The girl's tears ceased momentarily as she gazed at the boy in wonder. Being so young, she wasn't quite as skeptic as people older than her. She believed everything that she was told. "Really?"

"Yeah! I can perform any type of magic and make any miracle happen!" Kazuki declared and waved his arms around dramatically. The 6 year old boy grinned, which somehow made Yuuna feel relaxed.

"Then...then cast a spell so that I can stay here and not move." Hope gleamed in her eyes as she expected him to chant words and then magically, she would be able to stay here with her family and friends without having to move.

The boy seemed saddened and hung his head"I can't do that."

The 6 year old girl felt like crying again. Her last hope was gone and now she had to move. The two stood in silence for a while. The boy looked embarrassed and Yuuna was staring at him, holding back her hot tears.

Then another wish came to her. "Then, since you can't grant that wish, will you grant me two more?"

The boy lit up suddenly and he nodded his head enthusiastically while saying "You betcha!"

"Then do this for me..." her face slightly red, she leaned forward and whispered into the boy's ear. His face slightly blushed to and then Yuuna leaned back.

"I can do it!" Kazuki raised his hands and suddenly, a small flash of blue light glowed from his hands. The temperature in the air decreased and small white flakes starting falling from the sky.

Yuuna looked around in amazement as hundreds and hundreds of snowflakes fell in an graceful and beautiful dance. All around her, were small miniature flakes, each one delicate and beautiful. She spun on the spot, looking all around at the snowflakes falling like the cherry blossoms she and her parents would go see every spring. She opened her tongue and let a few flakes land on it, enjoying the frostiness.

It was an amazing scene, with snow falling in broad daylight during the summer. The boy stood, focusing his magical power while the girl danced along with the falling snowflakes, which flowed all around her.

For what seemed an eternity, the snow fell and the girl moved with it. Then finally, the boy let his hands drop and along with it, the flow of snowflakes stopped. The girl had red cheeks and was smiling ear to ear. She was happy. More happy than she could ever remember being so. The two young children looked at each other and laughed. They were only children, enjoying their days.

"Mr. Greatest Magician in the World, will you grant my second wish?"

"Yes, my lady."

"The please listen." The girl leaned forward and once again whispered in the boy's ear. The boy blushed as he heard her wish. Then the girl lightly brushed her lips against the young boy's cheek in a symbol of friendship or perhaps affection.

The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a small necklace with a heart-shaped jewel set in the center. He gave it to the girl and smiled. It was a gift from his deceased parents, one of the few heirlooms they left. But he never really cared for it, as he thought that it wasn't worth much. Still, he carried it around wherever he went.

"I'll be back in a few years for my wish, so wait for me, ne?" the girl said, as her parents eventually came and picked her up. She was wearing the necklace around her neck. As the car drove away she waved her hand and yelled toward the 6 year old boy, who was running toward her waving his goodbyes.

"Wait for me, Kazuki-san! I'll come back one day."

-End Flashback-

Kazuki stared at the pink haired girl before her. He did have a vague feeling of recognition. Perhaps he did make that promise she had just told him about. Maybe he did. But that was in a different life now. Those days seemed so long ago, that he could of sworn that it was one of his past lives or something, rather than the present.

"Is" Kazuki muttered after a long awkward silence. Yuuna nodded.

"So you wished for me to create snow for you? But that does not explain why you had to come back or why you claim to be my wife." Kazuki said. Yuuna shook her head.

"Remember that other promise I told you about? The one I would get in a few years?"


Yuuna giggled and leaned toward Kazuki's ear and whispered. Goosebumps spread all over Kazuki's skin as the incredibly cute girl's voice seem to strike a hidden spot in his heart that he thought had long since frozen over.

"You promised that once I grew up, I would be your bride."

Kazuki's eyes widened. For a moment, he pondered what it would be like to have a married life. What would it be like? Waking up in the morning to having a lovely wife in the kitchen cooking. After a kiss, he would go off to work. Then he would return home to see his wife, waiting dutifully and patiently at the door for him. They could start a family, and live a peaceful life.

As tempting as it was for him, he knew it could never happen. His life was not governed by choice. He didn't have the illusion of free will. The moment he was born, he was marked. Marked to be what he was now. There was no other way for him.

The two stared at each other, separated by only a few feet. There was silence in the air as tension built up between them. What should he say now? What could he say? Kazuki decided that he would avoid any type of response that would hurt the girl's feelings. After all, he had standing orders to protect civilians, especially those who belonged to prestigious families. It would be dangerous if the girl were to start crying again and run off like before.

"It's getting late. Shall we go back?" Kazuki said, and offered her his hand. Yuuna looked at it and squealed.

"You...w-want to hold hands?" she asked shyly.

"Just until we get back. It's dangerous for a girl to be walking through the city alone." Kazuki said, averting his eyes. Just what was it about this girl that made him act all...nervous?

Yuuna smiled as happiness seemed to fill all of her body, all the way to the fingertips. "Hai!"

The two, after a short pause, walked back together, holding hands as if they were a couple. Unbeknown to them, a cloaked figure crouched in the branch of a tree, observing them through a pair of old-fashioned binoculars. He had activated a charm for active camouflage, and was now completely invisible. His presence was hidden so well, that not even the most well-trained wizard could find him if they should stand but a yard from him. It took a certain level of mage to locate him, and Shikimori certainly did not have that level without his equipment.

The man checked the surroundings for anyone who was nearby. Satisfied that the area was clear, he quickly thumbed his comm set.

"This is Blue one. Shikimori Kazuki's identity has not been revealed. He is cleared for his next mission." The cloaked figure whispered softly.

"Roger that, Blue one. Good work. Return to base. Blue two, you are clear to send the package to the target." a female voice came from the comm set.

"Acknowledged." another voice, probably Blue two. Blue one shut off his comm set and quickly but silently returned to the secret base. There was no danger of Project MABURAHO being unearthed yet. But how long could Kazuki keep the secret, especially when he was about to go on one of his toughest missions ever?


Hidden under the cover of a bush and the night sky, Kazuki zero'd his sniper rifle, which was to calibrate it at the proper range. Wearing a camouflage. He was almost completely undetectable, even by magic due to an array of charms placed under the jacket of his BDU. Located right next to him was his partner. The two of them composed the two-man sniper team. Both of them were subjects from MABURAHO.

"Target sighted." A quiet female voice came flowed through Kazuki's headset. She was his spotter in this initial part of the mission. He replied with "Acknowledged."

His mission was to infiltrate the rebel camp and neutralize all of its leaders. The third world country they were in was in the middle of a bloody rebellion, in which the weak government was under constant hit-and-run attacks by the guerilla forces. The nations of the world were scared that the old regime may actually be overthrown and replaced by the a new government led by the rebels. This was unacceptable; the country was rich in natural resources.

In other words, the countries were more worried about what would happen to their economies rather than the hundreds of lives lost in the crossfire. The truth of the world.

That's why they were called in, to assassinate the rebel leader and stop the rebellion cold.

Patrolling the camp was several guards, who were only half-awake at this hour. Kazuki squeezed his trigger, making sure to squeeze backwards with the ball of his fingers and a silence muffled shot brought down one of the patrolling guards. Kazuki immediately ejected spent brass and chambered a round. His sniper was fitted with a smart scope, which would calculate all of the necessary factors for sniping, such as wind, altitude, distance, and several other key factors that he would need in order to remain undetected.

Two more suppressed shots fired, and simultaneously, two more guards collapsed to the ground. Kazuki's spotter quickly located his next target, and Kazuki would immediately set his crosshairs on it. Within moments, nearly all of the patrolling men and guards were downed. They were still undetected, but that was until someone discovered the bodies.

"Initiate Alpha maneuver." Kazuki whispered. He handed the sniper rifle over to his partner, who made some minor adjustments, such as removing the suppressor from the barrel. It was essential that she draw fire to herself. Kazuki instead took his assault rifle from the ground next to him, and checked his weapon.

"Cover me, I'm moving out." Kazuki silently crouched and ran down the hill toward the enemy encampment under the cover of night. His partner covered him with the sniper rifle.

He reached into his backpack and pulled out several bombs, which he set at the edge of the encampment, just out of sight. After leaving several explosives behind, he silently made his way to a nearby camp, making sure to flatten himself against the ground.

It was late at night, so mostly everyone should be asleep with the exception of the now dead guards. He crawled, prone, all the way to the barracks, where he carefully placed a Claymore Anti-personnel mine. All around the camp, he placed several of the mines, until he used his last one. At that, he got up into a crouching position, and swiftly ran all the way to the tent located near the center of the camp.

According to the intel gathered from a satellite, the leader's tent was this one. Kazuki raised a pair of thermal goggles, which easily saw through the tent. There was only one source of heat in the tent, which came from the sleeping form of a man on a cot.

Kazuki opened the tent flap and carefully walked in with his assault rifle raised. He slowly walked toward the cot on which the man was sleeping on. He pulled out his sidearm and roughly shook the man awake.

As the rebel leader awoke and opened his eyes, he saw the barrel of a pistol staring him down. His eyes widened but he didn't dare make a sound as his mind worked itself into panic.

"Now, I need you to answer my questions. Give me a good answer, and I'll won't kill you. If you try to alert your men, I'll kill you" Kazuki quietly whispered in fluent English.

The man answered in an accented, barely understandable English. "You must be crazy. You can never get out of here alive."

"Oh I have my ways." Kazuki replied "but you'll see that later on, if you should answer my questions that is. I need you to tell me the locations of the other rebel camps."

"I know nothing." the man said, his eyes glared into Kazuki's, who cocked the hammer of his pistol back for emphasis.

"Do not lie to me."

"It is your people who sent you that lie to you." the man said, desperately trying to force Kazuki to lower his weapon through words alone. "why are you trying to stop us? Those government dogs you are trying to help are cruel and heartless! They have slaughtered men, women and children, and sent whoever still lives to the labor camps so the fat rich ones could live more luxuriously. This country cares not about its people, but how much money they make by destroying our earth! Your so-called first world nations care only about making money from the blood of my people and not the sufferings they go through!"

All the while, his hand inched toward the revolver that he kept near his bed at all times. Kazuki didn't notice.

"I don't care about any of that, my only mission is to either get information from you, or kill you." Kazuki emotionlessly toned "It is not my job to care about that."

"Fine. I will tell you." the man said and seemed ready to speak but suddenly grabbed his revolver from the hidden holster and fired at Kazuki. His aim was terrible as the bullet only grazed Kazuki's shoulder at a nearly point blank range. Kazuki immediately shot back. The rebel leader dropped back to his bed, silenced forever.

However, Kazuki's stealth was now blown, as the gunshots had quickly alerted the rest of the camp. Rebels scattered through the camp yelled orders to each other in a unordered way. The bodies of the dead guards were found almost instantly.

"This is Shikimori. Cover has been blown. Initiate Beta Maneuver, now! Prepare to provide support after the bombs are detonated." Kazuki spoke into his comm set and raised his assault rifle toward the tent entrance.

Almost immediately, several rebels burst into the tent, all shouting and holding AK-47s. Kazuki immediately unleashed a full automatic spray of bullets. Several of the men fell screaming as bullets tore through them. Others tried to return fire in the cramped tent, but only ended up hitting their own comrades in the confusion within the small tent.

Kazuki, meanwhile, exhausted his clip. His crouched and dashed forward, bullets fired by panicky rebels all zipping all around him. He drew out his combat knife and holding it in front of him. He engaged in close quarters combat, and with his knife, cut down the remaining men.

Before more people could come in, Kazuki reloaded his rifle, sheathed his knife, and pulled out a detonator, which would detonate both the explosives and Claymore mines in unison. He activated the detonator and immediately, thunderous explosions blasted the camp apart. Thousands of small shrapnel in the form of small steel balls slaughtered the men; the Claymores's were deadly within a 50 meter radius and had a moderately effective range of 100 meters, though the shrapnel could reach far more further than that.

Several explosions on the perimeter of the camp attracted enemy fire. And through the thunderous noises, the boom of a sniper rifle could be heard over and over again as Kazuki's partner sniped down confused and panicked rebels.

Kazuki quickly sneaked out of the tent, and dashed toward the edge of the camp far from the explosions , where the majority of the rebels were gathered. In the confused and panicked atmosphere, Kazuki slipped out undetected. While the rebels were still being shot out in the open by Kazuki's partner, he was already making his way to rendezvous with his teammate. By the time the rebels had regrouped and managed to organize themselves, the sniper team was already out of the area and heading to extraction.

Kazuki's first mission had been successful.

Kazuki roughly woke from his dream, full of flashbacks from the past. He grumbled as he rubbed the back of his head, trying to get out the strange feeling. Those dreams were unusual. He had never really dreamed about his first missions and never had such a dream so clear. It seemed as if he was watching a movie about his past.

He felt his pillow and saw that it was soaked with sweat. Odd, that wasn't even really a nightmare. He got out of bed and looked at the clock. 5:45. It was doubtful that he could get much sleep anyway. He walked over to the sink in his room and splashed cold water onto his face. After a brief moment of stretching, he decided that he would do some PT for the rest of the morning until he had to get ready for school.

After all, it wouldn't do for him to get weaken due to lack of training.

He started on his push-ups and sit-ups. As he worked out, he thought over what occurred that day. He wondered why that Yuuna girl seemed to be able to stir up feelings that he never had before. She had insisted on sleeping in his room, even on the same bed as they were unofficially "married." But he insisted that she stay in the girls dorm right next to his dorm. It took quite a while to convince her.

Meanwhile, he was busy fending off advances from Kuriko, and avoiding attempts to murder him from Rin.

It was a busy day indeed. Kazuki wondered what would happen in the future. It may become much more difficult to do missions with three girls following him around everywhere.

Still though, he wondered what would happen should his identity get out. Would the girls hate him? Would they avoid him? But in the end it didn't matter much. Because of the nature of his job, the girls would never get what they wanted, whether it be his genes or whatever else.

His thoughts went to Yuuna. What would happen to her? Her entire life seemed to revolve around Kazuki. She would never get what she wanted. He could never tell her his secret either. She could never become a part of his life they way she wanted.

Still, one more thought haunted his mind. Why was it that Miyama Yuuna seemed to be the center of his mind?


A thousand miles away, thunder rumbled in the sky as rain fell in downpours. The mighty wind blew the raindrops so far and so fast, that the stinging of the water was like the stabbing of a needle.

Yet, these raindrops failed to put out the enormous inferno of hot flames that was once a building. Neither could these raindrops affect the man stumbling across the rocky ground on which the burning building was built on.

He was a giant of a man, standing at least 7 feet tall. He was extremely muscular but was no buff, but lean. His long dark hair fell around his head in a long stream dripping rain water. He was clothed in a drenched gray jumpsuit, which seemed more like prisoner wear. His face, rather handsome, was covered in blood, which refused to get washed away by the rain. A large cut on his forehead near the roots of his hair continuously leaked out blood.

He was smiling broadly, as he made his way up a rocky hill. Once he reached the top, he stood, gazing over the scenery of a countryside hailed by a massive storm.

He took a deep breath and laughed. Insane, maniacal laughter echoed through the area. It was similar to the ones you would hear in some movie with the bad guy laughing after explaining some malicious plan, but this one was much different. For one, it was definitely not fake. Insanity could be seen in his eyes. His laughter held a certain quality of making all those around him feel fear. His arms rose up in the air as he let loose of everything and laughed.

He was free. He was finally free. After being caged, and imprisoned for countless years, he was finally free. Free to wreck the vengeance that he so sweetly desired. Oh, those who would pay for what he had gone through. Those whom he would make suffer.

"They all deserve to die." his voice came out raspy and spooky from years of disuse. He rose one hand in front of his face, and he examined the disfigured hand. It was completely black, contrasting starkly with his pale white complexion. The arm seemed more like a creatures, seemingly made of a hard, tough metal. Long, razor sharp claws replaced his fingertips.

"They all deserve to die." he said to no one in particular, his eyes glowing red in the darkness. "They will all pay..."

He continued to stumble on, vaguely aware of where he was going. There were many to hunt down and kill. He had much work to do before he could reach his most desired prize, the person whom he wanted to kill the most. The person whose name he despised, the name he had been whispering with hatred for all of his imprisoned life. The person who he wished to tear apart with his own hands slowly and painfully for every second of his torture that he had endured.



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